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Jul 23, 2024 13:43:59   #
Generally speaking, Manufacturer Firmware updates should be installed on your camera.
The Firmware is like your computer's Operating system, Firmware is what makes your camera work.
Updates include bug fixes, new features for the camera etc Sometimes very useful features are added, other times it is more housekeeping type fixes.
You can look up what is included in this particular release, and there are on line tutorials explaining how to do it,
Generally you format a memory card in your camera, then put it in a card reader while connected to the manufacturer's download site. The new software goes on the card, then the card goes back in the camera and you follow update instructions. It takes longer to type this than to do it.
If you are uncomfortable doing it, your camera will be fine until you can get some help from any computer savvy person. It does not have to be done until you are comfortable and or have help.
No need to stress about it, but it is usually a good idea to do it. Google 'How to update Firmware in a Nikon Z6' you will get a bunch of hits, look for one that makes sense. Start with Nikon's website.
Good Luck
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Jul 21, 2024 18:27:41   #
PS look under the tripod top plate, as they sometimes have grub screws (set screws that keep the head from unscrewing.
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Jul 21, 2024 18:25:13   #
@ Keith K, ....I think I know what happened....
Now I can't be certain but..
You are holding the Tripod head + the tripod top plate + sub assembly in your hand. Try to unscrew the head from the top plate.
Then raise the tripod center column, which seems to have fallen into its lower section.
What it looks like to me , is that whole assembly was press fit into the center column.
The stuff below the top plate is probably not supposed to be removable.
Sometimes those are put into the center column with adhesive instead of threads (cheaper to build)
The Tripod top plate should unscrew from that part leaving it inside the center column
I do not know if adhesive failed or something actually broke.

I cannot be certain of this, but if this makes sense to you give it a try, because if this IS what happened the manufacturer may replace it for you. If they will not, you COULD try putting it back in with epoxy.
Anyway, good luck
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Jul 21, 2024 12:13:14   #
Do you have a Box for your Sharpies?
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Jul 21, 2024 12:11:34   #
I think @ Orphoto called it correctly
Unscrew the platform from the bottom of the ball head
The assembly below that platform should be part of the center column.
I cannot tell if has simply unscrewed from the center column or is in some way broken.
Fish out the center column and see if the part screws in. If it does take it out , add locktite and put it back.
Good luck
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Jul 20, 2024 14:45:03   #
I may not completely understand the question, but isn’t the point of pure Raw to convert the raw file and denoise etc
In that case it should be first—— before Lightroom
It sounds like you are doing the conversion in Lightroom then again in DxO
If memory serves I think it is possible to treat DxO as an external “editor” and do a round trip from Lightroom but then you still have the issue of which one demosaics and converts.
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Jul 20, 2024 14:21:42   #
You might try a closer better lit photo so we can see the part.
The ‘standard’ connection from tripod to head is a 3/8”x 16 stud. Some small tripods use 1/4”x 20 top studs.
It is possible you have some sort of proprietary connection, but I can’t see it in the picture.
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Jul 19, 2024 20:12:22   #
There seem to be more choices for SD cards and relatively few with multi card interfaces.
Some have a screen, and some have verification that your files were successfully copied.
I would view Verification as very important.
But whatever you buy, I would also say keeping the cards until you return home is very important.
As is a card wallet that makes it very clear which is which. We use 2 Think Tank "Pixel Pocket Rockets" which are folding wallets with a secure clip & tether. When we bought ours they came with different color binding, so we use Red for exposed, blue for new. Cards are cheap insurance.
I've always thought the Portable Card reader /SSD seemed like a great idea, but they don't seem to sell very well.
I think the reason for that is that every photographer I know, wants to have a large(er) screen to view and often edit while on the trip. So if you already have a travel computer or tablet, a small ssd serves the purpose better.
When I travel, I spend part most nights editing. I always want to see what I got, and you need a bigger screen to do that. A MacBook Air with the M chip is awesome.
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Jul 19, 2024 19:42:09   #
tesseagles wrote:
I’m looking to sell my Nikon D3200 and possibly go with a Canon. Why? I’m older now and I want one that’s not so confusing to set my meter vs shooting in auto.
Also I have a setting off somewhere in my Nikon and I just don’t want to mess with getting it fixed. I want to start fresh as I’ve studied this book to it and I have never felt comfortable with this one. I’ve got some great shots with it. But I am going to buy a new one with a good zoom where I can shoot wildlife from afar and bring them very close. I love this.
So, I’m asking for advice I a good camera and which lens is the best and strongest Zoom.
Also a camera easier to understand .
Is canon easier to learn than Nikon?
Back in the day I used CANON AE-1 35mm and i Loved it.
Thanks for any advice
I’m looking to sell my Nikon D3200 and possibly go... (show quote)

