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How many people really use the video feature of your DSLR and appreciate having it. I have a Canon 5D Mk 4 and never use the video and never will. I would so appreciate it being removed and either the price lowered or other features added. Also it is just something else to go wrong. Just interested, not looking for a debate.
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RJ Corman Pennsylvania Lines
Back light and exhaust smoke and nice color. RJC-1 crew lifts 60 coal over the Fleming Summit

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First film scans of my 30-45 year old inconic images in Florida
It has been a MOMENTUS day for me. Last week I started digging personal stored film images out of my garage to have scanned - the first time I have done this ! - EVER

Today I picked up the first 4 scanned images - and I hope not to bore you - but I will post a couple here now and maybe from time to time a few more that I think worthy.

I post processed these in Elements 9 from Fujichromes. The scanned files are 60MB + or -. and reduced here for viewing. They are both full frame/no cropping - SOP for the film era !

"Confusion Corner circa 1978" is a local landmark at the confluence of 6 streets and railroad crossing in Stuart Florida ! It is a multiple time exposure. I used a Horseman 985 6X9 technical camera with 80mm Noritar lens and 100 speed Fujichrome at f8 for all exposures. The first exposure was at twilight before the sun went down and no cars in the intersection. After complete darkness, I made 7 or 8 / 5-10 second exposures with cars traveling through the intersection. I never thought I would get exposures "right" the first time out - but it seems I did !

"Fisheating Creek flooded" was shot around 1990 here in Florida. It is a favorite place of Clyde Butcher. It is one of the most primal/pristine natural places in Florida. My father I and started camping/fishing there in 1962 ! I used a Fuji 645W camera (45mm lens) with 100 speed Fujichrome. I will probably convert this to a B&W as a final product.

Thanks for stopping by to view and comments are welcome.

Confusion Corner Circa 1978

Fisheating Creek Flooded

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fungus in lens
Hi all just wondering is there any way to keep lenses fungus free? I have been looking for a micro lens for my nikon d3500. A lot of the used lenses state lens fungus. Can it be cleaned or just keep looking? Thanks

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Hmmmm!!! Decisions, decisions! The New EOS RP for $1300 or the 6D2 for $200 more?
They BOTH have 26MP - which is the least Res publishers will now accept. But, the MILC is so much lighter, and it comes with an EF adapter, too (a $100 item) - thrown in for FREE!!! … What am I gonna do? …..
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Had yet another sleepless night with my pain so went out driving again..a few shots from around the City, all hand held...the first two are the local lake where we go for our Sunday morning coffee. The Boat Deck Cafe is central in No.2. I shoot a lot of birds there as well, there is a good variety. The last two are the War Memorial in the City CBD.
It's now 3am, had a hot Milo and will try to get some sleep now..

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What should I take to Africa?
Next week I will be leaving on a three week trip to Southern Africa (Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa). This will be a safari and the problem I have is that I am restricted to a total weight of 44 pounds that includes my soft duffle - checked luggage- and my carry on camera equipment. Travel in Africa will be mainly on small (4-10 passenger) planes. I need to take a CPAP machine (very small with a Lithium battery). My camera is the OLY EM1 mkII. And the lens that I bought especially for this trip is the OLY 300mm F4 IS Pro. I chose that lens because the IS works in conjunction with the camera IBIS to produce some incredible results hand held in low light situations. My concern is that I don’t have a zoom so I will need to bring another lens for near in situations. My choices are the very high quality 12 - 40 MM F2.8 Pro or the 75 - 300 mm F4.5 to 5.6. I probably will take a 17MM F1.7. Later today I will pack everything and weigh it all.
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Strange question.
I was asked by a potential buyer if this Pekin duck is male or female. I know there's not much to go on but doe anyone know? Thanks.

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Headline ! Camera sales plummet !
I,m sure you have all read the headlines that camera sales are dropping and phone cameras are booming,it will be nice that the phone owners can snatch that photo that otherwise would have been missed and sure they can blur backgrounds and give portrait like results etc,but my DSLR and more recently my coolpix p7000 won't be being replaced by a phone camera any time soon.
Are you hanging up your DSLR,s members ?
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