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The art of deleting Images
I would like to start a discussion on the art of deleting old images.
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Model Plane
My friend was inspired by the movie "Midway" and made this model of a Navy dive bomber
over a span of about three weeks. I then photographed it for him and added some action background.

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Monument Valley.
A wonderful Place.

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India - Butterflies
Colourful images of butterflies, I am no expert, so some of the names are probably incorrect.
Cabbage White or Large White Butterfly

Mottled Emigrant

Red Bodied Swallowtail

Blue Mormon

Common Lime

Indian Fritillary Butterfly

Red Bodied Swallowtail or Crimson Rose

Lemon Emigrant

Plains Cupid

Oriental Tailed Jay

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Photos or Images - what's the difference?
In 25 words or less, can anyone tell me the difference between Photos and Images?
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My 42 year old Corvette Pace Car
My 10,000 original miles Corvette,
That I hope their will be a classic car show
For me to show

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Picasa or substitute
I have a snap shooter friend that needs a very simple editing program. She wants to add a signature to her photos. I suggested Picasa, but she said she couldn't download it. Any suggestions?
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Along the water
Some shots of the things along the water during my walks. Enjoy

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The osprey are back and putting on a show.
Yesterday evening action.
Does he have a fish?

Indeed he does!

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Heavy Surf.
Along the San Mateo Coast.

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