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Tripod and L bracket questions
I have a Manfrotto tripod that I like but it does not take Arca Swiss. I am considering getting a different tripod or at least changing heads.

I think I want to be able to use an L bracket. I am interested in feed back on L brackets and their use. I use a tripod quite a bit and seldom do vertical shots because of the hassle. It seems to be the way to go but it is an investment so I want to be sure.

I use both a full frame camera and also a D500. I see several choices for brackets for the FF - RRS, Kirk and others. As far as I can tell, RRS does not have a bracket for the D500 but I did find one Kirk model. Is there some reason not to use an L bracket on the D500? I was surprised RRS did not have one (unless I missed it). EDIT: RRS does have one. It is just currently out of stock.

I would appreciate any advice on these subjects.
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What do you put in your camera bag for a landscape shoot? Thanks Jim Bianco
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Perhaps a Storm
Perhaps not.

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Hard Drive Toast which way should I go.
My 27in imac (2011) is very sick and needs it's hard drive replaced. I am thinking about buying a mac mini to replace it and then using the 27 in monitor with it. The other option is to replace the whole machine. Does anyone use a mac mini and what are your thoughts? I could also replace the hard drive, but I would need to find one and get it replaced on my own. Apple does not support this computer anymore.
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Over by the St Regis Hotel are the cliffs and the sunsets ..the views mirror Hawaii’s beauty .., it IS why my family and I return year after year ..D810 .. 24-70 2.8
Kauai Island

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Camera gear storage
I use a hall coat closet floor as the storage place for my camera gear. I have three backpacks used depending on the length of travel and shoot location. My gear gets moved from pack to pack. I'd like to setup a storage system in the closet that provides a place for each piece of gear. I'll probably add some simple shelving. I'm wondering if others have some interesting or unique ways of storing their gear. Thanks in advance.
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Which photo for the contest?
I have my idea which of these two photos I would like to submit into our local city photo contest, but if I am overwhelmingly wrong please let me know.
Which do you prefer?
Thanks in advance.


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Changing avatar photo
I received this message today, from a user who just put me on their ignore list. I have never interacted with this person before in any way:

Maybe I am seeing your picture wrong??? But its hard to take advice from someone who is holding his camera in that way. Totally wrong way to hold your camera unsupported like that, one handed. Since your picture is so blurry also, maybe I am just not seeing the photo correctly? This is just such a rookie mistake.

Point taken. I grabbed a quick, one-handed snapshot in a mirror for the purpose of creating an avatar, parodying the famous self portrait by a photographer I can't recall. It's not exactly a demonstration of photographic skills, but at least it covered most of my face. Here are two better shots, although they do reveal more of my old and ugly mug. Should I switch?
Waiting for clams, Kennebunkport

The MIck and me, Manhattan

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Yes, this is my first rodeo
Fun...but light was terrible.

D800e Tamron 100-400

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Which one do you like best?
Help! These photos were made in 2008. One was made when the temperature was around 40 degrees (note the moisture lifting off of the snow). The other photo was made the next day when it was much colder. I can't decide which one is more picturesque.

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