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Mirrorless camera
I am considering buying a mirrorless camera. I currently shoot Nikon.
The new Nikon mirrorless cameras have a different lens mount. Making all my lenses useless.

so I will look at the Nikon z5 and z7II

I read the new Canon mirrorless cameras use their same lens mount and
Canon lenses are def cheaper in price that a nikon lens.
Now that I am retired money is a lot more important than before.

but if you are using a mirrorless camera, what one are you using and how do you like it
and last but most important how is the picture quality compared to your old DSLR?

I have read reviews, I have talked to salesman . everyone has an agenda , as do some of you but I know i'll get some good answers.
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Photography Is Evolving Quickly
I recently participated in an F-Stoppers experiment comparing images form a D850 and an I-Phone in combination with a Profoto strobe.

Each image was processed then reviewed by a large number of people who were asked to pick the best between them. The I-Phone won 55% to 45%.

I was in the minority but still very impressed.

I can only image where the technology will be in a few years with phones, strobes/flashes and AI processing.

Wish I was 10 years younger.
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Peak Fall Color with Water Reflections
Taken on a beautiful Fall day at Roosevelt Pond in Edison NJ.

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Luna's Touch
The previous day there was an amazing colorful sunrise, and I didn't go anywhere to photograph it. :-(
So the next day I decided to drive to a remote section of Florida beach to avoid people and to try for a sunrise photo. I hit the road at 3:30 a.m. for the hour drive to my selected location. After parking at a location where I would not have my car towed or ticketed and started my 2.5 mile walk to the beach. The clouds were dark and thick and I had a sinking feeling I would not have a gorgeous sunrise with colorful clouds. When I arrived at my location there was no hint of a rising sun and the surf was crashing against the rocky shore line. As if on cue, the moon found a break in the thick clouds and lit the rocks just off shore. I managed 3 quick shots before the clouds once again blocked the moon light. The first shot was too dark, the second was interrupted by a wave spraying me, my tripod and camera (my camera was wearing its raincoat--I was not) and the third----well, you decide how well Luna touched the scene.


Thanks for looking.

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Three Takes
On a place.

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The Grand Canyon - West End

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Carpenter Hardware
The former Carpenter Hardware building in Cammack, Indiana, just west of Muncie. The building has been renovated and converted into businesses and apartments.

This building housed one of the last real hardware stores in central Indiana, the kind where if it was a nut, bolt, screw, gadget, plumbing fitting, electrical supply or tool of any kind, it was there or it likely wasn’t available. There were three floors, including the basement, all full of whatever you can imagine, and was a hangout for the local fellows with time on their hands. It was run by Mr. Carpenter (everyone just knew him by “Carpie”), a crochety old so-and-so. If someone was an unfamiliar customer, Carpie ushered him to the product and found it for him. If one was a regular customer or an acquaintance asking for something, he could expect a reply like “It’s upstairs on the west side, about half way down. You can find it.”

Because we--my family--were farmers and carpenters, I grew up frequenting places like this and real lumber yards (the likes of Lowe’s don’t count as a real lumber yards). I miss places like these.

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I have a Leica M6 film camera which I love. It takes wonderful pictures and is made with the precision of a Swiss watch. I have been considering getting a Leica M10 R digital camera. However, I have read a lot of stuff online that concludes Leica is way behind Sony and even Nikon in the digital camera world. These “reviewers” write that Leica M cameras are vastly overpriced and the photos they take are inferior to those taken with digital cameras made by Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc. I would really like to hear the opinions of those of you who have used the latest Leica M cameras.
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Mormon Barn
Love the Setting of the Mormon barns of the Grand Teton's and a quaint little chapel

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Peregrine falcon
Spent many hours over a few days trying to get this female to line up with the moon ... she would not play ball i took a photo of both a few mins apart ...and joined them together in PS ........... second one is without the moon added as taken

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