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Feb 15, 2019 12:07:44   #
jeep_daddy wrote:
Took it to Canon <> they are going to take it apart and check it out and if it doesn't require any parts it will cost me $175.

I call that theft. They could not duplicate your problem and obviously acted on an old code being tripped of which they were 100% clueless as to why. I call that unnecessary and taking advantage if this is "exactly" how this transpired.

I feel slightly qualified to comment about this and explain the importance of my point:

I am retired now, but since 1978 and completion of training that is no longer offered today, I was a bench level tech, not a Tech like today where all they do is swap out pc boards either, a tech who troubleshoots the pc board affected and replaces the specific components on that board to complete the repair? Simply, manufactures frowned upon board swappers at that time. Times change though, especially when you consider there is no place to educate and train techs today. "Real" techs that can identify the types of circuits on a board and comprehend their purpose either works or doesn't.

If I could not duplicate your problem all I could responsibly do is monitor it and see if the err would happen in my care, which is what Canon wanted to charge you $175 for and possibly did. $175 for babysitting your camera and waiting to see if it failed like you and the register claimed it did. Not $175 to open it up and look inside because why would they? It's not broke and until it says err20 or whatever it is working, so why do anything if it's not broke? "Don't fix it if it's not broke" is a saying ALL techs apply regularly. It means if it isn't broken you have nothing to fix, and tinkering around inside is a sure fired way to make sure it is broke?

A bench charge for checking (babysitting) is normal and acceptable, $175 for sitting a camera on a shelf and waiting for it to fail is a crime in my book, there is no way to justify that charge and it's outrageous.

I will not accept that any tech opened that camera up because if they did? why? what led them to a conclusion that there was a problem inside if no current err was present?

That's a pure profit driven charge that penalizes people for not being able therefore they are charging you for being disabled, and they 100% have the ability to wave that fee and should...if it's not broke how can they charge you $175 BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT THEY OPENED IT UP AND LOOKED INSIDE? If they did that was no favor, it wasn't broke.

Folks? Trust me when I tell you, there are fewer and fewer trained techs and fewer trained techs mentored by trained techs, they are vanishing before your eyes....really.

What's left is management handling service using a decreased and depleted, highly untrained with limited abilities.

With their hands tied like this? The big lie is, they have to extort you in part to dissuade you and because they have an inadequate workforce to handle the demand and high cost in repairs forces people into buying new instead.

Since the advent of a boom in consumers electronics, 89-91 it really started heavy exploding into the 90's... Management has not had any concept of "Service" and has used it and the techs to extort paying customers by charging excessive rates for labor and parts (often marked up 500% to 1000%) or forcing you buy an extended warranty or purchase a new item all together.

Simply put, Service is something no one wants to provide - because the true meaning of that word would never imply is ripping you off with high charges or forcing you to make a new purchase ? How is either a service to you? Service means, helping you not screwing you.

Consumers need to stand up and fight back - take a look at the car sales industry today and see how much service matters? Look at all the incentives? Remember they used to charge you extra for warranties? Now they are inclusive....
Nov 10, 2018 08:54:56   #
Jeffcs wrote:
removed due to some A** H*** members

I nominate this for the most honest and accurate post I ever read on this site ....if AH's could fly this place would be an airport... advertising here is a complete waste of time unless you want to spend a week answering questions for people who have no intention of buying a thing and are just wanting discussions or ...arguments, take your pick ....then they comment on your ad as if that's ethical? what is the point of having a sell things section so other sellers can come along and smear your item ? old west rules? dumb is what it is and dumber is what the people running this place are for not being .....conscious?

who wants to advertise if you're open to ridicule? why would I want to advertise here if someone can comment on my stuff, worse put me down and the item down just to gain an edge selling their own gear? and best is having this ability to openly comment on an asking price ...which is "price fixing" in many areas and crossing legal boundaries in some areas when people gang up to force a seller out like they did here?

If it's too high then don't buy it stupid, who elected you to save the world from high prices?

I say for all these Critics commenting we return the favor on them when they sell? Just open it all up to full out retail warfare ...???? that's what the admin created so why not?

Guess what? Ethical people don't do that, don't retaliate ...just move on to another place because the future here is obvious

just another example of the negativity a Trump following fosters and enables today in society ...attack and belittle attack and belittle
Nov 10, 2018 08:22:32   #
So you could use this site to lure viewers to yours in order to sell them something, and by manipulating them with your above "pitch" as if that video is only about Osprey and not pitching products ?
Nov 8, 2018 21:14:38   #
polarizers are bits of metal shards like fine dust in tinted glass.... you can achieve better results with PP because something you would usually wipe off your lens won't be present and the WB won't be tricked and rather more correctable for a properly exposed shot....unless color shifts to extreme blues and greens suit your taste, which is the most important aspect btw?

filters detract they can't add; sharpness, color balance, contrast, and WB are noticeably affected

there is more than one school of thought, the point

'filters make good lens caps only unless you shoot film'


polarizers limit reflected light, as with anything there is a cost and sharpness is one of those and in those cases one is better off mastering all of the noise reduction controls before adding clarity/sharpness in PP - reflected light from the chlorophyll in the leaves is just like tiny mirrors being present, so the optimum angle and ambient temperatures come during the golden hours where a filter would ruin that shot quite frankly? timing is "everything"

Filters are for compensating in when you should have been there for the other words second choice or plan B for those accustomed to being a day late and a dollar short

"nothing" beats being there at the right moment in light and certainly no filter has ever changed that theory....

