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May 13, 2019 09:48:57   #
Female evening grosbeak. Lucky you!
May 11, 2019 09:05:04   #
Hahaha! Even got the eye of the fish dinner! Good job!
Apr 20, 2019 11:35:02   #
Jimmy T wrote:
Great shots!

Thanks, Jimmy!
Apr 20, 2019 08:02:32   #
Beautiful flowers, Carol. Glad you’re feeling better!
Apr 18, 2019 09:06:20   #
JohnH3 wrote:
I am glad you found the lens and that were able to get the lens Marg. I honestly think it is one of the best lens Canon produces. Fortunately, it is an EF-S crop frame lens or otherwise it would have a red ring around it and cost three times as much. I really do believe it is as sharpe as most all L-Series lenses. You have obviously wasted no time in putting it to good use because these pictures are all spectacular. As well, the quality of each shot is stunning! You are a wonderful photographer (and friend 😀). I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I have already enjoyed the images you made while using it. I am going to give mine a spin in the Big Apple this weekend!
I am glad you found the lens and that were able to... (show quote)

Awww, John! I’m so glad you told me about it and Bruce is happy that I found it for the price that I did! Looking forward to seeing what you do this weekend. (Don’t forget to leave the Easter bunny a note so he can find you in the city!)
Apr 17, 2019 20:50:33   #
PAR4DCR wrote:
And I can see why you might like it Marg!!


It’s just so much sharper than what I have been using, Don!
Apr 17, 2019 20:49:18   #
vicksart wrote:

Thank you, Vicki!
Apr 17, 2019 20:48:31   #
Trekker wrote:
Beautiful shots Marg! I think that lens works well for you

Thank you, Trekker! I really think I’m going to like it!
Apr 17, 2019 17:47:23   #
photophile wrote:
Nice light and reflections.

Thanks so much, Karin!
Apr 17, 2019 17:38:13   #
scooter1 wrote:
Very nice

Thanks, Scooter!
Apr 17, 2019 15:59:00   #
charlienow wrote:

Thanks for the thumbs up, Charlie!
Apr 17, 2019 15:58:19   #
Earnest Botello wrote:
Very good set, Marg, I had that lens when I owned a Canon, great lens.

Thanks, Earnest. So far I really like it.
Apr 17, 2019 15:57:18   #
Blair Shaw Jr wrote:
Very nice and good luck. Keep shooting

Thank you, Blair!
Apr 17, 2019 15:56:44   #
DebAnn wrote:
Very nice! That lens is my absolute favourite from the several I own.

I think it is soon to become mine, too, DebAnn!
Apr 17, 2019 09:07:11   #
crafterwantabe wrote:
Very nice shots!!!!!

Thank you, Crafter!
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