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New long distance lens
Hello HOG members.

My wife and I have become addicted to chasing the Orca whales around Puget Sound these days. The most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while. My problem is I only have a 55/250 canon lense on my EOS t2i. I most certainly need more power to get better shots from long distance. I am not going to change the camera just want a lense to reach out and touch those wonderful creatures.

I know there are many members that can help me upgrade my lense for this. Any and all suggestion are welcome.

Thank you in advance for all your assistance.
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First snow in Brooklyn NY
Today it was 1-st snow in Brooklyn. I tried different settings and this one is my best. C&C please.

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Shots of China
Here are some shots of China from my reason trip.
Water Buffalo and Man

Comorant fisherman

Karast Mountain

Village over looking mountain point.

Old village

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new computer suggestions
After I got a new HD monitor and replaced my 15? year old photoshop/bridge with online photoshop, my computer crawls.
Only have 4 GB Ram on my 7 year old dell vostro and bestbuy says I can only increase to 8 GB RAM and he doesn't recommend it and they won't order the extra RAM.
So Thinking of new computer that needs to last many years.
I do PC. I am thinking of 16 GB RAM, some SS storage rather than hard drive. Not at all sure about what I need in terms of internet related software on computer
My camera is Nikon D800 36 mega pixels and I usually come back with almost 5Gbytes of pictures after an outing.
Thinking of a Dell SPS Tower Special Edition 8930 ... but its very pricey ....
... and I don't think I'll ever join the gaming world.
Would appreciate any suggestions.
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Cable Mill in Cades Cove
John Cable bought property in Cades Cove in the late 1860's and built this water-powered grist mill along with a sawmill around 1870. He and after he died, his son, James V. Cable, operated it until sometime well into the twentieth century. The mill still sits on the original site and is now operated as a historical exhibit.

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Mid-West Ice Storm Nov. 2018
These shots were taken from my front and back porches

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Should I do it differently?
Ok, you guys tell me what I should do differently to get some sort of interest on my lenses I am selling. Should I post more pictures or certain angles, more info....Am I overpriced even with me lowering some?? How do I stand out and sell these so I can get the equipment I want before I am no longer able to use it?? Photography for me is medicinal, I have many things photography wise I want to learn, try and do well at while I am able too. I have loved it since I was a little girl!! Switching over to a FF camera is one of my bucket list items... My health is not the "greatest" and I also have this very titanium spine that reminds me of its presence. The use of my hands and fingers is nothing more than a blessing and nothing I take for granted for anymore! For any chronic pain sufferers out there, do you find photography helpful? Some PT for me is working with the camera and lenses, setting up my shots, editing and doing it all again. I fight hard to ignore it all through my photography. I go for a PET/CT scan and will be there for a long time however I will stay busy reading photography topics and looking at others art work. ANY suggestions about what to do differently would be appreciated. Oh, I don't really want to go to Ebay for this either or use craigslist. Sadly there are those who have nothing better to do than to try and scam others so I am pretty cautious...Thanks!!
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Setting aperture and shutter speed - the active vs. the passive approach
The active approach is to first choose the setting that is most important to your result:

1. Shutter speed for freezing or blurring motion
2. Aperture for depth of field

Once you've made that important first decision, you then adjust the others in order to achieve your desired exposure.

The passive approach is "If I set a wider aperture (smaller number), it will enable the shutter speed to increase." To me this seems backwards - for want of a better word at the moment - if shutter speed is of primary importance, e.g. shooting birds in flight, or creating a silky water look.

I'd appreciate discussion on how and why you make your choices, and what - in your experience - is most beneficial for newbies. Many thanks!
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My first post
This is Providence Canyon in Southwest Ga.
Shot with a medium format camera 6x6.
Film Fuji Velvia 50.
Scan on Nixon 9000 ED

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Converting old photos to digital format
I know I've seen this question before, but I cannot find the topic anywhere. Can anyone recommend a company that will scan old photos (boxes of them) so that I can have digital copies of them? Many of the photos are from the 1920s -1950s. I am in New York but am willing to ship/mail them out.
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