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Jan 5, 2019 09:49:27   #
Thank all for the feedback, but if you read my post I want to transfer FROM PC (or any other device USB or Mac) to iPhone. Not the other way around.
Jan 1, 2019 16:01:10   #
Thanks every one for your feedback, but I am trying to copy FROM PC TO iPhone... not form iPhone to PC.
I didn't like the complications of iTune and sync issue I have had in the past with multiple iPhones in the household.
Dec 31, 2018 13:30:53   #
Below is the best website I found so far on software options.

I am going to try CopyTrans Photo. They have a promotion for a six pack of their software for $29.99 and I'll report back.
Dec 31, 2018 10:57:32   #
Dec 31, 2018 10:31:32   #
My kids gave me a new iPhone for Christmas. I had an old Samsung/Android which I had no problems with and was very comfortable using it. In any event, I was surprised that I had to use iTunes to manage my photos and albums on the iPhone. On my Samsung once I connected via USB to my PC the phone appeared as a drive and I could copy/move/delete/create folder etc like any other drive. Very disappointing I could not do the same with the iPhone.

So, after research and I haven't' found a rock solid solution just a lot of ads for apps, including a Microsoft solution. I am willing to pay for the app, if it's not really expensive. I rather not go the route of moving photo to third party (Goggle, DropBox, etc.) and then download to the iPhone. I just want to transfer photo to/from my PC and iPhone. If you have an iPhone with one of these apps I could use your advise.

Also, I haven't found a creditable site that reviewed/compared these third party apps.
Nov 20, 2018 09:02:05   #
Hello Shadow1284...
[quote=Maybe, in the future. for now I'm lucky to have the canon software and tethered cables[/quote]

It's been a few years since your post and I am wondering if you have been able to find a solution that works. I have been checking out the Canon Wi-Fi Adapter W-E1, but as far as I can tell once enable it totally disables the functions on the actual camera. I am looking for a simple tethering solution to get rid of the wires and give me a bigger display (iPad or laptop) to view the images.

I understand the value and need for remote controlling the camera (macro or still photography), but not what I am looking for.

Any advise if appreciated.
Jul 27, 2018 16:00:51   #
What about IS??? Will we need to shutdown off the IS in the lens? How will it work with the adapter? Which IS will yield the better image stabilization?
Jul 27, 2018 15:25:06   #
Rich1939 wrote:
That's what GM and Ford said about Japanese cars

Good one Rich1939, LOL. Could start another thread on that topic.

Can we get back to what Canon's plans might be. Not much when I Goggle it. There camp is keep it pretty tight so far.
Jul 27, 2018 10:27:32   #
What are some of the mirrorless distinct advantages over DSLR?
Jul 27, 2018 09:02:23   #
This week in a B&H email there was an article/ad about Nikon's new mirrolress DSLR coming soon (see link below). There are rumors about Canon also coming out with their own as well. That's great that they are finally getting into the game. I would expect that these two giant's will knock the socks of Sony with all of years of experience.

But, what was real interesting to me was the confirmation that the Nikon mirrorless will feature a brand-new mount (no official word from Canon yet), one that Nikon claims opens the door for groundbreaking optical opportunities. Now, bringing it home, that puts me in a bind, because I was looking to purchase the Canon 100-400 IS II L lens this year and a new camera in 2019 or early 2020. There is talk about an adapter, but who know how that will work out. My budget is limited and I hate to spend money into a dying line.

Your thoughts on continuing to invest in the current line of DSLR?
Jul 27, 2018 08:46:41   #
I bought the RNI-Lite presets and played around with it. My feedback is that it a nice options ($82 could not find a coupon or discount) to have and gave me some interesting looks, but it's no magic wand. It's a good starting point to set a look/mood. Still not able to produce the looks that I seen posted, that started this journey. Will keep working it.
Jul 16, 2018 09:23:33   #
Thanks for the feedback. I realized you can not replicate the authentic film. If I could I'd make a few $$$ out of it and finally pay for some of the stuff I buy. But, I was hoping to get close with a little help from a plugin. I am not proficient enough with LR to even come close to getting the look I wanted. So, I think I'll take the plunge this weekend and purchase the RNI or Gavin plugin and report back.
Jul 13, 2018 09:47:16   #
Hello, long time reader, first time post.

I'd like to get some Kodachrome Lightroom presets, but there is very little discussion and review on which is the best. Currently looking at in the order listed. There some free ones, but from my research, not very good. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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