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Jan 23, 2024 11:38:15   #
Country Boy wrote:
Not a dig but I did use the forum daily before they changed the format. Now, I look at this one section and exit. Before I enjoyed reviewing the photo and gallery section but for some reason having to go back and sort again and again is more effort than I care to spend.

Same for me
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Nov 1, 2023 10:22:22   #
The fact that I can put a letter in a box on my front lawn in California and it will be delivered to a friend's box on his lawn in Iowa in a few days, has always impressed me. There may be a few misses but it is a great service.
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Nov 8, 2022 12:47:01   #
jerryc41 wrote:

It increases profits for companies, though.

CBS also said that with every time change, viewership dropped.

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Nov 8, 2022 10:29:49   #
DST is a social inconvenience. It is not a health hazard.[/quote]

According to a CBS report, many studies show a connection between DST and an increase in strokes, heart attacks, car accidents, work place accidents, lower SAT scores, Deer strikes, and more depression. Sounds like DST may be a health hazard.

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Feb 13, 2021 10:13:52   #
Crows are very smart but can not count. When two hunters go into a blind, the crows will stay away. But if one hunter then leaves the blind and goes out of sight, the crows will all return.
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Sep 4, 2019 09:27:45   #
Collhar wrote:
Any place would be.

That is an dumb comment based on lack of knowledge of Iowa.
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Apr 13, 2019 09:54:45   #
Where do you think he got his technology from?
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Aug 2, 2017 09:54:55   #
Check out the book "The Bell Curve" for more information.
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Jul 7, 2017 09:46:58   #
My favorite was Allied Radio out of Chicago which was bought out by R.S.
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Jun 4, 2017 10:08:50   #
Check out Eagle Point Park a few miles north near Clinton.
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May 17, 2017 10:51:39   #
I am learning how to use the K-01.
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Feb 24, 2017 10:29:35   #
We generally devote a complete day or more to each end of the Valley. Titus Canyon is an easy and interesting drive - check with the Ranger for conditions. Be prepared for wind. Been there many times and always had one day of strong wind.
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Oct 9, 2016 10:02:00   #
Nothing else needs to be said....

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May 30, 2016 19:42:02   #
tusketwedge wrote:
Glad to be of help. See you live in Clinton, Wife was born in Davenport and we use to go to Spragueville. Her uncle use to have a farm and that was the gathering place for family picnics and such. Good times.

Interesting conversation. I was born in Clinton and last week visited Clinton, Sabula, Miles, Preston, Spragueville and Davenport. Had a great time.
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Apr 14, 2015 09:36:26   #
Kuzano wrote:
Make sure to check every entrance for possible closure for any sort of repairs.

Last time I visited Yellowstone, I lost 2/3 of a day backtracking from the Cody entrance and going around to the North Entrance.

Get a highway/entrance traffic report for all access points to Yellowstone.

This web site will help, but read it thoroughly and check it often.

Thanks, that is very helpful as we will be there by May 8.
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