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Apr 17, 2019 11:56:27   #
2mishka wrote:
Shooting Nikon d7200. Looking to buy used or refurbished 150 to 600 and 18 to 400 either Tamron or Sigma any ideas where I might find one?

I have this lens that I use on my Nikon D7200. I bought it through Amazon from Ritz Photo in May, 2015. I'm thinking of a price of $600, and I can include the CPL lens that came with it. The lens is in perfect condition.
Mar 27, 2019 10:36:58   #
Black Elk Peak wrote:
This is one of the most unique places I have visited. It is just West/Southwest of Arches National Park. My wife and I stayed in Moab, UT. which is a good starting point for both parks. Canyonlands NP is divided into four districts.

1. Island in the Sky which is located in the Northern part.
2. The Needles which is located in the Southern part.
3. The Maze which is located in the Western part.
4. The Colorado and Green Rivers which run through the Canyonlands.

The difference between Island in the Sky and Needles is striking. Both are of a different in altitude and geology. These pictures of The Needles and some sights along the way.

Thanks for looking.
Vaughan K.
This is one of the most unique places I have visit... (show quote)

These are great shots of one of my favorite places to visit. When I was there a couple years ago, I took a car ride south out of Moab to La Sal Loop Rd. It turned out to be a great ride. It takes you through some beautiful vistas and overviews and the final loop takes you along the Colorado River before returning to Moab. For those who are visiting that area, it’s something you might want to check out.
Mar 2, 2019 11:27:59   #
MadMikeOne wrote:
For what you want and in keeping within your budget, I agree with the members who’ve recommended the first generation Tamron 150-600. I had one which I used on my D5200 and D7200. When I bought my D500, I sold the 1st generation lens and bought the G2. In hindsight, I wish I’d kept my 1st one. At least I sold it to a friend and she really enjoys shooting with it.

MadMikeOne, why do you regret getting the newer version of the lens? I recently purchased a D500 and was thinking about doing the same thing you did.
Jan 31, 2019 10:53:35   #
These are great! What do you use to play the species’ calls?
Jan 11, 2019 13:56:07   #
When I remove my SD card from my Nikon D500 and place it in my Macbook Pro, I cannot open the NEF file in the Preview on the Mac. I use Lightroom 6 (and playing with Luminar 3) and both of those programs open the file just fine. But when I try to open the photo with my Mac I get a message that says: Preview does not support this raw file format. I've tried googling this and researching on UHH, but have not been able to find a solutions. Is there something that I can do?

Thanks for your help.
Dec 31, 2018 11:41:50   #
Fantastic! You’ve given me a photo goal for 2019.
Dec 28, 2018 15:32:45   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
It seems to me you are wanting to adjust so that you have the same amount of light each day where I am suggesting the whole point is to document how differently 7 a.m. looks in January than July. I might be mis-understanding your overall vision for the project. Of course, regardless of time of day you will have documented the change of seasons, and that will have major visual impact.

My idea will not be seamless because of the time changes, but as an example, think of March 15 (5 days after daylight savings time begins in 2019) through June 22. Every few frames would show a noticeable difference in shadows and light, as each day the sun would have risen a minute or two earlier than the previous day. So March 15 will have longer shadows and quite a bit less light than June 22. And then, if you continued until the time changes again, each day would be darker at that appointed time. The shadows and the angle of the sun are going to be significantly different over several months' time.
It seems to me you are wanting to adjust so that y... (show quote)

I see what you mean. There are a lot of variables, from the time changes to dark cloudy weather in WI, which is most of the winter. Thanks for your thoughts. I had planned on just shooting around 10:00, but I really like the light-changing idea, too.
Dec 28, 2018 15:07:34   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
Similar to Andy's suggestion, but since I'm a morning person, I think you should do at 7 a.m. throughout the year. That way, you'll begin with blue hour/dawn on Jan 1, and come back round again - even with those hiccups of time change that so many of us have come to hate. If you don't want so many dark images (Nov/Dec), maybe 7:30?

You will see how the landscape changes - not just with the seasons, but the angle and position of the sun (I'm 3 degrees further north than you). Another thought is to do early a.m. until June, then switch to evening for the second half of the year. Whatever you decide, it would be a shame to miss the "golden hour" possibilities of spring and fall. Photography is all about the light!

I hope you'll be able to post to a site where you can provide a link for us to enjoy with you in 2020 - and here's hoping it doesn't rain every morning
Similar to Andy's suggestion, but since I'm a morn... (show quote)

I like this. See if this makes some sense. In January, sunrises start (in WI) at 7:22, eventually getting to 7:08. Then in February, sunrise begings at 7:06 and gets to 6:29, etc. So, I'm thinking about setting up the timer in January for 7:52 (a half hour after sunrise). Then in Feb, starting the timer at 7:36, etc. Beginning on July 1, I would start the timer 1 hour after sunrise to account for the days getting shorter.
Dec 28, 2018 13:37:04   #
AndyH wrote:
I think it would be fun to set the hour so that you could see the progression of sunrise or sunset. Maybe starting a few minutes after sunset or before sunrise, then showing the progression through the year?

