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Apr 16, 2018 08:32:24   #
I have been traveling to Europe annually for 20 years and have visited those locations several times. I take small groups as their travel guide.

First, Austria and Germany have higher standards for culinary water than are found in most places in the U.S., so enjoy the water. Of course, Europeans typically do not drink tap water, but that is a cultural bias rooted in water issues in the distant past.

Second, I usually find myself shooting almost exclusively at the wide end of zoom lenses in Europe. The problem is large subjects and tight spaces. I have made numerous trips with an 18-140 lens, and virtually all of my photos are at 50mm or less, and probably 75% are at 25mm or less.

Third, Italy is a place to worry about pickpockets. That is FAR less of an issue in Austria and Germany. While it is wise to be careful anywhere, don't lose sleep over this issue north of Italy.

Fourth, if you are not going with a group, hire a local guide for a walking tour of the Old City portion of Salzburg. There is much there that unguided tourists never see. And make sure you visit Hohenwerfen Castle, located south of Salzburg.
Feb 4, 2018 23:46:05   #
The adapter for the mini SD card is the size of a full size SD card. I have two 128 gb mini SD cards in my D7200. They work flawlessly.
Jan 26, 2018 09:37:40   #
I have been using the lens cleaning wipes from various sources for years. Never a problem. I think the caution about multi-coating is very old, outdated and no longer relevant.
Jan 26, 2018 09:34:48   #
Love BBF and will never change back, but it is a problem when someone volunteers to take my picture with my camera! I like being able to choose between focusing and releasing the button (those locking the focus) or holding the button to have constantly adjusting focus (for moving objects). The latter is not possible if focus is still attached to the shutter release.
Jan 24, 2018 23:27:02   #
Jan 24, 2018 00:58:14   #
I have the same lens, probably an older version, I think ca. 1981. This is a focus stacking shot of a geranium I took last August. It was 7 photos stacked in PS, and I have stacked over 20 photos a couple of times. Just go try it! You will answer all your questions by doing it.

Jan 20, 2018 10:19:42   #
There are also several good youtube videos that are free.
Jan 14, 2018 11:08:52   #
For me the lack of a quick release is a deal killer. I keep an L-bracket on my camera for use on my tripod head of choice. I would have to first remove that and then screw my camera to this device.
Jan 13, 2018 14:27:01   #
I recently bought the new Nikon 10-20 AFP, also for use on a D7200. I love the lens and the AFP design makes it less expensive.
Jan 4, 2018 21:58:10   #
I was born and raised in Oregon and never gave it a second thought, until I lived elsewhere. For many years I have thought it strange that Oregon has not allowed self-service. The article in the link above was hilarious and right on. Pumping gas does not require training or expertise. My favorite line: "On the skills spectrum, pumping gas is closer to 'urinating by yourself' than it is to 'properly eating a lobster,' or 'building a model rocket.' It’s just not that big a deal." Amen.

The part of this that is still weird is the new law only applies to counties with less than 40,000 people. That means 16 or 17 counties out of 36. I guess people living in Portland, Salem and Eugene (my home town) lack the rural skills necessary to handle something as inherently dangerous as pumping gas. What is the death rate at these self-service danger zones in those wild and crazy 48 states anyway?

By the way, comparing the price of gas in Oregon to other states in risky without subtracting out the state tax portion of the pump price. Washington charges one of the highest taxes in the country, and that tax overwhelms any savings from self-service.

However, I am a little surprised at the cries I am reading about from Oregonians. While I am confident they represent a shrill minority, they need some reassurance. Everyone manages just fine in 48 other states and many or perhaps most foreign countries. Even in Western Europe, that great bastion of government over-regulation, they allow their people to pump their own gas. California, a state with a devotion to big government (there is a Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation), has self-service gas. And they don't drive around smelling like gas. Urine, maybe, but not gas.
Jan 4, 2018 20:42:42   #
St. Peter's (Peterskirche), shot from Graben where Habsburgergasse crosses. I take groups of people to Vienna often and usually stay in a hotel back up the street.
Dec 31, 2017 23:59:14   #
A few shots from my stay with my wife's family in Panama. And yes, I know there was dirt on my sensor. I discovered it part way through the trip and cleaned it.

The last shot was at a Christmas party we held for about 45 children living in Penenome, a poor area about 100 miles SW of Panama City. My wife's family decided that I, the only gringo in the group, should be Santa! I joked it was a racially motivated decision (sure, pick the white guy to be Santa!), but I loved it. My wife and her sister had coordinated with their other sister, still living in Panama, and had carried all the presents in large suitcases they checked as part of the baggage for the flights down there. It was a sweet moment, as you will see in the eyes of the little girl. My wife is in the background and my elf helper is one of her brothers. One little boy got one of those scooters with handles and wheeled up to me: "Santa, best Christmas!" It was the only English I heard.

Obviously I cannot take credit for the last photo. I was busy sitting downstream from an a/c unit and not holding the camera. That was in my daughter's hands, for whom BBF was a challenge. She shot four frames of the entire group of children and I have not yet discovered a point in any of them that was in focus. However, all is forgiven for this photo.
Christmas morning; sunrise on the Pacific side

Christmas morning

Casco Viejo in Panama City

Isla Taboga

Dec 23rd Christmas Party for local children

Dec 12, 2017 09:41:48   #
insman1132 wrote:
Been there twice. Can only speak from my personal experiences. I carried my camera just like I would here in the states. Had no problem or ever felt threatened or found myself in any kind of compromising situation. Many times I was all alone!

Go, enjoy yourself, and get lots of pics.

Excellent! Thank you for adding your experience to the reply.
Dec 12, 2017 08:11:35   #
docdish wrote:
Just there. Lots of interesting stuff to shoot in the old town. Walked around with my Nikon D810 in the open and my backpack of equipment. Tons of police and guards in the old town but was warned by my guide of areas to avoid. Great nature shots in the canal zone and rural areas.

Exactly the feedback I was hoping to solicit. Thanks!
Dec 12, 2017 05:57:38   #
I am spending Christmas in Panama with my wife's family and doing a lot of tourist stuff. First time there for me. My question is whether it is foolish to carry around my dslr and be identified immediately as a tourist. I understand staying out of certain parts of Panama City, and my wife has a good feel for that. Has anyone been there in recent years with full gear?
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