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Apr 28, 2024 19:16:54   #
Racmanaz wrote:
LOL pointless OP post. Nobody has been resurrected from the dead with the exception of Jesus. Your obvious disagreement with that is irrelevant.

You forgot Lazarus.
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Apr 28, 2024 19:06:31   #
Hi Dennis - just got home a bit ago - one of my granddaughter's birthday.

Anyway, here's your answers:
Trump discussing bleach:

The look on his medical advisor Dr Birx’s face can be seen here:,vid:d57zJr82dhQ,st:0

Rally infections – Stanford University research****av***s-trump-campaign-rallies-led-to-30000-cases-stanford-researchers-say.html

Trump knew C***D was highly contagious – he admitted that later.****-**-was-n1239658
So why would anyone if they knew the disease was highly contagious hold rallies indoors?

In answer to your other questions if you want to really understand without the political BS that reverberates through this forum – take the time to read The Premonition which outlines the colossal screw up by Trump, Newsome in California and others in dealing with C***D.

I deal in facts and statistics Dennis, I have an extremely low opinion of all politicians not just Trump. For wh**ever its worth, Trump is neither a Republican or a Democrat – he tells a good story, but he is strictly only interested in his own agenda. I have the same opinion of Trump as General Kelly - he worked daily with Trump.
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Apr 28, 2024 10:16:36   #
Blurryeyed wrote:
I assure you that I live better than you do...... My living quarters and a few from the hood.

Completely off topic Blurry - beautiful home and great photos. One of the best scenery I've seen in a move was "The Last of the Mohicans" with Daniel Day-Lewis filmed in the mountains of North Carolina. Congrats on living in an absolutely beautiful location.
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Apr 28, 2024 09:39:01   #
Mike Pinder died the other day. Mike was a founder of the group The Moody Blues – I wasn’t a fan at the time of their inception. The group was later joined by Justin Hayward in I think 1967. I was a college prep student in high school graduating in 1968. I wasn’t into music that much; I was much more interested in getting the money to attend college. But in that year before I graduated a friend introduced me to the album “Days of Future Passed,” with the song “Nights in White Satin.” The group brought into the concept of an accompanying orchestra; I was hooked. Mike was one of the first in rock to use the Mellotron which duplicated many of the sounds of an orchestra. Hayward wrote the song, but Pinder’s voice is heard at the end of the song reciting Graeme Edge’s poem “Late Lament.” The song has never lost it’s magic to me. Here is a copy of his obituary:
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Apr 28, 2024 09:11:47   #
I saw this and my reaction was: Wow!
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Apr 26, 2024 18:33:54   #
Unfortunately they all seem to be too common now.
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Apr 24, 2024 14:28:39   #
I just mentioned to Rac, read The Premonition which advises the course of events. Cuomo and Newsom both blew it, but Trump knew how virulent the disease was and had spreader events. He admitted he downplayed the disease. He had the knowledge first and pretty much ignored it until it got bad. The Dems acerbated the contagion, but the first fault was Trump.

There were p******c plans in place, the best being the Bush plan imo; he ignored them. Had Trump followed them, the damage could have been reduced. Example - people were restricted coming into the country, but were unrestricted in dispersing to other areas while ill. That spread the disease as well.

In lieu of an antiv***l or vacine, isolate to prevent the spread. If you read either the Bush or Obama plans, that's what it tells you - it didn't happen.
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Apr 24, 2024 14:18:42   #
Racmanaz wrote:
More BS lefty lies, even Dr. F***i said Trump did everything. He asked him to do an early on. You guys went after Trump when he wanted to put the ban on China travel saying that he was r****t.

Usual Rac BS Deflect, call the person a lefty, or a liar. Reality is neither left or right.

I'll try to make it simple for you - think of contagion as a row of upright dominoes maybe a thousand or so. Trump allows the first to fall, then it hits the next and so on; Biden comes in and the only way to stop the dominoes from falling is to push the next ones out of the way. Unfortunately, the only way to stop v***ses from spreading is isolation, antiv***ls or v******tions. Only C***d is even more virulent, if a person withC***d walks in a room, three people catch it and so on So instead of one line of dominoes, it goes to three, and each of those go to 3.

F***i had to go along with Trump or be fired, same with the rest of the group. If you disagree with Trump, even if you are right, you are gone. Plus he should have retired a long time ago. Suggest you read The Premonition which gives the story of how public health officials tried to tell the politicians to prepare. If the big words are beyond you, maybe you can get someone to read it to you. It won't be on Instagram.
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Apr 24, 2024 11:10:09   #
Racmanaz wrote:
More people died from C***d complications in Biden’s first year than Trump’s last year

Possibly one of your most i***tic statements yet, C***d is an infectious disease. Trump mishandled C***d's entry in the US - failing to institute p******c protocols that both the Bush and Obama administrations had put together. Remember his "One day it will just go away;" it hasn't. He held inside rallies that were spreaders and admitted later that he knew the disease was highly infectious. Estimates that I previously cited in this forum stated that 30,000+ individuals caught C***d from these rallies and at least 700 died. Look up the legal term "depraved indifference," you probably won't find it on Instagram.

