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Recent Pet Portraits
The following shots represent some of the photos I took a week ago for a fundraiser to help eliminate child sex trafficking in Cambodia. Some of you were instrumental in giving advice for recovery of a corrupted CF card, making my part of the effort possible, and for that I'm most grateful.

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Noise from Single Lens Reflex
When I watch press conferences on t.v. I am very annoyed by the extreme noise created by the numerous SLR's. I own both a SLR and additional cameras with high megapixel capabilities. Is it possible for professional photographers to switch to a quiet camera and still get professional results? I know they are there to make a living but it is also a time when other modes of photography could use a quieter atmosphere to listen to what is being presented at these press conferences. I might also add, before someone else say it, ''sometimes we do not want to hear what is being reported".
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Sketches and Paintings From Photos
Ok, I will be brave here and I realize this may start a "Holy War" but here goes. Does, or has, anyone ever used software to convert their photos to Sketches or Paintings?

I have been playing around with this and it is a lot of fun. I know, there are purists photographers and purists artists who condemn contamination of their art by non "Professionals" but I am not saying to do one or the other; just try them. Some photos that you are thinking of putting in the trash may be quite nice as a sketch or painting.

I have been using Akvis programs and they work very well. My only bone to pick with them is that they use an assault rifle picture in their tutorial for their sketch program. I have written to their support and suggested they use something else because to me, assault weapons are not what most photographers and artists hold dear to their heart. They don't seem to be anxious to reply to my wishes or even address them. Too bad, because I think their software is decent. I know, you can do the same type of things with other software but I have found the others to be lacking.
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Looking for first DSLR or mirrorless camera
Currently looking at the Canon T7i with 18-55 lens and adding 55-250 lens to purchase package for total of $788.00. This will be my first DSLR camera, is it better to invest in that camera or go with a mirrorless. If mirrorless, what is a good one in that price range?? Thanks in advance for all responses and for helping out a newbie.
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The value (or distraction) of virtual mats and frames
Recently in both For Your Consideration and Landscape Forum, two photographers posted photos with fairly large mats/frames around their images. Much of the feedback involved the like/dislike of those mats.

Obviously, it's up to the photographer how to present his/her image to an online forum. My questions:

- If you are the photographer, is it reasonable to assume that respondents will make observations about the size/color/style of your choices, or should they comment only on the photo?

- If you are the viewer, do you assume that the photographer expects you to comment on the mat/frame as part of your feedback?

My opinion is that the mat and/or frame is part of the whole and appropriate to be included in feedback. Some sites offer frames for you to add as a final step in posting ( is one). I went through a period where everything I posted to UHH had double-mats, similar to how you might select at a print shop. A lot of other people here were doing same at the time. It was fun attempting to choose a combination of size and colors that would (hopefully) enhance the image.

Your thoughts, experience, advice? Feel free to post photo examples!
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The Snow Leopard cubs are growing
at the Cleveland Zoo:

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xqd card
Recently acquired a d500 and I love it. My question is; other than backup, am I losing anything by not using xqd card? I am not very 'tech savvy'. Never even heard of xqd card until I got this camera. Been using sd card only,as xqd's are quite pricey. Appreciate any help you more experienced and knowledgeable people can give.
Thanks, Len
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Thinking about moving from Canon to Sony.
I moved from Nikon to Canon at the beginning of digital as I felt that the Canon chip at the time provided better color. 10d, then 40d, then 70d and added a 2nd body SL2. The latter was because of weight. I've noted before I had a bout with cancer, 4 major surgeries later (missing esophagus, parts of small and large intestine), I'm still around but I have occasionally a tremor which screws up my shot. I believe I need the 5 axis stabilization which most Canon products lack (all but the M5 which is video only). Sony color seems about the closest to Canon and I've been debating getting a full frame. I'm leaning towards the A7iii or A7Riii. I primarily shoot landscape and birds. I have several Sigma lenses and I understand with the MC11 adapter they work well. For the Sony I will probably get the 24-105 f4 to start. Have any of you made the switch and how has it gone to date? Thank you for your help.
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Dropbox recommendation
Suggestion as best name to use. I always have numerous photographs to share with our local Lion members to post to email, website, newsletters our local newspapers.

Have WIN 10 and have been using Mozilla Thunderbird , and recently encountered problem that file is either too big or the receiving person can not open ??? HELP !!!
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In the darkness of the Swamp a beautiful Great Egret emerges in the early morning light
Found this beauty in Big Cypress Swamp. Please enjoy the download and double click. Thank you

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