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Astronomik and Aurora-Aperture Adapter Filter Systems
Aug 3, 2020 16:17:33   #
NJose Loc: Miami
Apologies, for the long winded post.

I've been looking for a filter system for quite sometime, but I keep procrastinating and haven't made a decision. I really like a solution that places at least the ND and specialty filter at the rear for many reasons, but haven't not seen a system I would commit to.

I just purchased the Canon R6 (not shipping yet) and did not purchase the Canon EF-EOS-R adapter with the drop-in filter. I looked long and hard at it and I just could not justify the $$$ for a solution that once I get into RF lens becomes obsolete. Then, there is the issue that for the price, it doesn't include the clear or and empty drop-in. It's a separate purchase item. What were they thinking!

Last week I came across Astronomik and Aurora-Aperture Adapter Filter Systems. I like the concept behind these systems...makes more sense to me then what some of the big boy in the industry have done. Especially like the Astonomik design solution.

Astronomik filters are more focused on astro-photography and I don't see any ND filters on their site. But, the design seem perfect especially with the R5 and R6 sensor protection screen.

Aurora has ND, graduated ND (GND), and specialty filters, but unfortunately the Aurora solution is based on the Canon EF-EOS-R Adapter. Not sure why they choose that design! What happens when I start buying RF lens??? Will their filter system work with the Canon EF-EOS-R Drop-in adapter, so you can use drop-in polarizer? These filters are now showing up on B&H website for purchase.

Has anyone tested the Aurora ND glass? Not much information on the quality of the glass on the internet. Are they as good as the big boys, B+W, Hoya, Haida, NISI, etc. What about color cast?

Can't these two companies get together?

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