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Inexpensive Durable Tripod
Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive stable tripod for my Sony RX10IV?
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The Gull caught the crab, the 1DX 2 caught the Gull
I've been working on catching this sequence for awhile. I'm still waiting for the day when the gulls turn the other way round. This is a compilation of two successive dives by this gull . I'm hoping that UHH allows all 10 frames, but if not I'll have to divide it up. We just had a day with sun for a change so I ran down to the beach before it went away. Because it's only 40 degrees the air was clear which was nice. These are all quite heavily cropped.
1DX 2
600 mm
1/2500, f5, ISO 640
Tripod and Gimbal

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Bald Eagle - Don't mess with me.
Hand held @ 600mm. Distance was about 125-150 feet.

Canon 5Dsr - Canon 300 2.8 II = Canon 2x III - 1/800 - f/10 - ISO @ 640.

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Opinions on D 810
I am considering purchasing a D810. If you own one would very much like to hear your comments. The D850 is above my price range and I am
a bit hesitant to get into the Z6 model, it is just too new.
Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
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This beautiful Great Egret welcomed me in to the swamp with open arms
I could hear her calling to me, "Take my picture, take my picture" so I did. Please enjoy the download

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Suggestions for taking pictures in the lower light with action
How best to take pictures in low light where people are moving around so pictures are not dark? Kids playing, some folks dancing.
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Mirror less lens mounts - Dawn of a new era for Nikon and photography ! ?
First, a disclaimer........I am not a current or even past Nikon user !

I was in Barnes a Noble Sat. - one of the british photo mags had tested the Z7 with the new 24-70 and 35mm S lenses. The Imatest numbers were the highest I have seen ! - verifying that the new larger lens mount and shorter back focus has liberated Nikon lens designers - as I predicted it would - and resulting in full frame resolution performance for lenses 50mm and shorter that we have never seen before ! The down side to this is the vignetting will increase due to physics of the lens being closer to the sensor - but this is correctable in software.

I am sure a similar advantage - at least the shorter back focus part - will also benefit the new Canon mirrorless lenses. Canon had enlarged their DSLR lens mount long ago and their mirrorless mount is basicly the same size now ......and poor Sony missed the boat long ago with their small e-mount !

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Ancient Rome - Coliseum, Forum, and Architecture
Just returned from a trip to Italy and Greece. Here are a few shots from Ancient Rome.

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A Tale of Two Cameras
A follow up from a post made yesterday.

In 1953 my mom worked in a Kodak retail sales store in Hawaii. I was 5 years old at the time. A gentleman came in and wanted to trade a Leica in and negotiate a deal on a Kodak Retina camera. Kodak made some really good cameras at the time. The reason the gentleman wanted to trade in the Leica was that he wanted an American camera.

My mom knowing that I was both interested in taking photographs and very careful with my stuff negotiated with the store manager and purchased the Leica from the store. Mom and dad gave me the Leica IIIf for either Christmas or my birthday. I don't remember which.

Friday, I was in Tempe Camera to purchase some battery holders and strolled by their used department. There sat a Kodak Retina IIa camera in almost pristine condition. I thought it would make a nice complimentary team with the Leica I've had since I was 5. So, here's the two of them together for the "family" portrait.

Incidentally, I used two pieces of equipment I purchased from UHH members over the last few months. And, yes, I will be shooting some film with the 'new' camera in the very near future.

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What’s in the Garden?
Not a lot!!

I used the cloudless sky as a backdrop for most of the shots. We are having cold weather with frosty mornings and rain, just a few stragglers left.

Canon 650D, 18-55 lens.

Please try the downloads.

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