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Jun 15, 2024 14:42:55   #
edellington wrote:
I purchased a workstation specifically tested for photo editing and it is incredible.

I know Puget makes great systems. but at $3700, it better be good. I've built several PC's, including three Ryzen based rigs that are in use. It's easy to learn and build PC's. And I could build the same rig for about $2400 in parts.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:43:19   #
Thanks, merlin!! I just need to look into that more than i have and fine tune it....I have used both of those programs a bit in the past, but when they were free. Never developed such an organized plan. I have lots of WD drives and have Acronis True Image. It might be capable of much of that.

I vegetated at home on THE big night, but got this the next night. This is a six shot stitch from above Coldwater Lake, featuring the entire Milky Way with the core right over St Helens, and some of the aurora, which was better earlier, before and as the MW was just rising. Canon R5, RF 15-35 2.8 at 17mm... about 12 seconds for each shot at ISO 4000.

and, an in-your-face varied thrush


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Jun 11, 2024 18:06:10   #
Photo/vid storage for the HDD's, mostly. I do manual backups, and have minimum three total copies. One stored off site, some in my other two PC's... Two of three NVMe drives are where new photos go, for editing..... I have scads of programs which all go on the O/S drive. And there's room for a copy (for backup) of fresh image/vid downloads. Recently had a total crash.... so lost some programs, which are now mostly re-installed. But that was frustrating. I don't do regular backups and don't know how to make a backup bootable...

I had cloned my C drive not three months ago, and stored it, but that SSD had damaged pins and I couldn't get it to either work as a temp OS drive or get it cloned.. might have been a bad clone. I'll look into it, as I want to know the best way to recover from such a crash---I had downloaded an AMD program that first crashed the system and then threw the "no bootable media" death message. When I first reloaded from a W 10 .iso, I loaded the OS to a temp old HDD, so I could then see what was on the former OS drive... It had no photos but I had just produced an 1100 frame time lapse and it was in my Video folder, with no backup. I forgot about that, formatted it, and loaded the OS to it, so that vid's lost. I would have uploaded it to YT as well, but the PC "died" first....

My question to you is, as you are on top of your backups, how can you start over, when something like what happened to me . Is there a way to make the drive with your backups bootable and recover your OS drive that way?

Heat's not a problem. I live in the Pacific North WET... and vid editing doesn't create a lot of heat. If I gamed.... (I should, as I surely have three capable PC's!!)

Cheeers..... lemme know what I need to do and how, Thanx!
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Jun 11, 2024 15:25:23   #
Flyerace wrote:
Sounds like you guys like building them as much as using them. Bravo! If I ever need another new one, I might try building one. I like doing that sort of thing and I haven't had a challenge in a long time. (Except learning the new programs for processing better photos.)

PC building is not difficult to learn. Lots of tutorials and YT vids. Deals, esp. on used gear, are everywhere.

My best PC could be built today for under $2000. But the parts, when first introduced, could have cost $5000 or more
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Jun 11, 2024 15:22:28   #
Not bad. I have 3 Ryzen based PC's. I do some vid editing, so have better GPU's--- 3080Ti, 3090, 3080, 3070Ti... and the best CPU is the 5950X at 16/32 cores. 360mm water cooled AIO. 64 gb ram, 3 2tb WD SN850x NVMe drives. Full tower case with 3 14-18 tb HDD's and room for 9 total.
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Jun 11, 2024 14:55:56   #
I'd shy away from Dell or HP. I have a Lenovo Pro 5i laptop that rocks! Or someone like myself, but local to you, could build you a kickass PC that would blow away most generic pre-builts.

If you went for a previous gen Ryzen based PC, and got a 3000 series Nvidia vid card, you could have an excellent machine for 700-1200 US bucks! Dell prebuilts and maybe HP have proprietary parts, often not ungradable and of low quality.... Not so true with brands like Lenovo or MSI....
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Jun 7, 2024 13:34:19   #
User ID wrote:
I got a used Z6 for my wife.

I thought it was a fair exchange.

That's some trade in value......

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May 15, 2024 09:29:55   #
kpmac wrote:
There may be dangerous chemicals in that meal, Mark. Be careful.

No doubt. That sneaky dihydrogen monoxide .....
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May 1, 2024 19:57:20   #
dbfalconer wrote:
Great skiing shots! I stick to groomers!

I was a serious track and field dude until I skied for the first time when I was 24. Never put my track shoes on again. I felt the need for speed and gravity was my friend!!
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May 1, 2024 17:56:10   #
I was going to guess Wyoming for your first image, perhaps the Wind River Range. Way back circa 1979, I had one of my best climbing trips to the awesome granitic Cirque of the Towers, out of Parkdale. I shot with Olympus then, and was quite the amateur. We arrived first to Jackson, and were greeted with a couple feet of fresh snow in the Upper Enclosure, below the south faces of the Grand Teton that were our planned rock routes. So, we headed to the Winds for a week. Climbed some great upper 5th class 4 to 10 pitch routes and then returned to the Grand and knocked off the 2nd easiest rock climb, the Petzholdt Ridge.

I'd started shooting action ski photography of my friends at Crystal Mt, Wa and elsewhere a couple years before. Sold my first image to a tourism mag in 1982 and nestled ski shooting around my arboriculture career for 20 years. Some years making as much as $6k a year. Skied with some awesome people!

Link to a flickr album from Whistler/Blackcomb...
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Apr 29, 2024 08:24:59   #
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Apr 28, 2024 23:11:55   #
Thanks a bunch. Impressive gear and workflow plus explanation.
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Apr 28, 2024 18:31:43   #
Thanks. I had downloaded my own images that I had posted online. I have them in a "moon" folder on my desktop..,. as I said, too lazy to find the originals... and the exif data is only for the webp shots.
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Apr 28, 2024 18:28:00   #
Yep, I only did that as someone else had suggested cropping out the sky.
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Apr 28, 2024 18:23:24   #
How is where the bank is based relevant?
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