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How do YOU respond to "Your camera takes REAL good pictures"..?
I'm sure we've all heard this a few times at least...and I'm wondering about the verious ways we respond to those well-meaning comments. Often our 'inner voice' is saying, "Hey, I took that photo, I selected the lighting, composition, timing, exposure, etc...the camera was just the tool I used...!" Our better angels usually come to the rescue with some version of, "Thank you, very much", but I'd like to hear the reactions or responses from others.

Who hasn't heard the snappy come-back that goes something like..."Shakespeare wrote some great plays, he must have had a very good typewriter..!"
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Along the Eastern Sierras: Part V, Day Trip to Yosemite
Since the Tioga Road had opened within days of our trip, we headed out early from June Lake to spend the day at Yosemite. Mid-day can't do justice to the magnificent vistas, so I'll chaulk this effort up to reconnaissance just in case I ever get back.

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Serious concentration, I see dinner!!!
This snowy egret has just spotted dinner and is in attack mode!

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New to Bird Photography
A friend of mine was recently given a Nikon D-3300 with an 18-55mm lens and has a desire to start photographing birds. She soon discovered her lens was as useless as her phone camera. She asked me for a recommendation but my knowledge is restricted to Minolta/Sony A mounts. She did state my 300 and 400mm primes, 70-400mm Sony and 150-600 Tammy are too heavy for her. Does anybody have a recommendation? I was thinking of the 18-400mm Tammy but possibly something cheaper might be better in case she loses interest. I saw a refurbished Nikkor AF-S DX 55-300 f4.5-5.6G ED VR in the Nikon Store for $199.96. Would this be acceptable in your opinions? Thanks for any guidance.
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Abes of Maine photography store
Has anyone had dealings with this store? They are selling the Canon M5 for $599 for body only. This price even beats Amazon.
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Red Door Farmhouse
With black windows and derelict GMC.

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Had to try the dragons
All these dragon photos took me out to the back yard. I learned that shooting with the 24-70 at 70mm (1st shot) produced a body completely in focus. Going to the 100-400 at 400 (2nd shot) produced great eye detail but the rear of the body got lost. Since both were hand held, next time I will use a mono pod to see if I get better results.

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A few shots of Brooms Head.
Brooms Head is one on my favorite spots & is where I take most of my pelican shots. There was a bit of a swell running on this day--normally there is hardly a ripple. Downloading is recommended.

D750/Sigma 24-105mm Art Series.

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A couple of Rainy day Magpies...
...i dont think they like the rain

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Neoprene straps??
I have a couple of neoprene stretchy camera straps, and I'm wondering whether they are good to use with a heavy DSLR, with a long lens and even maybe a battery grip. Are they more comfortable than a canvas strap with or without a pad, and can I trust them to carry the weight, both fabric-wise and stitching-wise.
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