If you are having difficulties learning a D3200, I suspect you won't find switching to a whole new camera system solves the problem. You already know SOME stuff about Nikon's UI so why not build on that.
But I would not buy anything until you figure out what is wrong with the current camera. You MAY have just changed a setting, or the camera may actually have a malfunction. I would do the work of figuring that out.
Is there a local camera shop you could ask for advice? If so, show up on a Tuesday morning (or other time they are not busy) and see if you can get some hands on help.
If you buy a more upscale camera, it may have more buttons and menu's to deal with. That is not bad, but everything has a learning curve.
One question I would ask is 'do the pictures improve in Auto mode , or Program Mode of that camera has it.
If you problem goes away in auto or program, then your camera is probably not broken.. If you have more than one lens, does the problem occur with one or both? If it works in auto, leave it there.
I hope this helps a bit
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Jul 19, 2024 12:57:33   #
Shouldn't the picture you chose determine the surface?
If you already have the printer and the chosen picture, print one of each and choose
Glossy emphasizes Detail and color saturation, matte works for more subtle images.
But those are just generalizations. Make 2 prints then you will Know which looks better to your eye.
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Jul 19, 2024 12:45:59   #
From what little I have read, canon kept the new stacked sensor at 24MP (a disappointment to some) for several reasons which can be summarized roughly as 1, More than adequate for sports action news camera 2 , it allows better high ISO & Lower Noise, 3, allows larger pixels which produce higher dynamic range.
They are claiming 16 stops of dynamic range ! this would drastically reduce the need for HDR techniques.

I do not know if they achieved that in the real world, but IF they did, that would be an amazing range.
There are some Videos of the new AF that can dynamically follow the ball in 3 different sports so far (big ball) and also allow you to register faces, which will then be recognized and prioritized for AF tracking

Giant Viewfinder, eye controlled AF etc, al features optimized for Sports, action, News
Initial reviews I have seen are mixed, one reviewer summarized it as Great for that purpose but Not a Flagship ( because it is not "Do it All." Some wanted a Global shutter, and I think Canon's position is that Global shutters are possible, but not yet No Compromise for a flagship camera. That seems true. I'll bet they would have loved to include a no compromise Global shutter, but it is still a work in progress.
If you look at Canon's recent several Flagships, they have all been 18-24 MP so this is in line with that philosophy.
Some disagreed with that choice.
We will see how it works in the field soon enough, Canon's Choices will be Judged by Photographers.
Because it is introduced (like most other times) at the Olympics, which IS Sports ,Action, News Canon is Hoping for a success with that group. Thats the group that still spends big money on lots of cameras.

