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Having more than one camera for more than one purpose!
Is having more than one camera for different purposes a good idea?...Julian
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Really Right Stuff products
Just curious, anyone on here use Really Right Stuff photography products? They are moving their manufacturing to just a few miles from me and I am looking at applying for a job they have that perfectly fits my skills.
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Why I Use a UV Filter for Lens Protection
Over the years I have read a number of pros and cons on this site regarding the use of UV filters for lens protection. Personally, I have always used one, and never gave it much thought. A couple of weeks ago when I was unloading my car for my granddaughter's birthday, my camera bag fell out of the back of my SUV. My lens was attached to my camera. The lens cap broke, and the UV filter was smashed to bits. However, the lens was completely in tact, with absolutely no damage! And, no damage to the camera (which had nothing to do with the filter). Lucky me! I immediately bought a replacement UV filter!
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View from White Pocket- Must Use Download to see colors
Vermilion Cliffs Nat Mon

Wayne Keene (Hog) is the person

Remember to download to see colors

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New Egg Collecting Sales Tax
New Egg will now be collecting sales tax for customers in NY. That's got to be a monumental headache, considering the varying rates in different states and counties. I suspect someone is making software that does all that computing automatically.
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Ice Sculpture Contest
Happened upon the 25th Anniversary of the Chateau Lake Louise Ice Sculpture contest. The artists medium is 300 pound ice blocks.

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I call this purely simple..
In capturing this smoke I tried to stay still and let the smoke create its own drama...Sometimes though it would just flow up so gentle and soothing in a way...I am still trying to figure out the best way to incorporate my signature watermark though...

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interesting places we visited on our road trip to california
and back in October.
winslow, arizona

i loved the desert scenery. we stopped so i could get out of the car and stretch a bit.

an american flat painted on the side of a building near the beach in san diego.

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Some of my favourite Bird of prey photos...
......photographed at the Gauntlet bird of prey centre in Cheshire a couple of years ago.
Long Eared owl

Milky eared Owl

White Tailed Eagle

White Tailed Eagle 2

Barn Owl

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Cheer Up II
As the winter weather continues to be gloomy, I rehab my leg and edit spring shots. This batch is to remind us that spring will come with all its colors.

The attached are pictures of local gardens in our 55+ community taken during my early morning dog walks with my Sony a7Riii and a 24 - 70 mm GM lens.

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