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Sep 14, 2021
Main Photography Discussion
Chart Needed
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 90 posts
Sky editing or replacement
by Cubanphoto, 92 posts
Considering the change to m43
by Flickwet from NEOhio, 37 posts
Helicon Focus
by Marcia Byrd from Georgia, 36 posts
7d mark ii question
by greger from benton harbor, mi, 12 posts
**OPPORTUNITY: Southern California Photographers READ ASAP**
by Real Nikon Lover from Ventura County, California, 10 posts
Gallery Sites & Delivery Services
by larbear360, 11 posts
Conventional and Actual Numeric Values for Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
by selmslie from Fernandina Beach, FL, USA, 8 posts
(rerun) September 14, 2021
by CHG_CANON from the Windy City, 171 posts
(rerun) CS2, CS3, CS4 - R.I.P.
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 48 posts
(rerun) A GreatZoo Lens ?
by robertneger, 24 posts
(rerun) Battery Question
by John7199 from Eastern Mass., 15 posts
Photo Contests, Challenges, Periodicals
(rerun) CHALLENGE: Trees-Sept.13-15
by photophile from Lakewood, Ohio, USA, 488 posts
(rerun) Challenge: Free Sunday - September 12, 2021
by lhammer43 from San Antonio, TX, 104 posts
(rerun) Challenge: "A Quiet Moment" Sept. 9th-11th 2021
by Photogirl17 from Glenwood, Ark., 392 posts
Photo Gallery
Staying in a yurt
by UTMike from South Jordan, UT, 109 posts
Park Avenue
by Cany143 from SE Utah, 41 posts
From Northern Lake Michigan
by John from gpwmi from Michigan, 75 posts
Alaksa Autumn
by Kalina54 from Flagstaff, AZ, 65 posts
Had to lay down in the middle of the road -
by RonKoris from St. Helena Island, SC, 39 posts
Roadtrip part 24 continued: Shafer Trail In Canyonlands
by Fstop12 from Kentucky, 60 posts
Female Northern Harrier And young, I think, Female, I think, Bald Eagle
by Retired CPO from Travel full time in an RV, 56 posts
Out with the Big Lens
by Curmudgeon from SE Arizona, 57 posts
How Do You Hide a Fat Horse Behind a Tree?
by vicksart from Novato, CA -earthquake country, 50 posts
Black Point Reserve Ibis and a surprise
by Retired CPO from Travel full time in an RV, 50 posts
Melstone Custer Road
by Quixdraw from x, 55 posts
Just Mallards
by ecobin from Paoli, PA, 43 posts
Too Close to home, 2 treatments
by Quixdraw from x, 42 posts
My English Springer Spaniel
by BadDog from Manchester, CT, 26 posts
Hawk Moth?
by vicksart from Novato, CA -earthquake country, 33 posts
momma dog rip
by tinyman from oil city la., 30 posts
Deer Studley Royal, UK.
by PhotoDerek, 19 posts
yellow and orange middle of the day activities
by merrytexan from georgia, 35 posts
Taking a picture of me...
by vonzip from cape cod, 31 posts
First street photography effort
by Rileychas from San Diego, California, 22 posts
Two of a Kind
by FotoHog from on Cloud 9, 17 posts
by Tom DePuy from Waxhaw, NC...Just east of Charlotte, 17 posts
Mixture from the past week, mostly birds.
by NMGal from NE NM, 14 posts
Owl in Haystack Rock
by 1FTR from Pacific Northwest - Portland area, 13 posts
Wild flowers
by peterjoseph, 18 posts
A Misty Morn
by photosbytw from Blue Ridge Mountains, 12 posts
Bath time
by SteveR from Dallas, 12 posts
An Egret
by russjc001 from South Carolina, 10 posts
Solar Gold
by FotoHog from on Cloud 9, 13 posts
BAk Lighting
by Xanadu from Vermont, 10 posts
Damn, if I hadn't learn to read
by RonKoris from St. Helena Island, SC, 9 posts
September Sunset
by Pixelmaster from New England, 9 posts
September on the Island
by StevenG from Long Island, NY, 17 posts
A Hawk flying thru my backyard
by jim quist from Missouri, 8 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-photography talk)
Ah, the Benefits of Marriage!
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 24 posts
Burma Shave
by Curmudgeon from SE Arizona, 13 posts
It was never what people thought
by GARGLEBLASTER from Spain, 11 posts
by napabob from Napa CA, 5 posts
(rerun) United Flight 93 - Lest We Forget
by bobbyjohn from Dallas, TX, 49 posts
(rerun) Over two years in getting started
by Manglesphoto from 70 miles south of St.Louis, 20 posts
(rerun) Weird Electrical Mystery
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 32 posts
(rerun) God and Math
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 19 posts
(rerun) US Open Super "kids"!!
by markngolf from Bridgewater, NJ, 21 posts
(rerun) It's a shame!
by malvin, 13 posts
Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
(rerun) Want to buy a Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 lens
by broncomaniac from Lynchburg, VA, 13 posts
(rerun) Canon EOS R3 September 14 (unconfirmed)
by Craigdca from Pasadena, California, 1 post
Links and Resources
Summary of a Bush Trim
by Don Schaeffer from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, 1 post
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