Personally, since I don't shoot sports , action, News, I think the R5 II looks far more interesting FOR ME.
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Jul 18, 2024 13:20:08   #
When it comes to Monopods, there are lots of choices but here are a few opinions on things to look for:
To be effective it needs to be at least as high as your standing eye height, that gives you a few extra inches for using it on sloped terrain,
The advice above about use while sitting is also excellent.
You do not need a super sturdy built like a tank, but you do need sturdy enough to use as a walking stick on difficult terrain.
A simple tilt head with an arca- swiss clamp allows the use of an L-bracket on the camera for easy vertical/ horizontal and it keeps the weight of the camera directly over the support.
A case can be made for a good medium ball head with a pan clamp on top- this allow you to brace the monopod on the ground, AND lean it on a railing , tree branch or rock at a higher point to get 2 point support and leveling woth the ball head and panning with the clamp. Ball head / Monopod is an acquired taste (love or hate) same with a light weight video head.
Most important though is tall enough for not having to slouch all day, sturdy enough to be a walking stick when needed, short enough to use sitting.
Special cases are video and really long lenses. Most sports guys with 400/2.8 seem to use no head and mount directly to foot of lens.
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Jul 18, 2024 12:56:24   #
I would only add that while it is interesting to talk about, there is lots we do not know. We do know that a very reputable photographer, shooting short bursts, looked at his files and found this. It is only in one frame of a burst made coincidentally at the time of the shooting. A bunch of shots were fired, we do not know how many were in close proximity to the Former President (other than the one that hit him).
It is highly unlikely it was faked, news guys know that unique shots will be subjected to careful analysis so the risk is all downside for the Photographer. (is it possible?: anything is possible)
So what OTHER explanation do we have for a bullet like streak, at the exact time of the shooting besides a lucky shot caught a bullet -or bullet plus contrail? I haven't been able to think of one, but that doesn't mean there is no other explanation.

There seems to be a lot of certainty in some of the answers above that seems tough to prove from the limited information we have.
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Jul 17, 2024 13:06:21   #
Bartman691 wrote:
I know my question is certainly inane. I have never edited a photo except to crop it. I wonder why I should I get a program and spend time learning....what will I learn. I am always curious to learn new things.

It is not an inane question, if you are sincere in asking it.
Photography can be enjoyed on many levels. There is no rule you have to post process. (I'd guess somewhere around 90% of pictures taken are not post processed. If you are happy with what you get, continue to do so. Enthusiasts and Professionals take a small fraction of pictures taken, but are a much higher percentage of Post processors. Part of the reason is that is true is because with film, expressive post processing was harder and far more limited in scope. By definition Digital capture turned the tables. ALL digital photographs must be post processed. That can be done in camera with JPEG conversion, or outside the camera in software.
In camera JPEG engines are quite good. Lots of people are satisfied with what comes out of the camera.
The fact that a very high percentage of enthusiast photographers take advantage of the opportunity to refine their work shows that the most accomplished photographers believe that it is helpful or necessary for the best expressive results. Because they do it, does not mean that you should or have to. It is a choice. A choice that has a learning curve and takes some amount of work to accomplish well.
If you WANT to learn, it is not difficult to get started, if you are happy with what you do, that's also fine.
Unless you do it for Pay, (where a client is the judge) Photography should be a source of enjoyment. Do what makes you happy.
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Jul 16, 2024 13:21:27   #
Those kinds of seminars usually have a preset group of different looks and techniques that they demonstrate then allow participants to try. I that case they will probably have their own remote system like a pocket wizard or one of the proprietary ones (they often team up with a flash manufacturer.)
If you are not required to bring your own lighting, I doubt you will need your own trigger.
But ASK before you go.
If by some chance you are required to bring your own lights, Canon's own speed lights and triggers are VERY good.

Pocket Wizard used to be the pro standard, now everyone makes them , and they have gotten much cheaper.
So before you buy anything, ask those running the seminar what you need to bring.

The reason I say this is logistics, if there are 20 participants and each one has to configure their own triggers, it would take all day. The purpose is usually something like here are 3-4 different portrait Looks, and how to get them. They show you all together, then let each person take a few snaps to remember. They may even have it set up in sequence to save time. "Know before You Go"
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