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I Can't Believe What I see
Taken at Out of Africa in Camp Verde Arizona. Could not believe the expression of the Lion when he looked up at the sky.
Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikon 200-500 mm f/5.6
Shot at 200 mm
Exposure: Auto exposure, Aperture-priority AE, 1/1,600 sec, f/6.3, ISO 2000, Compensation: -1/3
Taken on March 2, 2019 10:06:55PM

Comments greatly appreciated.

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Picking a picture-taker for the Princess: D5600 v D7200
Hey everybody

I did a search on the topic (specifically "d5600") but didn't get very far so I'm straight-up asking.

My wife and I recently had a kid, our first, and she's in picture mode. She wants to take a lot of candid snaps so she can have prints and small canvases made up but only has her phone. I'm sure many of you understand. She likes what I do with my D850 and Sunday night said "maybe you can teach me to use your camera because I don't like my phone as much." I think that's great, but yesterday afternoon I introduced her to the concept of aperture and ISO. I figure going from that level to a D850 is like getting your permit at 15 and having your behind-the-wheel training with a Corvette on a track. And she's a little clumsy....

I looked around at Nikon's APS-C cameras and like the D5600 and D7200 specs. I looked at each of them in-hand last night, I like the simpler menus, I like how each feels in-hand (5600 for the light, compact feel like a mirrorless, the 7200 because it's like a small D850), and I like that each has fewer buttons. She'll like that too because she says just looking at my D850 makes her anxious with all the controls.

So, specifically, how does each fare for entry-level users? I want her to have some creative ability - she'll grow in to either I'm sure - but for now I am looking at pleasantness and ease of use, ease of growing in to the next level, and obvious limitations. I am NOT looking at how many dials each has or how many card slots; that stuff doesn't matter to someone who just learned yesterday what aperture is. How does each handle low-light noise? Which one would you pick for someone interested in portrait and candids, and basic wildlife (like the squirrel in the tree or ducks on the dock next to the boat, not birds in flight).

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Do you want to really speed your computer up?
I had my computer guy install an SSD because he said my HDD was the cause of my slow down of my computer. It was taking more than five minutes for my computer to boot up. He installed the HDD and now my computer boots up instantly. It takes 12 seconds for the first screen to come up and then as soon as I enter my passcode the computer boots up in less than one second!

I thought the answer would be more RAM. My computer guy really knows what he’s doing. He’s a guy in his 50s like me an old-school guy, an old timer who knows the old stuff and the new stuff. You wouldn’t believe how happy I am. Just wanted to share.
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Newb here: Exposure question with pictures included
Hello there UHH fam,

First of all I would like to say thank you for taking all my newb questions, it really helps! I took a bunch of beach pictures this weekend and used a circular polarizing filter by promaster. When I got home I noticed a lot of the pictures are underdeveloped. I shot them in Raw and uploaded the files to Lightroom and started playing around with adjustments. I noticed that once I increase the exposure and begin enhancing colors the image appears less crisp. So I have a few questions here but first some technical info: I shot with the canon rebel t6, kit 18-55 mm lens, Aperture priority set to 4.5 with focal length... maybe 45mm for this shot, I can't really remember unfortunately. and as mentioned, a promaster circular polarizing digital hd filter.

First question: Does the polarizer affect how the camera adjusts exposure parameters while in semi-auto mode i.e. aperture priority...

Second question: I noticed the filter twist turns which causes more or less polarization (seemingly to me) but there are no markings on the edge to tell you precisely what it is set for. Seems very non scientific and more like a guessing game when trying to get a good exposure. Not sure what my question is here so any and all advice and knowledge on polarizing filters would be very much appreciated!

Third question: Is it true that I am losing clarity when increasing exposure of my raw file in Lightroom or is it just something that I am perceiving because I don't have any experience to go off of.

Once again, thanks for all your help!


After increasing exposure, no other adjustments made.

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1955 Corvette.
Prime condition.

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D7200 vs D500
Can anyone offer a short explanation why the D7200 is offered with a 24mp sensor and the "advanced" , top-of-the-line D500 with a ~21mp sensor?
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Which is better camera and why: Nikon D500 vs Nikon Z6
My D300 is long in the tooth and the new cameras have better focusing and higher ISO and other features. I'm looking at these two and would welcome comments from folks familiar with them. I shoot 99% in studio w/ studio strobes. (But might ease into non-strobe because of high ISO capability with the new camera). Headshots, full length swimsuits, nudes. Almost never shoot still lifes but am good at them. Do not shoot sports or fast movement.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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Canon 6D MKII review
I really want to upgrade to full frame DSLR but budget is an issue. Right now, I use the Canon 70D. My interest is landscape, portraits, some wildlife, and some social photography.
I am looking at the Canon 6d MKIOI which is now on sale at about $1200. At, the review is not as good as I would like to see. But I wonder if they might just be biased against Canon in general. I have been all Canon for 30+ years.
1. Has anyone in UHH used this camera and willing to share their opinion - good, bad, ugly?
2. 42nd St Photo has good prices. Are they a good place to buy?

Thank you in advance for the help.
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Which New Apple Mac?
Having been an Apple universe consumer I now need to upgrade my iMac (2013). I take mainly amateur sports pix and can have 4,000 to process in a single batch. I have found Capture One (v11) to give me the fastest processing incorporating auto adjust and style additions on uploads from my Nikon D750 RAW files. These files are all kept on an external hard drive.

On occasions I will have open half a dozen or so applications, eg mail, browser, capture one, DxO, Nik, photoshop or affinity.

Apple have a new 27" mac, what specs does anyone recommend?
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Cherry Blossoms along the Basin in DC
There are currently numerous posts regarding the conditions for Texas bluebonnet shooting locations. The UH group is wonderful in knowing the all the right places!

Apparently I will be in the DC area for the now predicted peak of the cherry blossoms climax during the first weekend of April. I couldn't have time my trip any better! While I know that the Basin will be the best. Anyone have a particular favorite shooting location(s) and best time of the day. What about sunrise versus sunset? Both? Bring it on!

Oh, I will be back in Texas in time for bluebonnet peak climax likely in North Texas in mid April (Easter weekend).
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