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Walking in the Crator of the Volcano Stefanos in Nisyros, Kos, Greece.
The first part of the morning was getting to the small town of Kardamena to catch a boat to Nisyros. The boat took just over an hour, it was windy, the sea was choppy and my hat flew off overboard!!

I took the shots looking down into the crater wondering if I would be able to get down. Quite a long way to go, no steps just rugged stones to negotiate, slip sliding along the way. Then of course climbing back up was a challenge too.. No sherpa Bob on this trip so had to carry everything. The temperature was in the 90’s very humid. I made it.

The smell of sulphur at the top was powerful and you were advised if you had heart or breathing problems not to go down. Certainly cleared your head when you reached the bottom. The hydrothermal system runs underneath and I could feel my feet getting hot. No go areas were roped off.

Nisyros, the remote beauty of the Dodecanese, has always been shrouded with mystique because of its volcano which has not erupted since 1888, but remains quietly active. The entire island is in fact a volcano, with a 4 km caldera at its center and five smaller craters, the most imposing of which is the 3,000 to 4,000-year-old Stefanos.
With a depth of 27m and a 330m diameter, it is considered the largest and most well preserved hydrothermal crater in the world. Like a sleeping beast, it’s still puffing sulphuric fumes from its many fumaroles, making it hard for some people to visit the area.

Canon 650D, 18-55 lens

Please try the downloads.
Pretty Kardamena

My boat on the right

Follow that boat

See the little people

I made it

Back at the top

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Alpine Loop, UT
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, when I arrived at Alpine Loop on Wednesday it was still too dark, so I took the side trip that I posted yesterday. I then returned to the loop, which is UT 92 going from I-15 to US 189 via the Uinta-Wasatch National Forest around Mt. Timpanagos. In that the end of the loop goes past Sundance and enters US 189 on the Provo River just below Bridal Veil falls it gives you many different photo ops.

These shots show that the full fall changes are not here, but the beginnings are evident. The Alpine Loop is popular because the variations in elevation show some trees, such as aspen, in varying fall dress. This season was very dry, so our reds are generally pale, but the yellow is coming on strong.

As always, downloads are the best.

Had to show the sun "star"

Just over the high point of the loop

Back side almost to Sundance

Bridal Veil Falls on the Provo River

Same shot in July

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used lenses vs new ones
I've been looking (for some time now) at the Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens and the Nikon 200-500mm lens for my D7200. I still haven't been able to decide which one; although I've received several courteous and thoughtful suggestions from other UHH members-so it's my hesitation to buy, not a lack of input. My question tonight-or this AM-is whether it's worth the extra to get a new one (of which ever model/brand) or go for a used one with the accompanying B&H, Adorama, KEH, etc. warranty; or one from the UHH Sale site. Opinions will be studied and appreciated.
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Wood Ducks
I was at Forbidden Drive in Philadelphia yesterday (Friday) and to my surprise there were many Wood Ducks. I've never been so close to these - had a great time!

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From past visit.

Mt. Denali.

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Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah
Wednesday Wander fell on the first day of fall. My wife had an eye appointment, so I decided to check out the local Alpine Loop for signs of fall. Once I got past the entrance to the Mount Timpanagos Caves, it was still fairly dark. I turned off the loop and gained elevation doing up Route 144. This paved route leads to the reservoir and its parking lot is the end of the street bike run up the mountain, but the beginning of the mountain bike and ATV runs up the gravel roads.

Fortunately, my SUV lets me raise my clearance, so I went up for first signs of the sun.

As usual, downloads are best.
The "mighty" reservoir waiting for the sun

The drought left us with pale reds

Looking southwest

Looking southeast

Going north toward Silver Lake flat

Looking down at the reservoir

Focus stack looking northwest

The sun arrives

Almost to the turn around point

On the way back down

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Not sure my understanding of the difference is accurate. Is it true that an image in both JPEG and RAW consists of the same number of pixels in either format and can be printed equally as large with equal sharpness? And, that the major difference is RAW offers greater latitude for PP?
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Bee photo with the Canon R5.
I used the photo 'eye tracking' of the Bee to get this photo.
Hand held at 700mm. Distance was 3-4 feet.

Canon R5 - RF 100-500 1.4x (700mm) - 1/800 - f/10 - ISO @ 640.

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Little Blue Heron with Crawfish ? - Monet's Park Florida
Little Blue Herons are not plentiful where I go. When you do find them they are quite shy and never get excited or chase/fight with others - they happily tend to their own business. This particular mature one nabbed 3 Crawfish ? in about 20 minutes from a shallow pool that I watched in early mourning low light - the first time I have seen this !

Canon 80D, Canon 400 prime, 1/1000, f5.6, ISO 1600 from monopod with a medium crop.

Thanks in advance for stopping by and to comment ! .....Larry

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