I've always wanted to try that myself....


Thanks, Andy. That’s what I was thinking, too. But I’d have to adjust for time changes, etc. so I’m not shooting in the dark. It’s getting dark here in WI at 5:00, but as late as 9:00 in the summer.
Dec 28, 2018 13:26:44   #
IDguy wrote:
Interesting project. Maybe noonish to catch people most often?

Maybe use M to lock shutter speed and see light changes. And manual focus to lock it in.

Thanks. When I did the test back in April, I used Aperture priority set at 5.6, and the shutter speeds ranged from 1/60 to 1/200. So I got a good range of light changes. I like the idea of manual focus.
Dec 28, 2018 12:29:56   #
Beginning January 1, I'm going to be taking one shot a day from our sunroom looking out on the golf course we live on. I did this last April and then assembled the 30 shots into a time lapse. It turned out interesting enough that I thought I would do it for the entire year of 2019. I'm going to setup on a tripod and will be using my Nikon D7000 backup camera with a kit lens of 55-200, set on Aperture priority at around f8. Any thoughts out there about setup or the best time of day, or any other ideas? When I did the time-lapse in April, I was able to squeeze the 30 shots into about 7 seconds of play. We had a couple of snow storms and thaws in that time that were kind of fun to see in a quick time-lapse.
Dec 10, 2018 19:49:58   #
Not sure what happened to my response to Sunny, but, great work, I’m going to give it a try. Thanks!
Dec 10, 2018 19:47:07   #
Sunnybuck wrote:
Hello Wags,
I'm not Karin, but perhaps I can help with your question. The overall layout of the program hasn't changed (where things are located) since I started using it 4 years ago. However, it updates with new material and effects everytime you open and use it. In my opinion, it's easy to use and has many different effects available to embellish any photo. Along with effects, it has a wide varity of frames for use, you can change backgrounds, enhance or defocus your current background, crop, composite, include text and many other effects. If you're interested in the program, I suggest trying the 30 day free trial. Afterward the one time cost appears to currently be $29.95 US dollars. I personally use this edit extensively and really like what it has to offer.
The photos below are a work in progress using Smart Photo Editor. So far, I've used the eraser tool, crop tool, the special effects tool, the composite tool. Who knows where I'll go from here, but I'm sure Smart Photo Editor will be used for the final edit.

Thanks, Sunny. Great work. I like the idea of the 30-day trial. Gonna give it a try.

Hope this helps,

Hello Wags, br I'm not Karin, but perhaps I can h... (show quote)
Dec 10, 2018 18:21:39   #
photophile wrote:
I enjoy using special effects and want to see what you can do with them, too! (I use Smart Photo Editor)

Karin, your work is flat out amazing. The one of the bridge is my favorite. I did some quick look up on you tube for some tutorials, and many of them are 4-5 years old. Is Smart Photo Editor up to date? I’m seriously considering installing it.
Dec 8, 2018 17:44:58   #
E.L.. Shapiro wrote:
Back in the film/analog/darkroom days theses effects were achieved by the use of texture screens which were sandwiched with the negative in the enlarger or placed in contact with the paper in the enlarger easel. Nowadays the are simulated in digital post processing an various PhotoShop actions and plug in software- my favorite is TOPAZ- the come close to the old Mortensen texture screens. The can be added in various opacities.

Something else that I find lots of fun. There are free apps that you can download to your Android devices- cell phones. tablets and laptops. Theses apps simulate a wide variety of art types and styles such as pencil sketches, watercolor, oil paintings, etchings, crayon drawing, pointillism and other graphic arts styles like woodcuts, block printing etc.

At first, I thought some of this was kind "Mickey Mouse" until my teenage granddaughter asked me to join in with the fun. I found that you can apply the effect and on some 0of the apps you can adjust opacity, stroke length and thickness, saturation, contrast and composition. I can shoot on my phone or load the images into my laptop or tablet and edit away. It's fast and easy. Some apps to look for are Arto-Sketch, Deep Art Effects, Super Photo and Prisma. "Snapseed" and "Toolwiz" Photo are incredible general editing app- surprisingly decent! Don't laugh!

Attached, is a shot (and variations) of my 13 year old granddaughter and technical/IT consultant at her recent birthday party. Wanna get real computer savvy?- just ask a kid
Back in the film/analog/darkroom days theses effec... (show quote)

Those are exactly what I want to do. Thanks, I’ll look into the apps you mentioned.
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