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The term "bridge camera"
I always wonder about what a bridge camera "bridges", from what to what. I can see how beginners can become confused, especially if they started out with one and are completely happy with the results. I can understand a distinction between pocket cameras, fixed lens cameras, and system cameras. Oh yeah, and cameras that look like cellphones.
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India - The best camera is the one in your hand!!
Was out attempting shooting landscape with my Nikon D810 and Tamron 15~30 when this scene unfolded. This mix of birds feasting on fish in a shallow. The whole action packed scene sequence was thrilling to shoot.

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Three images for your opinion
Hi All I have never done this before, but while working on a couple of PP techniques my curiosity of this group given choice and thoughts might be very helpful. The main goal if which servers better to separate the frontal dancers. So here they are, tear them apart!! RBorud

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A few from recent visit to New York City
My wife & I spent 4 days in NYC this week. We were both very limited in walking, but we did manage 2 - 3 miles a day.
We did see "Beautiful", the Broadway show about the musical life of Carol King. It was fabulous.

Here are a few images from our visit: (Best viewed in Download)
1. My wife's new T Rex friend - Museum of Natural History
2 & 3. Katz's Delicatessen - not good for you but sure was delicious (Pastrami sandwich). The counter has 23 slicers who cut pastrami & corned beef by hand. My 2nd job in life was a deli counter man. I worked at a variety of delicatessens for over 45 years. I loved watching the operation. The crowd is CRAZY!
4 - 6: views of NYC skyline from a Circle Line cruise and Statue of Liberty.
7 - 10: Variety of shots from Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village

Thanks for viewing.

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Anyone have strong views about UV filters?
In the course of researching my Lumix Prime, I stumbled across this comment from Amadou Diallo in the on-line Wirecutter blog.
"There's another cross-brand issue we’ve learned about recently: built-in UV filters. Panasonic puts the filter in their camera bodies while Olympus places it in the lens. If you use a Panasonic lens on an Olympus body, there's no UV filter, so in some circumstances, you may get chromatic aberration (purple fringes along high-contrast edges). This can be fixed by adding a UV filter to the front of the lens, but that’s an inelegant workaround.
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Sports photography
Im new here and my son just started playing high school football. I have a cannon rebel t3. Whats the nest way to take good action shots with out the blurry shots. Whats the best camera on a budget or is there a lense that would work for what i have? He is a freshman now i am thinking of adding a lense or options to start with a new set? I purchased this camera 5 years ago after having another baby. I am open to options help please
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Belted kingfisher with fish.
I was shooting through the reeds for this shot. On the download and then the magnification two eyes can easily be seen staring at the camera.

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Best enlargement software
Does anyone have opinions about the best enlargement software?
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Lighter and Darker
These photos were taken 20 minutes apart. I love how much the changing light changes the feeling of the results.

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Street portrait RX10M4
This was taken about 30 yards away from the subject.
Im continuously amazed at how good this camera is in nearly every situation.

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