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Dec 9, 2018 10:39:42   #
dieseldave wrote:
OK, then what is this?

The original post is a plain old American Coot, also sometimes called a Mudhen. This one is a Common Gallinule also commonly called a Moorhen. The Purple Gallinule is very similar to the Moorhen except primarily for its colouring, being a rich Purple with a bright blue headplate. The Common Gallinules headplate is the same colour as the rest of its beak.
I have many pics of Purple Gallinules but none accessible at this time to post (am at church at the moment)

LittleRed (Ron)
American Coot

Juvenile American Coot

Common Gallinule ( Moorhen)

Moorhen challenging an intruder

Dec 7, 2018 20:27:44   #
vonzip wrote:
Well done. vz

Thanks Erik for stopping by and commenting.

Dec 7, 2018 20:26:13   #
gregoryd45 wrote:
Very nice, Ron

A pleasure hearing from you gregory. Love to see your postings of those beauties of the Everglades. One of my favourite birding areas are in your neck of the woods. Will not get down this year, hopefully in 2020. Costs are a bit much nowadays, especially when something (rooms etc) that costs you $100 costs me $140. So keep posting those beauties to give me the incentive to head south later.

Dec 7, 2018 20:18:12   #
Swamp-Cork wrote:
Excellent image!

Good to hear from you Swamp-Cork. Thanks for looking in and the kind comment.

Dec 7, 2018 20:16:02   #
UTMike wrote:
Good work, Ron!

Thanks Mike for looking in. But in reality doing this is never considered work, it's always a pleasure trip especially if you have a good poser like this one.

Dec 7, 2018 20:12:04   #
kpmac wrote:
Very nice, Ron.

Thanks kpmac for stopping by and commenting.

Dec 7, 2018 20:09:39   #
gwr wrote:
Beautiful shot Ron. I love the juveniles! Gary

Thanks Gary for the kind comment. This year we saw more juvies then adults at the refuges. Most the adults were seen at the local land fills.

Dec 7, 2018 20:06:00   #
Earnest Botello wrote:
Very good Ron.

Thanks for looking Earnest, tis appreciated.

Dec 7, 2018 09:05:09   #
Still just a youngster but is already a magnificent bird. Taken this past summer at the Shiawassee NWR just outside Saginaw MI.

LittleRed (Ron)

Dec 7, 2018 08:43:49   #
Just a thought. I believe for the most parts it has for me especially since my retirement from the Rat Race. 😬😬 How about U???

Dec 3, 2018 11:51:15   #
One way of doing it. 🤔😬👍🏻

LittleRed (Ron)

Dec 1, 2018 22:38:29   #
Just a wee thought Ladies. Especially for those whom are single or contemplating.

LittleRed (Ron)

Nov 30, 2018 08:03:29   #
My wife after sipping a copla brews in the local pub!
Nov 26, 2018 10:08:02   #
Not in my house (wouldn't dare)

Nov 15, 2018 22:43:11   #
Curmudgeon wrote:
Looks like my kind of store

May be your kind of store, but afraid not mine. Own a few, but haven't pulled a trigger in over 50 years, my run-in with a wedding dress happened (happily) 46 years ago, and lastly am gluten intolerate (can't even take a sip of any suds any more made with grain 😢😢). Anyhows, thanks fer stopping in and commenting.

LittleRed ( Ron)
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