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I have a "WD" 1 TB portable external hard drive that is kaput
My PC will not recognize my drive. It has thousands of photos stored on it. Any suggestions on how to recover my data?

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Old Barn on a Frozen Prairie
Canon 6D
Lens: 24-105 f/4L @ 70mm.
ISO 100; f/11; ss=1/500

Raw to Jpeg with On1 2019.2 then some tweeks in PSE14

I wanted to get closer to have a good look at this old barn, but it was minus 30 c. and I was freezing walking across that field. Unfortunately my 24-105 was the only lens I had with me.
Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.

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Security concerns in Mexico
I am debating whether to take my high end camera gear to Mexico or just take an inexpensive point and shoot camera. I'll be staying at a resort but plan on trips to nearby ruins for photo ops. Some blogs say carrying high end equipment outside of the resort is a risk. I would really appreciate reading about your experiences while sightseeing near Cancun.
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WD My Passport
Does anyone use the WD Pass Port backup unit? And do you like it?
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Photo Prints
Any suggestions on where I can email my pictures and get professional prints made?
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Purchase options
I have been considering a lens purchase and there are many options.

My question is:
1) Is it better to purchase from manufacturer (Canon)?
2) Purchase from Amazon?
3) Purchase from B&H?
4) From local Best Buy?

I live in Sacramento, CA

The prices are the same and I am wonder what advantage there might be.

Thanks for your input,
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Little Knot Cottage Cumbria England.
Little Knot Cottage is an early 17th century holiday cottage in Cumbria England....
...Mrs A and myself are having a long weekend at the cottage in the Lake district Cumbria. I've photographed it from three different positions.We are off to Coniston tomorrow so hopefully i canget more photos there.
1 Little Knott cottage



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Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt is a picturesque town in the Swiss Alps and a favorite destination of the "glitterati" as well as ordinary folks who love to hike and ski. There are fantastic views of the mountains especially the Matterhorn.
I hope you enjoy these shots from around town.

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Nikon vs tamron
Looking at the 70-300 nikon vs the 100-400 tamron. The nikon gets rave reviews for focus speed and sharpness. The tamron gets good reviews also. I am a bit more interested in the tamron due to its longer reach but am concerned about focus speed. This lens would replace my 55-300 nikon kit lens on my d7200. Any opinions out there.
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