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Travel Camera
Many here do a lot of travel.
Let us hear what you think is the best all around camera for travel.
Perhaps for planes, trains and automobiles which for which.
It should be interesting to see the various reasons justifying the choices.
Remember Christmas is coming.
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Glacier National Park, Many Glaciers side
Here is a 2nd group of images from our 2018 visit to Glacier NP. On the east side is the Many Glaciers area. On this side of the park you have some magnificant views. The haze due to the west cost fires were less problamatic here. There a lot of hikes up into the mountains and there are lakes everywhere up here. The destination of this hike was the Upper Grinnell Lake located at the base of the Grinnell glacier. These images were take mid-summer, but icebergs in the upper lakes still abound. And your always running into the area’s local residents. It's really easy to get really close to them, sometimes too close.

These images are best viewed in download.
1 Grinnell Lake w/Grinnell Glacier in upper right

2 Mountain Views

3 Looking back to Grinnell, St Josephine and Swiftcurrent Lakes

4 Upper Grinnell Lake and Glacier in the summertime

5 Ferry service on Lake Josephine

6 Local residents sharing the lake with tourists

7 Happened across him near Lake Mary Lake

8 Another local resident we met on the trail

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An Autumn Palette
Inspired by Nature I suspect ........ (collaboration with Svona Yankle )

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A few Carolina Waterfalls
Took a few days last week and did some waterfalls in South and North Carolina.
This is the splash pool at Bridal Veil Falls in North Carolina near Franklin. The rainbows only became visible when I turned the polarizing filter.

Issaqueena Falls is in South Carolina just below the state line. I should have used a wider lens than the 24mm.

Looking Glass Falls in just north of Brevard NC in the Pisgah National Forest.

Whitewater Falls is just north of the border in North Carolina and is the tallest falls east of the Mississippi at 411 feet.

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Scan and digitize 2000 photos
We recently moved and so we decided to look through 40 years of family history. What memories! So, the pix are already showing some deterioration and it won’t be long before they’re really bad.
Do any of you Hoggers have any recommendations for a company that can scan these pix and put them on a thumb drive? It would be really great if They could be converted to a format that would allow at Least some PP. THANKS!
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Alaskan Mountain Tops.
I don't know the name.

Mt. Denali.

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Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat Mon
Please download for correct color and detail

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Please identify this big bird.
It crashed into my house early today and wondered about my yard in a dazed state for over four hours. I feared that it was never going to recover but it did, and flew away.

I never know what I'm going to see in my yard. This time I was able to open the window and get a unobstructed view of it.

Some of my friends might think it strange that I keep my 600mm f/4 lens on my camera at all times. This is why. I took over two hundred of it as sat there shaking it's head and blinking it's eyes.

It looks like a hawk of some sort. Can anyone tell me more?

Thank you.

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Is a cheap LEICA better than no Leica
Dear folks, a long, long time ago, in my hippie days I sold a beautiful Leica M2 because I was giving up my middle class lifestyle . Well that was a mistake since it only took about a year of marijuana abuse to bring me back to a more sensible existence sans weed but still ‘alternative’. Now, I see thousand $ Leica D-LUX or C-LUX. Is the red dot better tHan the other cameras in that class? Or am I still yearning for that old M2?
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Cardinals are in great abundance around my feeders
I have quite a few Cardinals visiting my feeders. Some beautiful young cardinals that sit in the trees waiting there turn to approach the feeder which makes for some nice pictures. I also made a perch next to the feeder which and coax them to it by drilling holes in branch and placing seed in it works very nice.

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