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Right Eye problems - Suggestions please
Hi all,
Putting this out there in the hopes that some of you might have some thoughts.
Last summer, I suffered a partial retinal retachment resulting in decreased vision in my right eye. Fortunately it is being treated however there is still a significant loss in right-side visual acuity. I shoot with a D7200 and really isn't designed to be used with my left eye so have resorted to using Live View. However Life View is much slower and since I shoot a look of candids and animal outdoor shots, it's not the ideal solution.
I was thinking of perhaps an external 3.5" LCD screen but before I start adding even more weight and "goodies" to the camera, wanted to get some input from others.
Thanks! _ Jeff G.
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How I'm forced to spend my winter days....
and it ain't easy!!!

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flash light meter
I went back to college to learn how to be better with the DSLR. (Was a film guy for 30 years). As you all know, there's a lot to learn.
That being said, my instructor does quite a bit using a light meter when composing shots for flash/portrait photography. The meter he uses costs about $240.
Does anyone know of an affordable light meter? I don't plan on going into portraiture, and wonder if I even need one when all I'll be using is a speed light. There will be times I'll be doing favors for friends & family taking family or holiday pix, but that's about it
Your advice please.

Old Rookie (lol)
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beginner camera
I have been looking it getting my daughter a Nikon D5600 there is a nice bundle or the Canon T6 EOS just not sure which is better. Can anyone give advice
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I heard about the 3 lens that are all you need .
What are they?
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New york city trip
We will be in New York City for a short visit. Going on a Carriage ride in central park. Any hints on taking photos at nite..settings etc. Trip is spur of moment! Not much practice. Staying at the Manhattan Club. So I sure I will be taking pictures out of the room windows. Also new experience... Any help would be great. Thanks... Mary Ann
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Barn at the Edge of the City
Bloomington, Indiana

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Camera gear store
They have a carbon tripod on sale for 249 which is half off Does anyone know anything about this tripod their is no name on it .when I called them today they were closed. Also does anyone know how they are to deal with
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Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 ED AF-S VR
I am considering purchasing this lens to photograph wildlife. I will be using a Nikon d7100. My concern is the 5.6 aperture I'm sure it will be fine in the open but not sure how it will work in the woods. I am just a hobbyist and the $1400 price tag is stretching my budget. So I am wandering what your thoughts are Thanks
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Wet AZ Desert
We were in AZ a couple of weeks ago and it was quite wet!
We could not go on many of the ATV trails as the washes were full of water!

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