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White balance
A two part question:

How many of you use a white balance card/device to lead to (as close to) perfect color reproduction in your photos?


Ok, essential for product photography, fashion shots, perhaps wedding photos, or any other photography that must produce very accurate realistic results; but is it really important for landscape, nature, artistic, or even portrait photography?
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Unknown spots on image
I shot some scenery yesterday and after processing I found that a couple of the images have spots on them that look like dust. I don't think dust is the problem, but you can see the spots in the clouds just above the pond..

Shot with 5d mk 4 and 24-105 L II. Breakthrough CP . 1/15 f11 24MM. Processed in PS Raw. There is no dust on the lens or the filter, and after I discovered these spots I set up a white board and shot some test shots at the same settings, and there were no spots. Also checked several other similar scenes that I shot around the same time and in the same area and there are no spots.

#1 shows spots, while #2 does not appear to have the problem. There was no lens change or opening of the camera between these two shots. Any thoughts or suggestions???

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A rare topic that's not about gear or exposure modes: the role of perspective in compositions. Please share your photos!
My hope for this thread is to stimulate ideas for new photographers, as well as anyone feeling a bit stuck or in a rut with their compositions. Please post a photo and discuss how it relates to any of the below terms. Many thanks!

Perspective - the sense of depth or spatial relationships between objects in a photo.

- Relative size, distance from viewer
- Linear perspective, vanishing lines
- The role of focal length
- Atmospheric conditions
- The fun stuff: photographing from a lower or higher angle than "normal" and optical illusions via forced perspective.
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Inherited Film equipment - worth keeping/using?
Fellow hoggers, I inherited this film equipment from my Dad who passed away several years ago. I remember him using this equipment when I was a boy. I've only used digital equipment in the past and have no idea if this is worth pursuing to use/sell or even if film is worth the effort due to cost to develop or even if anyone still develops these days. I appreciate your comments! I do know he took great care with his equipment and am confident that it still works.

Pictures below if they all load on this site!

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Baiting Birds Of Prey, To Photograph?
I looked at some wonderful owl shots that were obtained by using pet store mice as bait. Personally I'm dead against it. If I did this in British Columbia, I would get beaten with my own tripod.

Google search:
Several magazines and photo contests now reject baited shots of owls and other predators, including National Wildlife magazine, where Lisa Moore is editorial director.
"It's unnatural behavior and it devalues the hard work of ethical wildlife photographers who are out there taking the time in the field to wait for that shot," Moore says.
She says her magazine's goal is to feature ethical, authentic photos — not of wildlife in a game farm, or lured with bait.

What are your views on this subject?

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standing on the corner watching all the girls go by.
male buckeye butterflies perch during the day on low plants
or bare ground to watch for females. I discovered this one
while hiking around at line creek nature area.

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Lookingto lighten the load
I am looking to lighten my kit. Currently an 80D with grip, a Sigma 50-150 2.8 os hsm, sigma 17-50 2.8 os hsm, sigma 120-400 os hsm, sigma 1.4x exrender, tamron 60 f2 macro. Thinking about m4/3, specificall olympus om-d e-m1 ii with a 12-100 f4 pro and a 300 f4 pro. Aandna fast primefornlow light. Anyone with thoughts or experience with a similar setup?
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Budapest Ferris Wheel
NIK filter applied. Just playing around. Sony RX10 IV. From today.
Thanks for viewing. Please use download.

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Which photographic side trip outside Las Vegas?
In November we will be in Las Vegas and want to decide which photographic side trip to make... Valley of Fire or Red Rock Canyon? Which offers the biggest punch?
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Hypothetical Question regarding Sales Practice
Yes, a very odd topic, but one that has me baffled.

HYPOTHETICALLY, XYZ is a business from which I have bought thousands of dollars worth of equipment over a long period. Recently, for whatever reason, there have been whispers, rumors and even court actions regarding questionable practices on their part, but I have never encountered such practices.

Last week, I ordered camera #12345 from the used camera department. The camera was advertised as being in condition 10. Several days later, I received an email from the company saying they could not find camera #12345, even though their records show they had it. They said they could sell me a new camera at a small discount or they could sell me used camera #67890 with a lower condition rating at a slightly lower price. Given no other options, I ordered camera #67890; I was told it would be here Wednesday. Now it's Friday; my camera is finally out for delivery (I hope!). BUT, today I called the warehouse. Yes, they do have camera #12345 in stock.

Simple question... Was I the victim of a bait-and-switch?

I am NOT accusing XYZ of employing this tactic regularly. My attorney, a golfing buddy, says it appears that I was. I cannot believe that a company I have done business with for years would stoop so low.

I would appreciate your feedback on this HYPOTHETICAL situation. Thank you.
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