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Nov 8, 2018 08:08:07   #
DAN Phillips wrote:
Made my day!

Hahaha! My dogs, too!
Oct 15, 2018 09:51:41   #
markngolf wrote:
Does this have any merit as BIF? I do not shoot much of BIF. Too lazy to and not enough patience learn!
Thanks for feedback and viewing.

This shot made me smile the minute I looked at it! I can almost feel the bird’s joy.
Sep 21, 2018 16:02:53   #
phv wrote:

Thanks! Glad you like it.
Sep 20, 2018 10:10:21   #
I chased all over town trying to catch a sunset view and found this one in my backyard. Canon t4i, sigma 18-250 lens @31mm, 1/20, f8.0, iso 400. Not perfectly focused but hurried.

Sep 10, 2018 23:02:54   #
Arrived home from the cottage today to find an envelope full of milkweed seeds waiting. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see what happens!
Aug 21, 2018 08:10:02   #
crafterwantabe wrote:
Great pictures. Love the raccoon...

Thanks, crafterwantabe! We loved the little raccoon, too.
Aug 20, 2018 07:38:44   #
Doddy wrote: have some wildlife round there..nice set.

Thanks, Doddy. We certainly have an abundance! Makes practising more fun. 😊
Aug 20, 2018 07:37:13   #
gregoryd45 wrote:
Very nice, Marg

Thanks, Gregory!
Aug 19, 2018 09:23:34   #
dcampbell52 wrote:
Great shots.. I have family of red breasted woodpeckers living in a tree in my backyard. And (this is Clearwater Fl.) Ospreys everywhere. It's really great when you have wildlife close by to photo. They are a lot more fun to photo than people.. but people pay better.. lol

Thanks, dcampbell! You are so right! I’m a newbie and am enjoying learning the camera. I try to shoot every day. Just had most of my family here for a couple of weeks and when reviewing the pictures I have way more of the raccoon than the grandkids! 😂
Aug 19, 2018 08:33:28   #
jstoogy wrote:
Great neiborhood and pictures.

Thanks, jstoogy! We feel very fortunate!
Aug 19, 2018 08:29:04   #
A few shots from my backyard
Osprey kids practising their stare down

Our nightly visitor till we relocated him

Room for two?

Maybe not!


Loser this time

Let’s play nice

Cute little nuthatch

Osprey surveying the waters

Jun 24, 2018 07:39:48   #
Bigal wrote:
at the corner of the street. I wonder if its connected to George Formby
Taken on Steep Hill Lincoln

Ha! My first thought was Peter Noon and Herman’s Hermits. Had to look up George Formby. Great shot!
Jun 3, 2018 15:35:00   #
abc1234 wrote:
Here is my take on this photo. It is a valuable learning experience. Here are a few things for you to consider. Your camera, a Canon Rebel, is a good choice. The lens is good but the wrong one for this painted lady. After taking many, many awful shots because I thought you had to be close up, I now shoot using a long lens (anything greater than 150 mm) and a tripod. Why do I do this? Because being further away gives me more depth of field, more steadiness when held by hand, less motion blur of the subject, and less distracting background. Next point: always shoot raw. They give you so much more latitude in LR. Add jpg's to the shooting only if need to send results out before you can get into LR.

You might notice that the lady is underexposed and the background is overexposed. The metadata indicate you shot at the maximum f/stop of 5.6 for the lens, 18-55, so that your depth of field was minimal. You used shutter priority at 1/400. For butterflies at rest, you can go down to 1/200 if your hand is steady. You might try image stabilization for shots held by hand. You probably could have boosted your ISO from 320 to 800 without increasing your noise too much. I cannot tell what focusing mode you used but I would go to spot and put it right on the head, if possible. In this case, the wing and not the face is in focus. As for the exposure mode, I think you used evaluative or average. Here again, I would go to spot. This would expose the lady properly while overexposing the background. You can fix this in LR.

Hope this helps. Good luck, keep shooting and learn LR.

PS Keep all those old pictures until are good at LR. You might be surprised what hidden gems you may have.

PPS My shot was with a Canon 80D, Sigma 18-300 at 300, 1/1000, f/11, ISO 400. Shady days work better for me than sunny ones.
Here is my take on this photo. It is a valuable l... (show quote)

Thanks for the lessons, abc1234! I have 3 lenses, 18-55 and 75-300 kit lenses and a 50 mm. I have so far found that the 75-300 is my favourite of the three and the one most often used. I have changed to RAW following chg_canon’s advice. I’ve followed your settings suggestions, boosted the ISO, and changed to spot metering. I was already using spot focus but my excitement got the better of me and I guess I focused more on the watermelon than on her eye. Currently my camera is outside, on the tripod, settings adjusted, watermelon freshened and just waiting for my lady to make an appearance.
Your butterfly shot is amazing!!
Thanks for taking the time to advise.
Jun 3, 2018 15:20:59   #
Revet wrote:
Great image!! My only comment would be that what ever the butterfly has "it's claws" into seems to be sharper than the butterfly's eyes.

By the way - the claws are into a piece of watermelon sitting on top of the bird feeder.
Jun 3, 2018 13:31:08   #
jeep_daddy wrote:
I'll address your #2 concern first. Simply create a new catalog and import the images into it again. Before you import them, make the necessary changes you have in mind that you think need to be addressed. You don't say what you would want to do differently, but most people start off on the wrong foot by not organizing their photos into folders which give the photos a little description or what they are or where they were taken and the date. I usually put the date and brief description in each folder of pictures. i.e.

2018 05 02 Catalina
2018 05 03 Brians wedding
2018 06 01 My Corvette

As far as improving the photo of the butterfly goes, it has to start with a photo you really like before you waste any time on it. You say you like this photo, but what about this photo don't you like? I usually crop the photo first, then in LR I click on the Auto button to see where that puts it. Then I adjust a few of the standard sliders and when just about done, I adjust the slider toward the bottom where you can add clarity, dehaze, saturation etc. Then I sharpen, if I have a lens profile I do that, and then if I am going to share in on FB or some other media I Export and make sure sRGB is selected and that I have gone through all my choices on the right hand panel for size, naming, where to put it, metadata, watermark etc. then export it.
I'll address your #2 concern first. Simply create... (show quote)

Thanks, jeep_daddy! I made exactly the mistake you mentioned - did not really organize properly. Also as a newbie most of the photos are just practice. However, I will take other people’s advice and keep them just in case. The edits you have described are pretty similar to what I have been playing with.
Thanks for your help!
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