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Jun 18, 2019 14:22:49   #
A while ago I had replied to a post that in subsequent versions of MS Office where Picture Manager had disappeared, there was a way that you could get it back. Losing Picture Manager wasn't the original point of the post, it had just kind of gotten there. In any event I don't know who I replied to and I forgot about it and then remembered so I tried it again and sure enough it worked. So if you liked Office Picture Manager and then missed it after Office 2010, I believe this link will help you get it back. It worked for me.
Jun 4, 2019 06:30:41   #
Sorry for my misleading comment. It was a functionality that was once available, but no longer exists in its original format. Anyone who still has Office 2010 or earlier should still have access to it, however.[/quote]

You can still download picture manager from Microsoft and use it with any version of Office you use.
May 30, 2019 06:17:17   #
Wow, that is definitely dramatic!
May 11, 2019 07:21:22   #
Apr 21, 2019 06:20:16   #
Does the tripod have a center arm that goes up and down? Also it would seem arbitrary where the lens is pointed when just putting a camera on a tripod so maybe position a leg at a target like a tree and then set the camera in live view aimed at the tree and see what happens then repeat for the other two legs. Just my 2 cents.
Feb 11, 2019 06:06:07   #
Upgrade the body to any of the ones that have a focus motor in it. That just opens up a world of lens opportunities that are much cheaper than you realize. And most if not all of that glass is full frame anyway so if you ever did go ff later on, then all the cheap glass you bought works perfectly. That's what I did and I haven't regretted it yet (switched in December so haven't really had time to regret it!)
Jan 12, 2019 07:14:08   #
What works for me is the lowest iso the camera has, an aperture that I think gives me enough focus throughout the shot I'm looking to get normally around f13, and then just changing the shutter speed accordingly. I also tend to underexpose and let lightroom adjust that later. I tend to go out when its pitch black and get set up so my shutter speed starts out in bulb and can go for a couple minutes easily and as time goes by, starts to get much faster as the sun rises and I tend to leave when the shutter speed is around 1/400 or so. Obviously the reverse at sunset. I find having the lowest iso and changing just one variable, shutter speed, works for me. I'm only a year into this so what i say has to be taken in that context however today, I don't use auto iso for landscapes. Trying to get pictures of birds in the woods? Different story.
Jan 1, 2019 08:25:39   #
FWIW, I used a 128g micro sd with an adapter in a d3400 without a problem. I then traded that camera for a used d810 this Christmas. It has a Cf slot and an sd slot. I set the sd slot for just jpegs and the CF slot for raw. Turned the camera on and found out it would not read the micro sd. Put in a regular size sd and no problem. Tried the micro again and same incompatible issue. It's probably somewhere in the manual what I can and can't use and I know the d3400 is newer by a few years but it is what it is.
Dec 10, 2018 06:41:09   #
After setting to f22 lock it there with the little red switch. Then mount on your camera just like you would any other nikon lens. If it doesn't autofocus, then maybe it's broken or your camera doesn't have an autofocus motor or its af motor is broken. If you don't have an af motor then don't lock the aperture and just manually focus with whatever f-stop you want. It'll be fine. If I've missed a step someone here will let me know.
Nov 30, 2018 17:52:52   #
Composing anything before I take the shot. I don't own tools for bif and a lot of other genres that I know I want to do but, I can do landscapes. Yet I can never seem to get the right composition. I do find that if I go as wide as possible and go to post process, I have a better chance at getting the composition I had imagined. I wish I had I had that natural artistic eye and I know sadly I don't. I will never let this hobby go and I'll acquire more arrows to hunt different genres however I know it will always be the Indian and never the arrow. Trying to find my limits is the hardest thing I find to shoot. But stick with it I will!
Sep 27, 2018 08:05:58   #
Route 4 through Queechee and Woodstock, anywhere along Route 7 or Route 100. If you go up 91, get off in Bellows Falls and just take Route 5 along the Connecticut River. Or cross the bridge at 89 and follow NH 12 North for a while. Kind of doesn't matter where you go up there, lots of wildlife, history, covered bridges, mountain vistas, foliage etc.

If you go up 87, follow 149 through Fort Ann to Route 4 in Whitehall and then just cut north along the NY side of Champlain and cross over on the ferry at least as far as Ticonderoga if not further up. Again won't matter how you meander over to Reading although if you do go that way, definitely make it to the Shelburne museum, you won't be disappointed.
Jul 3, 2018 06:50:36   #
Preview a picture and hit the up or down button while previewing. If the screen isn't showing you a bunch of info, then turn your histogram on. If you see a color graph look and see if everything is to the right, if it is then overexposed. If all to the left then under exposed. Then set the camera in M and half depress the shutter and look at the little dots on the bottom. If they're left, overexposed. Right, underexposed.

Then while still focusing, spin the upper right horizontal dial, that's your shutter speed. The little dots will move left or right. When you have it in the middle, then change your aperture by putting you right index finger on the little square button on top with the plus minus sign. Watch the dots go from left to right while you can see the f number change. Notice the smaller the number the more you overexposed and the larger the number the opposite. Then while still focusing, change the ISO by putting your left finger on the little button on the left side below the flash button. It says Fn. Spin the right dial left or right and notice the bigger the number, the more overexposed. Then get pissed off and read the manual again and learn something else but not what you were looking for. Then take a million shots while looking at your histogram and changing things. Repeat repeat repeat while looking on youtube and reading about exposure triangle again and again. A couple million more shots and it slowly starts to make sense. Once you kind of have an idea, then sign up for a class and you'll get more out of it.
Jun 28, 2018 05:43:05   #
Thanks Bob, your f makes my fg look like modern technology! Old School Photo in Dover NH. I'll have to try that, I live in Keene. So do you think I'm safe putting this lens on a d3400? It feels like it will go on but I haven't been willing to do the final "click" for fear I can't get it back off. I know the image would be cropped but it would help I think knowing if something is wrong with the lens I just can't see.
Jun 26, 2018 16:40:25   #
Nope, didn't hit the jackpot, just says series E on the front of it. Oh well! Also thanks for the advice of shooting one roll and not going nuts until I see what gets developed but, too late, on my third 24 roll; wife sending two out tonight. 40 bucks for two rolls oh well, I'd better slow down! Thanks for the help! Btw, how would one post a pic once I get them back?
Jun 26, 2018 07:10:48   #
I went to a yard sale this past Saturday and found a fg20 nikon with a 50mm f1.8 lens and a 80-200 f4.5 Telesor lens all in a retro pink canvas bag that had obviously sat in someone's basement for an awfully long time; mouse poop, cobwebs, dank smell etc. Knowing probably nothing was any good but wanting to explore a bit without practicing on my new d3400, I made the plunge and picked it all up for a dollar. Lo and behold, everything cleaned up including the battery compartment which had exploded. I picked up 200 Fuji film and batteries and have begun to play. I haven't developed any roll of film yet and obviously can't see what I've done and so my question is, am I wasting my time trying to play with this old technology or, do you have any specific ideas I might try to learn with this thing that I can apply going forward? Also, do I have a truly full frame camera? The 50 mm lens intrigues me as I find I have to walk forward and backward sometimes in order to get what I'm going after. Thanks for any insights you all might have. I am a newbie but did take a class so I know enough to know I know nothing.
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