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Camera Insurance
Question for the “pro” photographers.
What insurance do you obtain that covers your equipment and liability?
In my research I have found that some home insurance carries limits on gear, but may have a cap on value unless you add a rider but would not cover liability on a shoot.
Looking for advice on who and what you are doing.
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Cactus in bloom.
In my back yard.

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Three little Beauties...
...with a little tweaking with Topaz clean.Please check out the downloads
Blue Tit

Willow Tit

Male Bullfinch.

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Station Rd Trailhead CVNP
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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Camera odor
6 months ago I bought a used Nikon body which was in excellent condition, via eBay. All in all I am very happy.

The camera has an odor which could be cologne. Or cigar smoke. It is faint but my sense of smell is exceptionally sensitive.

Anyone have some good suggestions?

I have washed with detergent and a rag. I have used vinegar. I have used 70% EtOH. I have left it in the sun to gently encourage outgassing. My next effort will be to use a reasonably strong application of O3. It is very effective with smoke and tends to eliminate hand lotion odors which annoy me.

Thanks for any ideas.
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Parashant Nat'l Monument
The western end of Grand Canyon. (Film image scan.)

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Morning walk with my Nikkor 28-300
I took my rarely used 28-300 on my walk today to see how well it performs, basically because of a recent thread in which folks commented on how much they either hated or loved it. While it definitely isn't in the same league as a fast prime or even my favorite Tamron 35-150 lens, it did a capable job, and on a scale of 1-10 I'd rate it as 8ish.

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OK, now the male Red Belly WP at the nest site (as promised)
Distance about 27-28 feet, Brighter/nicer light than with the female posted yesterday. So far, my BEST opportunity for photographing Red Bellies ! Hoping to see some little ones too.

Canon 80D, Canon 400mm 5.6 prime W/1.4XII from monopod, 896mm Full frame equivalent FOV and a slight cropping, 1/750, f10, 400 ISO

Thanks again to all for stopping by and to comment .....Larry

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Nikon D3500
As a photographer that did a lot of weddings, now I am retired,and used a Bronica Square [] 2/14 square format...I am wondering if the New Digital Nikon D3500 has a shutter release cord to shoot on a tripod?

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Hummingbird's again
Posting what I get to shoot...
Today it just happened to be Hummingbird's

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