Then you have Trump while he has C***d insisting that his Secret Service guys give him a ride - each one of them caught it.

School teachers had to tell students, particularly those mentally challenged, not to ingest bleach as it would harm them - how do I know that? My oldest daughter is a special ed teacher.

Once the genii is out of the bottle, it's the fault of the guy that opened the bottle in this case, Trump. Do you honestly believe that while one guy leaves that the germs stop spreading? Wait for the new guy, then start up again. Moronic, Rac.

Suggest you go and read about how infectious disease work. Also try to pick up a book on Logic for Dummies. Did you get your GED at the same time as Boebert?
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Apr 22, 2024 17:49:16   #
NASA and NOAA certainly did not help the cause by fudging data, another saying is "Figures don't lie, but liars figure." The current data appears to be correct, but if you don't believe that talk to the people on low-lying islands that are already losing land because of the rising waters from melting ice-caps:*****e-c****e.html

Or you might do what I've done since you are in a photography forum - I spoke to guys that lead other photographers to the Arctic and Antarctica who universally have said that the ice packs are dramatically less than when they first started doing the tours.

The whole problem reminds me of when Rachel Carson published Silent Spring. Plenty of deniers, but she turned out to be right.

Many years ago as a grad student I wrote a paper on land pollution. A friend used it to develop some insurance coverages at his company. I'm sure I'm not even a foot note now. My boss got wind of it and the next thing I know I'm meeting with executives that were buying a property for a new plant in Massachusetts. The EPA had just started. An adjacent property about a quarter of a mile down the road had heavy metals and other junk dumped there. I was asked how much in danger their proposed site was to the contaminants. I got the details on the property, how long the dump was there, from location I had a rough idea of the soil and made a phone call to learn the average rainfall did my calculations on my trusty HP calculator and said ok - ask your questions. The question was: Will the new property become contaminated from the dump? I showed them my figures and said that it was already contaminated and the contamination was at least two miles down the road. They did soil samples based on my notes - my prediction, if anything was conservative. People thought that environmental crap was BS at the time Guess what, it wasn't.

As I said before, whether it is natural or manmade, it is getting warmer. Deniability is easy, predicting the future is very hard - you have to sort through the BS of the researchers and the real BS of the politicians. The situation in my opinion is real. If we do nothing or plan nothing it is not you or I or our generation that will suffer - it will be our children and grandchildren.
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Apr 22, 2024 17:03:31   #

Hi Ben: Thank you for sharing your message. I don't stop in as often as I would like, but this hate is not what we in this country are all about. I'm a two time esophageal cancer survivor who without the skills of two Jewish doctors and one Physician assistant would not be here. Whenever I can I speak up that this country was founded on religious freedom.

I contacted each of my Jewish friends and my medical team today to wish them the following sentiment which I extend to you and your congregation: Chag Pesach Sameach! I gave them the additional message from this old guy raised Methodist - Stay safe and know that the people that count are with you.

Enjoy your holiday and may our Creator watch over all of you.
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Apr 22, 2024 09:47:54   #
Blaster34 wrote:
Thank goodness someone, even if they are dead, and organizations are continuing to expose this environmental s**m....

Whether you believe or not the scientific data shows that the planet is warming. Whether it is part of a natural cycle or because of human interference; you may agree or not, it is just the fact. Here's the information from NASA and see the attached chart which has confirmation from 4 sources.*****e-c****e/scientific-consensus/

If you want to believe it is human, you might find it interesting that the temperature has consistently risen since the industrial revolution. As industry developed, our use of f****l f**l increased. Is there a valid correlation? Probably. But if not, the phenomenon of warming still exists.

These changes have begun to have profound changes, it will worsen as it continues; sadly there are always the nay-sayers. I worry for my children and grandchildren.

There was an old saying my former business: "You can't engineer stupid." I look at the facts rather than the BS from politicians. I suggest you do the same.

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Apr 21, 2024 21:57:05   #
Racmanaz wrote:
Really? What report did that come from?

Gee Rac - it took me about 2 seconds to find it:******ns/2024/04/18/trump-campaign-funnels-money-to-his-businesses/73344744007/
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Apr 21, 2024 16:01:02   #
Yes, I was more than a little surprised.
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Apr 21, 2024 15:59:08   #
Not sure if it's extortion, but it certainly shows that Trump isn't a team player. What would be interesting is whether the finds derived from this are used for Trump's campaign or his legal fees. It appears that a lot of the funds he's received go toward legal:
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