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Weary old boy Ted.
First I would like to thank all my UHH friends again for your kind wishes and pm’s after Jim’s (Anglers) post regarding my car accident and flu! I am just about back to normal!!

Our 18+ years old cat Ted is getting weary and we often find him in the bed under the duvet cover head resting on the pillow. Took this quick snap of him this morning.

Canon 650D, 18-55 lens.

Please try the download.

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Buying my first nikon/camera
Looking to buy a nikon z6...

Does it matter where to buy it from? Bestbuy has their awesome insurance over it but can i buy from somewhere else like walmart/ and buy seperate insurance through another company? They all have their seperate bundles... opinions/suggestions?
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Jack Frost's Magic
Banff National Park

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Toys in the Attic
My camera club recently had a “toys in the attic” monthly category, asking for photos of old toys that mean something to you. The commentators liked my entry. The camera still works, and that baseball gets no use other than shelf space. I’m still taking photos and am still a Yankee fan.

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Mount Rushmore
This place is awesome. One of those places you gotta be there to appreciate the grandeur. The engineering at the time to do this speaks volumes of their dedication.

Vaughan K.

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Between Storms
Up river, from Big Bend to Fisher Valley and back again.

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Digital Reciprocity Failure Charts
Following up on the satirical “Adding Auto ISO Is Still Manual” thread, can someone point me to the reciprocity failure charts for Nikon, Canon, Sony & Fuji digital cameras?
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Pink is the morn
Lots of pink in this morning's sunrise. Unusual. Had to capture it.

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Bald Eagle searching for a fish to eat.
2/15/19 photo. Hand held at 600mm.
Distance was about 150-175 feet.

Canon 5Dsr - Canon 300 2.8 II - Canon 2x III - 1/400 - f/7.1 - ISO @ 400.

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Boy! Am I ever stupid!
So, I outside photographing a newly acquired landscape in my front yard when I heard a loud, cracking sound from across the street. I managed to catch the action.

The stupid part?
I was standing underneath my oak tree.

The aftermath.

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