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Sep 11, 2023 10:13:46   #
williejoha wrote:
To each its own. I have no problem with AI generated pictures. I take pictures for my own enjoyment and really don’t care what others think, which is also the reason I don’t post any of my pictures. To me it has to have a challenge element to it to take a great picture. Usually a lot of prep goes into the shot but it is vey satisfying for me.

I'm in complete agreement with you! I also shoot mainly for myself, and however I get my "finished" image is just fine by me. (with or without any help from Al, whoever he is)!
All the best and I hope you have a great day. Ray.
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Sep 5, 2023 23:55:12   #
Welcome, and great Pic, something is eating the moon!
Have a great day, Ray.
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Sep 3, 2023 00:18:20   #
TheShoe wrote:
My wife frequently connected her Samsung Android phones to Google Maps and get the voice prompts.

Me also!
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Sep 2, 2023 11:29:35   #
Alemrac109 wrote:
This is my first time posting pictures.

Great first post, and welcome.
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Sep 2, 2023 11:27:57   #
ghbowser wrote:
Wife is the circulation manager at a University library. I always tease her about giving me that "librarian look". Also a couple days past blue moon shot.

Yikes! Looks like you returned your books past their date.

Have a great day guys,
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Sep 2, 2023 11:24:09   #
Excellent set! Weird fun fact for you all... I love Hummingbirds, (have many pics of them myself by my feeder), but I have a phobia of moths! Think I'd need a long lens to try and shoot any like these!
Have a great day guys, Ray.
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Sep 2, 2023 11:15:42   #
ORpilot wrote:
I had not been back to the falls along the Columbia River since the great fire in 2017. It was a cloudy day so it was good to shoot the falls. I only visited 3 of the many falls.

"falls along the river",? Well I hope you're OK, those wet rocks can get very slippery!
All the best, Ray.
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Aug 28, 2023 13:59:22   #
Hi Colin. I don't know if it would help you, but I have a buddy down here in San Diego who is actually a photographic artist. He's a wizard with Photoshop etc, and also prints, mounts and frames all of his own work, in photographic acrylic, (museum mount), or on canvas, (any size preferred).he also ships all over the US. Feel free to dm me if you're interested, and I'll speak to him. He usually only does his own work, but on occasion he'll work with others.
Have a great day, Ray.
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Aug 26, 2023 04:03:11   #
Lovely shots, you have a great eye!
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Aug 20, 2023 09:42:40   #
Isn't everything that comes out of a digital camera AI (to an extent)?
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Aug 16, 2023 06:23:23   #
Why would anyone want to post "public photos" such as those in the first place?
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Aug 14, 2023 07:01:57   #
You sure it wasn't "Barbie"?
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Aug 14, 2023 06:38:03   #
Shame about the different color arm though.
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Aug 14, 2023 06:34:28   #
Yeah, lose the stick.
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Aug 14, 2023 06:32:00   #
Nice shots!
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