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Apr 1, 2024 14:47:39   #
foathog wrote:
I was looking at that too. I clicked download and then zoomed in on it. It looks like the foot of a mammal, not the talon of a bird.

At the very bottom of what looks like a foot, one can see what sure looks like sheathed (actually sort of folded in) claws...(?)
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Apr 1, 2024 14:30:32   #
Ava'sPapa wrote:
Reminds me of the cars I see in Cuba. Same old bodies with updates to keep them running.

I remember seeing a documentary many years ago on that same subject. Folks there had some truly remarkable cottage industries fabricating various parts to keep those classic cars running; they had no other choice.
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Apr 1, 2024 13:18:39   #
riderxlx wrote:
I don’t get it but then I’m not British.
I’d still like to know what it means.

A British slang term (wanker; hence the letter W + anchor image), highly insulting and sexually oriented. I don't blame the Australian gentleman at all for not being amused. Still, as a road safety warning I'd guess it gets the point across.
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Apr 1, 2024 13:00:13   #
Scottty wrote:
Since we've had shadow and silver, we've let them out in the morning to roam where they will and closed them in before dark. They've both come home a couple of times with evidence of tussles with other cats but nothing that required the attention of a vet. However, about a month ago silver came home pretty beat up. He required stitches on his belly and both sides of his neck. After dealing with the shock of his condition, taking him to the vet and taking a big hit on the pocketbook, we decided the guys will no longer be free range cats. Hence, the Catio.
Since we've had shadow and silver, we've let them ... (show quote)

Und wo sind die katzen?
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Apr 1, 2024 10:22:11   #
Then there's Otis P. Driftwood, Hugo Z. Hackenbush, J. Cheever Loophole, and Rufus T. Firefly....sound familiar?
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Apr 1, 2024 10:13:43   #
US Army, 20 years active duty, retired 31 years ago. Grade at the time: SFC E-7. A few months after my retirement was approved, the E-8 list came out with my name on it, but they wouldn't let me cancel to accept the promotion.
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Mar 25, 2024 17:30:44   #
I noticed that the lady in #1 seems to have felt justified in clearing out the checking & savings accounts beforehand. At least she said she was sorry about it...sort of
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Mar 25, 2024 16:40:27   #
I don't know how long ago Australia started being called Oz, but I always thought it was pretty cool. The Australians themselves might not see it that way, though.
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Mar 25, 2024 16:31:00   #
My wife backed the car out of the garage for me this morning; didn't much appreciate it, though, since I'd backed it in the night before. 😐
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Mar 25, 2024 16:26:08   #
bobbyjohn wrote:
Before you tell me that this should be in the "AI Artistry & Creation" section, I did initially post this only to that AI section. The owner of the AI section sent me a PM stating "Your topic AI Crucifixion was deleted. Please do not post christian imagery in this section." REALLY??? I checked the "Please read" post in the AI section, and it showed nothing about religious imagery. I wonder if the owner of that section is anti-Christian?

So, re-posting it here...we regularly see pictures here of churches and other religious topics. The images shown were created using Bing Creator AI using the text: "Crucifixion on Calvary, with 2 additional crosses for thieves, sky background, saying INRI on top of Jesus' cross, with Mary, Martha, St. John, Roman Soldiers." There were several images created, and here are the best of the lot. Note that in the last 2 shown, it put the INRI (which translated is: Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews) onto to thieves crosses, so I blurred those out in post.
Before you tell me that this should be in the &quo... (show quote)

That does seem to be an unreasonable restriction; there's nothing anti-religious about the pictures that I can see, but maybe the AI section admin guy might just want to avoid prickly commentary by simply not having such imagery displayed at all. Also, I'd always thought that the letters INRI stood for "Ipsit Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum" (Here is the Nazarene King of the Jews). I took 2 years of Latin in high school, but that was 59 years ago so my spelling & grammar could be totally off.
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Mar 25, 2024 15:50:06   #
Read the story in the RS link; given the wealth involved, not at all surprising. I also agree that NCAA might be forced to overhaul the rules so they actually mean something, but it's unlikely the organization would be abolished and even less so that the Feds would take over; talk about the blind leading the blind!
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Mar 13, 2024 12:16:29   #
joehel2 wrote:
We need to enlist a corp of neighborhood paper “boys and/or girls”😊

I suspect that might be a hard sell---like the idea of kids going door-to-door offering to cut your grass or shovel snow off the driveway for a couple of dollars as was fairly common years (and years!) ago; so many today reach adulthood and expect to enter the labor force without having developed a strong work ethic along the way. For some, the idea of doing something involving actual labor is abhorrent; getting the most with the least effort, and being entertained while doing it, is paramount.
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Mar 13, 2024 11:03:10   #
mr spock wrote:
how could anyone not like anything with Faye Dunaway in it

I didn't much like Bonnie and Clyde, especially since the real Bonnie Parker looked more like Granny Clampett. And the movie itself portrayed the criminal exploits of a pair of thieving murderers as being somehow romantic. A lot of late-60's & early-70's movies seemed to celebrate the bad guys and took pains to make the good guys look inept or corrupt (or both)...
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Mar 12, 2024 13:24:32   #
You Tube has been and still is a valued source for learning photography; I've seen and learned from videos covering equipment, shooting techniques, post-processing (YT got me started with Photoshop), retouching, just about anything related to the subject. Having said that, I agree with those who say that for every informative, well-presented, knowledgeable and interesting video, there are a dozen that don't come close. The problem is finding those diamonds in the rough, as it were.
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Mar 12, 2024 12:57:05   #
I keep a multi-tool in my bag, as a number of folks responding (I read all 17 pages!) to the OP have reported, and a packet of twist ties which don't seem to be as favored as dental floss for tying back or otherwise securing stuff. I don't get around too well anymore so there's little to no risk at all when out & about to either me or the camera because I'm always in familiar territory. Tennessee is a "constitutional carry" state, and I have ample experience with firearms, being both retired Army and ex-law enforcement, but I took the classes and tests, paid the fee and qualified for a standard CCW permit. My own philosophy regarding carrying a gun? If I'm going to a location where firearms are prohibited, or even might go, the gun stays locked up at home. Otherwise, it's on my person and stays concealed. Ideally, it stays that way; ready for use but never needing to be used.....
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