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Old church in Idaho
I love the sky

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Gimbal head quandry
I have been looking at gimbal heads for my Nikon D7200 with the Nikon 200-500 lens I use for bird photography. I see prices from $99 to well over $500. Some lower priced ones have 4-5 star reviews making choices difficult. I would like advice on a head that won't break the bank, but isn't junk. I suspect this topic has been beat to death. Pardon me if so.
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Nikon D850 vs D750
So I want to get my first full frame dslr. I know I’ll need lenses, got money for those. I’m comparing the D850 to the D750. Pros and cons on both sides. I’m not a professional so I think 46 MP on the D850 might be overkill. I like the fact that the D750 has 2 SD slots although it doesn’t offer the touchscreen that the D850 does. Plus the D750 is about half the price. Looking for input from folks who may have shot with both.
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Have you heard about the new Phase One camera with 151 megapixels and super high quality performance yet? The Phase One XF IQ4.

*(...and I thought my new full frame had a high pixel count.)
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San Diego
Going to my nephew's USMC graduation next week and will have a day to tour and shoot before the festivities. Any must see/must do's??
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Non-golfers won't understand
7:44 tee time a couple of days ago in northern New Jersey. All I had with me was an iPhone6. The golfer is about 220 yards out with a 200 yard shot to the green. I hit my drive over the traps down the right side of the fairway. I'm still looking for the drive. My partner found his drive, but is still looking for his approach shot. Two holes later, the fog was gone. No more lost balls. Great day.

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The fury of an Osprey catching a red salmon.
Hand held at 800mm, including the cropped version. Distance was about 125-150 feet.

Canon 5Dsr - Canon 400 DO II f4 - Canon 2x III - 1/1000 - f/13 - ISO @ 1000.

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Solitude in Photography.
Played around with effects to give a different twist to a shot from my archives.

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Canon 1.4 extender
I would like another more range while taking migrating birds in the marsh...would an extender to team with a canon 70-200 L be worth the investment?
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Mums the word!
These are varied shots of the same sprig of miniature mums. I just used different crops, backgrounds and processing to vary the look. Little projects like this are keeping me entertained during a kitchen remodel which is anything but entertaining!

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