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Fake photos
Why distort what the camera sees? .Why not look at what nature display.
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Spring in the South
I can't resist snapping flowers where ever I find them! Most of these are garden center shots. The last close up of a strange tree is from a lakeside park. I hope you enjoy these bits of spring cheer.

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Around the state.

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Removing Distractions - Part 2 - Making a Copy
First of all, thank you to everyone for their suggestions on how to proceed with editing my tiger picture. The question that yesterday's discussion raised is why do I need to make a copy before working on the picture? I realize that PS is a destructive program and that makes sense, but I have Lightroom and it is nondestructive so there shouldn't be any need to work on a copy, unless you are being ultra conservative.
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Hyperfocal Distances
Once again I am reviewing Depth Of Field.
The article I am reading refers to "Hyperfocal Distances".
It refers to "Preview depth of field BUTTON to trigger my lens diaphragm".
I Have looked on my Nikon D-5300 camera and in my manual and can not find it.
Do's it have one ??
If not, is there a way to achieve it ??
I live in the Pacific Northwest and annual Tulip Festival is coming up and D.O.F. is important.
Thank you in advance.
See photos attached.

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Has anyone seen a cardinal (bird) like this before?
Shot at a zoo in St. Augustine.

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she is such a show off!
my clematis is blooming like crazy .
I am planning to head over to home depot
and lowes to get another one.

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Why hasn't this been done before?
I just ordered a new CPL from Breakthrough Photography (Their filters are not cheap but they're incredible). It's a mix of 3 stop ND and CPL my two most used filters. Why has this not been done before? Am I missing something. I know that I can stack filters but that is another issue altogether. Looking forward to getting this in my hands tomorrow.
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How to tilt easel under enlarger without a darkroom?
When a building is tall and you are close to it and take a wide angle shot, the perspective goes weird and it looks like the building is tipping over. In a darkroom, I could simply tilt the easel that holds the undeveloped print paper to compensate. So, I have Photoshop and Lightroom and aren't very good at either one, although I have used PS for many years to create web images, but I have not done too much post processing of RAW images other than to adjust brightness, contrast, or simple stuff like that. I just want the building to stand up straight.

Thanks in advance...

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White Pocket Arizona #2
Just getting around to editing some of my shots from Arizona!

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