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I bought my first Nikon 50 years ago.
My dad had given me other cameras but my first purchase on my own was a Nikon "F" with a FTN meter and F2 50mm lens fifty years ago and I still have it and it looks like new.

I have owned a D80 and D90 for my first digital cameras. I have also owned a D600 and currently own a D7000, D810 and D500 with a Z6ii on order.

Needless to say I am a Nikon fan.

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The final Decision
I have had my Nikon D7200 from the first year it came out. lens are 50mm, 35mm, 18/55mm, 18/200mm, 18/140mm Tokina 100F 2.8 Macro. My plan is to keep it and give it to a grandchild in college in time.
I have narrowed it down to a Nikon D850 with a kit lens or Fuji XT 3....any thoughts to cheer me on? Will the old lens still be usable with D850? Spring is here in Minnesota, the wildflowers are popping up all over hope to capture some with a new camera soon.

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Is The Canon EOS R5 As Good As Its Specifications Suggest?
For some time I have been looking for a camera that resolves plenty of detail, particularly for landscape photography, is good for low light photography and has responsive auto-focus suitable for indoor sports, particularly basket ball. On paper anyway the Canon EOS R5 appears to tick those boxes. 45MP full frame should resolve a lot of detail. Standard ISO 100-51,200 suggests acceptable resolution at higher ISO settings for low light situations. It is probably reasonable to expect that Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF with various area modes and tracking choices would be suitable for sports action. With frame rates 12-20fps depending on shutter choice, inbuilt image stabilization and many other desirable features, the EOS R5 seems to be a winner. What has been the real life experience of any UHH members lucky enough to get their hands on one of these cameras?
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It was a good day for birding!
I’m always looking for breeding activity since we have a breeding bird study here in Santa Barbara. Today was a good day. Two breeding Cooper’s hawks and a spotted towhee collecting nesting material. I ended the day with a pretty snowy egret. This is Atascadero creek, and my camera is a Sony RX10 IV, which is better in light than heavy shade, but you get the idea.
Spotted towhee gathering twigs

Male Cooper’s hawk giving me the eye (I didn’t realize he had prey on the ground)

I think he realizes I’m not a threat and he swoops down to retrieve his prey, returning to the tree

I stay pretty far away and the bird is in heavy shadow

Female Cooper’s hawk on the nest

Snowy egret

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Friendly Critters in my yard.
Beautiful little creatures.

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buying a used lens
Buying a used prime lens from B&H . Has anyone had any experience with their used products & do they offer any warranty?
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Lake walk
Took the dogs out yesterday with a camera thinking about emerging flowers. Therefore, I had my 85mm f/1.8 lens. Then we spotted the first yellow headed blackbirds (YHBB) of the season. This led us to the lake.

The attached is the first set from around the lake. Tomorrow I will post my edits of the YHBB.

Downloads are best.
Note the YHBB in the lower right corner

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A moment of nostalgia....
As I was loading the photos for this post I had memories of my first SLR. It was a Minolta X700 and I loved that camera. I lived in the Sarasota area at the time and drove to Tampa to attend a one day Minolta School training session. I was really excited and delighted. When I got my first set of pictures back from processing, I was amazed. I remember thinking "Wow, even I can take pictures like that!". In retrospect, they really weren't very good but going to an SLR made a big difference. After many years of using a little box camera it was quite an eye opener.

With the advent of digital, I had a similar feeling when I learned to shoot raw and process. Life is good.

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Super Moon April 2021
On April 26th there will be a supermoon that will rise right around "blue hour". I have a shot planned that I hope works out. I've been using Photopills to plan it and have been to the location to scout out where I will set up.

It will be a telephoto shot of a volcanic rock formation from about 5.5 miles away. I plan to shoot with my 300mm Prime. I'll either use my 5D4 with a 1.4 extender or possibly my 7D2 (crop) without an extender.

Anyone else planning to shoot the Supermoon this month?
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Easy As Pie, 5 Shots SOOC....Using JPEG And A Scene Mode
I decided to do another experiment...The results needed to be SOOC(straight out of camera), no post processing(even cropping). I used a Nikon 35/1.8 lens on a Nikon D7500. I used JPEG and a scene mode for blossoms. I also used auto ISO.

Apparently there are folks who mostly shoot SOOC as what they normally do...that would not be me. I normally shoot raw and post process pretty much everything.

All of these turned out to use f/8, shutter speeds at 1/60, and ISO from 800 to 2500.

In the future I would likely use raw, a similar f stop and shutter speed, and post process as wanted.

I think some people would be happy with the results from this experiment, taken yesterday at my favorite local park, Vines Park, Georgia.
1/ f/8 1/60 ISO800

2/ f/8 1/60 ISO1100

3/ f/8 1/60 ISO2500

4/ f/8 1/60 ISO2500

5/ f/8 1/60 ISO800

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