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How do YOU respond to "Your camera takes REAL good pictures"..?
I'm sure we've all heard this a few times at least...and I'm wondering about the verious ways we respond to those well-meaning comments. Often our 'inner voice' is saying, "Hey, I took that photo, I selected the lighting, composition, timing, exposure, etc...the camera was just the tool I used...!" Our better angels usually come to the rescue with some version of, "Thank you, very much", but I'd like to hear the reactions or responses from others.

Who hasn't heard the snappy come-back that goes something like..."Shakespeare wrote some great plays, he must have had a very good typewriter..!"
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Older Lenses
I have been looking at photos taken with older Nikon and Canon lenses on my digital cameras.
I know my modern EL L series lenses are sharp and excellent.
But I notice the older lenses have a look that just can't be described.
Have those of you who use older lenses noticed this. I don't mean your sharp 105 mm lens but the other feel the lens gives.
I use my FLM 100mm f4.0 lens and my EF 100mm f2.8 L lens and for some reason like the older lens for the look it does.
Nothing wrong with the EF lens, incredibly sharp etc. but just the feel imposed on the photos.
I will not post any photos but just want to know if others like older lenses for different reasons.
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Atlantic Puffins
One of my annual trips out to the Isle of May which sits out in the North Sea just east of Edinburgh. About 46,000 pairs of Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula) come ashore there to breed every year.

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Monsoonal Moab
The pattern is predictable: mornings start off clear and still, and over the course of the day clouds build over the higher elevations. By mid or late afternoon, winds rise and thunderheads form and fan out over the lower lands, and isolated thundershowers occur. We're hoping the trend continues, that what we're encountering is actual monsoon activity rather than just one-off summer storms. Its been so dry and so hot for so long.

Its also prime time to test and assess the characteristics of a new lens.

Views to the south, the east and the north from yesterday afternoon, from various places in Poverty Flats, south of town...

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Along the Eastern Sierras: Part V, Day Trip to Yosemite
Since the Tioga Road had opened within days of our trip, we headed out early from June Lake to spend the day at Yosemite. Mid-day can't do justice to the magnificent vistas, so I'll chaulk this effort up to reconnaissance just in case I ever get back.

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Northern Gannet's Final Approach
Cape St.Mary's, Newfoundland, Canada. 2018-07-14

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A couple of Rainy day Magpies...
...i dont think they like the rain

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A few sunsets...
Taken at various places around South Australia except the fourth one, it was taken in Bali..the 5th one was a 15 second exposure to get the smokey water..

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Abes of Maine photography store
Has anyone had dealings with this store? They are selling the Canon M5 for $599 for body only. This price even beats Amazon.
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Small but mighty!
A few days ago I posted pictures of this ginger plant. This new shot was taken with a different camera and lens and also processed differently. This one was shot in square format. Gingers are lush, brightly colored tropicals that thrive on heat and humidity. This particular plant is only 7 inches tall from pot to top of the blossoms. I've enjoyed working with this tiny plant and I think I like this shot better than my previous attempts.

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