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~ Rule of Thirds. What say you.......?
~ OK. One of the tools in my photographic bucket is the so-called “Rule of Thirds” for Composition. EVERY image I take is taken with that in mind - EVERY image. Now, part of that process is to determine if this “Rule” applies to the image I’m about to create. Should it be centered?? Sometimes that is a Yes. Should it be Quartered? Maybe. Not ALL the time. Most of my images fall under the Rule of Thirds category. It is what I was taught early on in my imaging endeavor and has stuck quite truly. It’s a classic.
~ Here at UHH, I find that a lot of people know about the Rule of Thirds. I see the axiom “Rules are Made to be BROKEN” thrown around here quite a bit to the point that it seems that CENTERING the subject in the frame is VERY much the norm - for a lot of people/artists here!
~ In my humble opinion, it would seem that in MANY of the images posted here at UHH, many, many would, compositionally, look and have more feeling than the quick CENTER Autofocus sensor can deliver. Focus and Recompose, comes to mind or move to a different sensor. I know, I know - BIF is a total thing in itself so that is not a consideration with this post. To me, BIF is “GET the Dang Shot!!”
~ I'm NOT bashing anyone here - this is just a general observation. Meant to see what others think. I am not judging right or wrong with this. Curiosity.

...Anyways… looking at your OWN images, are you SATISFIED with what you are doing Compositionally with your images?? Is the Subject Centered, the normal composition you desire?
^ Please Post an image!! Let us see your point!! ...Whooohooo!!!
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"Sunrise Explosion"
On some morning's "He" gives us exactly what we have been waiting for......
"Sunrise Explosion"

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Snowfall-Rocky River Reservation

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Selling old camera gear
I saw this add for mpb for selling your older camera gear. You can also buy used equipment from them. Has anyone used them before? I read the reviews online and of course they are all positive. I bought a used Nikon D750 at Hunts camera for Christmas and I no longer need my two Nikon D80s and DX lenses that I have for them.
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A few from Bombay Hook ...
... yesterday.


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I just had to get out!
After fighting a bad cold for a couple of weeks, I just had to get out in the sunshine and fresh air. A short trip to a local park was just the thing. This is Gemini Springs in DeBary, FL. There are pavilions and grills for picnics, giant oaks, a field for sports and a nice walk around the spring fed lake. Its not normally a great spot for birds but there are always a few to be seen.

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From last summer.

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A stroll in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, SA.
This time of year there is not much colour in the gardens, but I hope you enjoy the visit.

Canon 650D, 18-55 lens.

Please try the downloads.


Hazy Cape Town in the distance

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Antarctica and its Majesty
In the minds eye we see what documentaries and nature programs on TV provide for us as reference before we get to Antarctica. When you actually get there the reality sets in and you are hit with the majesty of all that surrounds you. The sound and smells of penguins and the seals, the massive vistas, all of the creatures you come upon and the glacial ice that is everywhere. It isn’t what you thought it would be, its better. When my lady first broached the subject of the trip, I was balking at the price tag for this adventure. She convinced me to spend the extra by assuring me we would get a good deal of time on the land as well as just floating offshore. I am glad that I listened to her, she wasn’t wrong. The zodiac rides could take you places that were otherwise inaccessible and walking among the seals and penguins was unlike anything else I’ve eve done. Plus the big bonus of getting to photograph it all! As I process the files I get taken back to that day and time and tend to get lost in my reverie. I think of New Years in Buenos Aries and visiting a ranchero to have authentic Argentine food and wine with a Gaucho show afterwards. I remember the sunset on our first day aboard ship and how calm the Passage was. The first sightings of icebergs and my first glimpse of the Continent. The Wandering Albatross as we crossed over at the convergence and how difficult it was to get a clear shot with the right angle to show the length of it's wings. And of course the glaciers and wildlife we saw along the way.
More to come later. Thanks for looking.
Sunset in the Drake Passage

Wandering Albatross - The wingspan can get up to 11 ft with a body length of 53 inches

Some of the first icebergs we saw

The rain and fog lift and there’s the Antarctic Peninsula

Previously posted, but I just think it fits in now

Glaciers appear everywhere you look

As we made way among the icebergs into the bay we got a brief view of a Penguin Highway

Navigating the ice in the Danco Island bay

We encountered some Orcas in Errera Channel. Like this female and 3 calves

Taken from a Zodiac ride back aboard. I liked how the light struck the ship

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Just a Really Old Tractor
I was driving down a back road when I came upon this old tractor. It was the back wheels that initially caught my attention, so I turned around and had a look. A McCormick Deering Tractor -- Never heard of them. So, I took a shot.

I'm betting someone on UHH may be familiar with these old things.

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