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Half Dome Sunset
I was visiting Yosemite with a few UHH friends and we were treated to lovely light on Half Dome. This is a single image that I captured with a 2 stop soft grad and a polarizer. I hope you enjoy the beauty of this magnificent park. K

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Rainy, wet pavement. Two good shots Have to decide on
For an assignment titled, "Rainy, wet pavement". I have two good shots and have to decide on one. Pictorial Prints is the competition.

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Last walk for a while?
The dogs just turned 12, so we went on a long walk yesterday with clear skies (unfortunately a high wind). This is a pano from iPhone shots using Light Room. It may be a while for the next walk as I go in for a pacemaker on Monday..

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HELP me select the best !!
I am creating a bird calendar. My wife and I are too biased to randomly select which birds for many reasons. For example we would immediately select the Kingfisher as one of our birds because of the many hours we spent trying to capture the little elusive racing ?*#* ...We have selected some of the birds already and are asking if you would please select your favorites that you would like on a bird calendar....I am numbering and identifying all....DOWNLOADS ARE VERY GOOD!!!!
#1 Bald Eagle

#2 Tricolored Heron

#3 Belted Kingfisher

#4 Red Shouldered Hawk

#5 Snail Kite

#6 Sandhill Crane

#7 Snowy Egret

#8 Black Skimmer

#9 Little Blue Heron

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Wide Angle Prime or Zoom?
I own a Nikon D750 and my lenses include Nikon's 85mm f1.4, 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f4. I want to get a wide angle for landscapes but I just don't want the bulbous front on the 14-24mm. I use NISI filters on many occasions and want a bit more ease attaching the filter system. I've had my eye on the Nikon 16-35mm f4 and the prime 20mm f1.8 but I would love your advice on a wide angle you use that I haven't researched or if I'm on the right track with one of these two lenses. Thank you in advance.
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A stroll by the River Tees, Yarm, UK.
It started off with blue skies then the mist came in. Our nearest town Yarm is just over 3 miles away and we went round the river on New Year’s day. During the summer months it is difficult to see the river through the trees. When we have lots of heavy rain as we had this year, the river can break it’s banks and cause flooding. I thought you would like to see a shot of heavy flood defence doors to stop the water getting into people’s gardens/houses.

The last shot is part of the Leeds & Northern Railway Company’s viaduct, which was built 1849-61. Length half a mile, 43 arches, 7 million bricks. It runs behind the High street through the town.

Canon 650D, Tamron 18-400 lens.

Please try the downloads.
Yarm Town Hall

Mist coming in.


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Camera Strap Usage
How many of you fellow UHHers use your camera strap when the camera is on a tripod or monopod? Personally, I remove my strap (it has quick-connects) when on either the tripod or monopod. Maybe I've been foolish and lucky, but have had no problems.

Recently, I saw a photo of a pro photographer who had the camera strap wrapped around his wrist while the camera was on a monopod. Actually, I recall the camera strap as well as another strap on the monopod itself. Now, I can appreciate the concerns for expensive camera and lens being used near groups of folks who might interfere and create a problem. Better safe than sorry, especially as a professional.

But, should I be doing the same? Is it better/safer to leave the strap in place when on the mono or tripod? What are your thoughts and/or experiences in this regard?
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Monument Valley Set
5 photographers went to Monument Valley in Oct. '19 for 2 days of shooting. Took Phillips Photographer Morning Tours - meet up at 6 AM. Well worth it. Here are some of my images.
Sunset with moon rising.

Sunrise on the tour in backcountry

7 shot hand held vertical panorama from Ford's Point

View from Forrest Gump Point

Sunrise through crystal ball

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78$ Carbon Fibre tripod?
Hi everyone!

Finally decided that I should soon say goodbye to my cheap, $15 aluminium and plastic tripod and upgrade to something that doesn’t give me premature back pain or anxiety of breaking my gear whenever I use it.

Neewer is selling a carbon fibre tripod, that weights 1.54kg, extends to 166cm tall, and can hold 12kg of gear ontop. Oh, it also includes a ball head AND a fluid video head, all for about $78 USD. You can also apparently detach one of the legs to use as a monopod. If 78$ gives me even 80% of the build quality of more expensive, name brand tripods, I’m not sure I can justify spending any more money.

Anyone had any experience with this tripod? Other recommendations would also be great, but I’m still on a rather tight budget. Thanks guys
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Kuala Lumpur
Hello all,

I have been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the past several days and have just loved it. Here's a few frames from this city, all shot in the past 4 days. Hope you enjoy!

Mark Lent

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