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Alaska's Rush Hour.
Rush hour traffic..

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Fake photos
Why distort what the camera sees? .Why not look at what nature display.
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A rusty old bucket 2.....
....and Mrs A and myself are up in Cumbria visiting our daughter and two Granddaughters over the Easter weekend.I took a drive up the coast road to Barrow and came across an old rusty ship that i'd photographed in 2016 and was very sad to see that it is now being stripped down for scap.What a tale this small ship could tell,if she could.I've added the photo i took of it in 2016 and two that i took this morning Please check out the downloads.
The photo i took in 2016 with a lttle HDR i added at the time,

2 This mornings photo

3 this mornings Photo two.

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Backyard Hummingbird
I was sitting on the back deck with my Canon 7DMKll and Canon 400 2.8 lens mounted on a tripod and having fun taking pictures of the many Hummingbirds that are around.

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Need Recommendations for Professional Printer for Metal
Aloha! I have finally got a shot that is worthy for print. But have tried a local print place and the quality and color don't do the picture justice. Can anyone recommend an online place to get large professional metal prints? I am in Hawaii so they have to be able to ship here.
Honu at Sunset

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Thanksgiving and Easter combined
I'm posting early because I have a lot of cooking to do today. Today is Thanksgiving for my family and I'm the cook. I was hospitalized a week before Thanksgiving and the turkey has been in the freezer since then. I am now recovered and up to the task of major cooking so today is Thanksgiving and tomorrow is Easter. Easter dinner will most likely be leftovers.

These are the last of my current batch of garden center flowers. I hope you enjoy them.
My favorite garden center has a great gift shop. This is a bit of garden art.

Gerbera Daisy I believe.

Dahlia given a soft glow with Topaz Studio

Another Dahlia but they don't look related.

As red as it gets!

Pink power!

Knockout rose from my garden.

I love purple.

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Bad Camera
I gave it a lot of though, and yesterday I ordered a Fuji X-T30 with 18-55mm lens from Amazon. By ordering early enough, I was able to get next-day delivery. That's the good part.

The bad part: no SD card will snap into the slot. I tried several that I had used in other cameras, but it will not stay. I'll have to pack it up and send it back. The camera was obviously brand, with perfect packing of all the part. There are no foreign objects in there, and I can push the card all the way down. It just doesn't click. I guess the clicker is broken.

Unless one of you has an easy fix, I'll let Amazon know and send it back on Monday. Now I'll have to decide if I want to get a replacement or a refund. Maybe my Sony a6000 and D750 will be enough for me.

EDIT: Never mind. It's working fine now. Same cards, same slot. Now the cards snap in and out just as they're supposed to. Maybe the camera was just testing me to see if I would be a loyal owner.
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Is there an optimum range for a Tele-Zoom?
There are many reminders, here, of how good the Canon EOS 100-400 II is … but, there are not many mentions of other lenses which achieve similar (or better) zoom ratios. The ones which come immediately to mind are the Tamron 150-600 G2, and the Nikkor 200-500, and the Sigma 50-500 - all quite capable lenses.

Is there a clear winner in this category considering all of the factors which go into making a great tele-zoom?
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Let's Debate: Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom CC Classic
Who wants to debate? Here's today's question:

RESOLVED: In spite of improvements since it was introduced, Lightroom CC is still best suited to cell phone shooters while, of the two products, Lightroom CC Classic is the preferred tool of serious photographers.
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Says the thunder and lightening outside.... What a bumber, new lens got here and the light is really poor outside, can't take it out for test images.
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