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May 11, 2019 07:17:55   #
Nice shot! I was there in 1985. Toured the Cutty Sark for a couple of quid. Really surprised at how small the crew quarters/officer’s mess was. Hopefully you were able to tour the ship as well.
Apr 11, 2019 08:10:30   #
Only been once, to Oahu, but it was well worth the trip. I’ve lived in several countries in Europe, been to every state except Alaska (retired Air Force). Planning on traveling back to Hawaii this fall. Elvis said it all...Blue Hawaii!! Never seen water that blue before!
Mar 10, 2019 08:28:51   #
Hi, I spend a couple of weeks in the Blackhills area every year. I was stationed as Ellsworth AFB in the late 70’s as well. I suggest seeing Mt Rushmore 1st. Morning is best for shots as the faces face east. The “Iron Mt Road” drive has several tunnels and pull outs for photo shots. Save Crazy Horse Memorial for after Mt Rushmore visit. It is very interesting and the Indian museum has artifacts from almost all of the North American tribes. There’s also an artists section with displays and history of the ongoing carving. It can take all day to see everything...there’s even a trip to the top of the carving if you want to pay their price. Day 2– drive through Custer State Park. Opens at 7am. Bring a 10lb bag of carrots for the wild burro’s. Drive the “wildlife loop road” SLOWLY....15-20 mph. Lots of pronghorn antelope, bison (will be calving at this time of year), whitetail deer, mule deer, if you’re lucky elk and bighorn sheep. There’s also mt goats over by Rushmore. I’ve been surrounded by the bison herd so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in that situation. The visitors center is a great place to stop. Manned by volunteers with lots of info. Be aware that the weather can be unpredictable. Fastest way to get to CusterSP, Iron Mt road and CrazyHorse is HWY 79.
Dec 18, 2018 22:14:49   #
Thanks for correcting my misidenification. I can now add myself to the countless thousands who have also mixed them up. There is a picture of them together at one of the movie studios(Paramount I think) during filming. They could have been brothers.....Thanks again.
Dec 18, 2018 07:16:05   #
I believe it's Will Rogers as well. Charles M Russel does look a little bit like Will though. Russel has a very nice museum in Great Falls, MT. Thanks for your technique on photographing mags. Every time I tried they always came out messed up.
Oct 19, 2018 06:16:42   #
James "Jimmy" Stewert was 6'3 when he flew B24's in WWII. Went on to make B. General. And a lot of great movies as well. After working on B52's myself while in the Air Force, it always seemed that the tallest aircrew members were assigned for either bombers or cargo/refueler types of aircraft. Fighter aircraft cockpits were too small for larger pilots. I could stand on the lower deck and look into the upper deck of a B52 without using the ladder. I'm also 6'3".
Jul 28, 2018 07:23:02   #
Hi, great area, just remember those rolling fields are wheat and wheat is a 2 year crop. Next year the green fields will be brown dirt....good news is, this years brown fields will be green! The scene is always changing.....GREAT shots by the way.👏
Jul 25, 2018 08:34:25   #
You should have seen it in 1976. Just a white outline/drawing on the mountain. The artist was still alive back then and you could talk to him in his studio. After he passed, his wife Ruth decided to work on the head to draw in more visitors..worked like a charm. Several times a year you can pay for entry with cans of food for donation. You can also hike up to the top and see a night blast. They're working on the hand now. All of MT Rushmore will fit on just the head of Crazyhorse....awesome! Visit for times/dates of hike, night blasts etc. Great Indian museum and more!
Jul 25, 2018 06:46:44   #
Hi, the motorcycle rally at Sturgis runs from Friday Aug 3 - Aug 12 this year. The Corn Palace murals are made each year by the local high school. Each year is a different group of scenes. If you are in Deadwood, check out the "Trial of Jack McCall". It begins at the #10 Old style Saloon with a mock shooting of Wild Bill....normally surprises the unkowning tourists. Custer State park had a massive fire in Dec 2017 which burned much of the Wildlife loop. I haven't made it there this year yet, but will be in early Sept. Fire affected grass mostly, some of the donkeys were injured. You'll see signs along I-90 for Al's Oasis." homemade cinimon ice cream and Dutch Apple pie. A welcome break about midway in the state. I was stationed there in the 70's and now vacation there every year. One day I probably just move back there !Enjoy your trip....
Jul 22, 2018 07:15:43   #
Hi, I agree except Camp 18 is on hwy 26. Camp 18 was an actual logging camp back in the day. The single beam roof support is the largest in the world (I believe). Made from a single tree. Great food all day. Exceptional Sunday brunch. We make the drive from Hillsboro OR often. Head south from Canon beach on hwy101 until you get to the 3 Capes lookout exit. Great views. Pacific City is another great stop...check out the last dory fleet launching/landing from the beach. Many colorful small towns on hwy101 between Tillamook and Canon beach. Lots of scenic pullouts overlooking the Pacific coast. Lighthouses and seals....Have fun.....
Jul 5, 2018 08:48:06   #
Nice shot. I remember when those high rises weren't there.....take the bridge over to Santa Rosa island. The beach on the way to the fort is awesome!!!
May 25, 2018 08:21:17   #
Nice shots! I too have lived in Washington state and have never heard the term "scablands". Looks like the area close to the Tri City's.....Columbia/Snake river interchange???
May 13, 2018 08:39:36   #
Hi, having lived in the area for several years and now vacation there every year, you will have a great trip. The motorcycle rally in Sturgus will be over, crowds will be smaller as schools will be in session. Temps will be cooler and the aspens might start turning color towards the middle of the month. Spearfish Canyon is a great drive anytime but really shines in the early fall.....
May 13, 2018 08:29:38   #
Oh,,, don't pass up the drive on Iron MT road. It has the pigtail turns......
May 13, 2018 08:27:21   #
Hi, While you are there checkout Custer State Park, take the "Wildlife Loop Road" for your Buffalo shots(may be as close as bumping your vehicle). And see MT Rushmore FIRST if you plan on seeing Crazy Horse Memorial. All of Rushmore will fit on the head of Crazy Horse. I did it in reverse the 1st time I took my new bride and she always remembers Rushmore as only "ok" in comparison. Heads up...Custer State Park had a massive fire in Dec 2017 which burned a lot of the park. More info is available online. It's in recovery now but with new spring growth recovery will be quick. But having lived in the area, you are in for a treat!
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