I've got a hard case filled with about 200 of them in every size and shade known ...that's where they sit. If I know an image I made was with a filter, I can't get over that fact

Tip? A long lost artful practice of ensuring a shutter speed close to the focal length (or a little faster)..... 50mm 1/60th ? keeping the shutter speed a little faster than the number of the focal length used insures optimum clarity
Nov 8, 2018 19:12:05   #
5.6/250 at 140mm on a dreary day ? Depending if it was spot, matrix, or centered and what the meter read to where it was pointed at what light source or portion there of? I see no issue why 3600 ISO ...

5.6/250 at ISO 100 with a 50 "might" be exposed although if dark and darker, 125 is imaginable.

And at 5.6 at 140 you will be able to separate as well, read the DOF table? Not foreground but subtle enough background

Landscapes should be shot full manual anyway - what a waste of good electronics
Nov 8, 2018 12:47:11   #
so unless Nat Geo calls one is not all that?

The point, where is it printed on rock slabs etched with lightning these perceptions people have?

I have been contacted by publishers for my works and they dared to ask as if I was supposed to be honored by their asking...if I would provide it free to them

because they can because people do

"work" used to be putting together a portfolio packet and wearing out shoes ....

now you don't even have to get out of bed all day?

computer assistants (the computer/phone/tab is your assistant)

wrap it up in a neat package and put a bow on it and sit back like Huckleberry Finn with a fishin line tied to his toe waiting for bites?

are you a business person or an artist, that's the real question
Nov 4, 2018 15:39:28   #
the way a 24 and 50 capture a frame are different...way more than just 2 different focal lengths, one lens is usually asymmetrical in design and the other is not. One has no field curvature and 0 distortion the other does, which creates a story in itself? one has wider angle of view obviously a distortion by definition... how one chooses to use or apply either is a personal preference and there is no set rule governing one to be for vista/broad view and the other a short tele, no this for landscapes and this for portraits rule of thumb exist and is an imaginary principle contrived from minute space particles that escaped some comet that passed by a trillion years ago and drove some people into believing there needed to be these base rules? regimented lenses assigned to specific duties sounds unartful and cold, like military weapons so I have to chime in when people assign and attach these arbitrary assumed classifications on glass, a thing we use to distort our actual view to begin with as if we don't

the 50 makes an excellent landscape lens, in fact some of the finest distance detail I ever viewed comes from 50's

and today with stitching and panorama ware? unless you actually need and desire field curvature for a reason? why not a 50?

here's a concept; the 50 has been and is the best all around lens there was or will ever be ...and every maker knew this and still knows this is a standard and in fact within several lines, a reference lens for that line.....

a lens should depend on far more than what peoples opinions of them are, they have philosophies behind them and spell out what their intention was in the design applied for those who take the time to study what was trying to be achieved.....the one thing I promise you was not a priority of the creator was how many likes he scored by readers on some forum? MTF measurements based on near subjects suit a portrait lens but fail a landscape lens, and don't serve general use or purpose needs. Opinions are so skewed by unqualified comments that sorting through them is a waste of time mostly, honestly who are these people adding comments ? who am I? exactly, ghost that don't exist but that other people allow to convince them....

rent lenses, try them and rely on your results to tell you what looks good ....not what other people convince you with?

the difference between a 24 and 50 and 70? There's only a tiny difference between a 50 and a 70 and a world of complete difference from a 50 and 24...just look at DOF and hyperfocus?
Nov 2, 2018 19:48:34   #
in the 90's they kept saying film is but all dead, digital baby ! that's where it's at .... now I see film being demanded and old film lens demand rising, small business ops opening teaching developing ....enlargers and kits bringing increased profits.....higher interest in film related questions..... sure mft is all but dead, and carrying around 85 lbs of gear is really in though right? dinky small lenses and small sensors, itty bitty cameras, packing a camera and 4 lenses in a bag my poodle could carry it's all so puny small~! Who needs tiny lightweight little dinky gear anyway?

Please contact me immediately I will safely dispose of all your dead M4/3 stuff free of charge call this number; (discrete confidential earth safe free disposal)


"my sensor is exactly the same as your sensor, after that nothing is the same at all"
Nov 2, 2018 19:19:19   #
"On the boats and on the planes
They're coming to America
Never looking back again
They're coming to America...."
Oct 30, 2018 12:55:43   #

1. Konica Hexanon 80-200mm UC F4 zoom lens - expensive lens, asking $100 "UC" lens...
2. Vivitar Macro Focusing zoom 75-205mm F3.8 with matching 2x multiplier specific to the lens (Canon FD mount) mint perfect like new $30?
3. Kiron Macro zoom 70-210mm F4 with Focus Lock Switch (Minolta mount) excellent $25?
4. Pentax SMC 300mm F4 telephoto lens $50?
5. Canon FDn macro zoom 100-300mm version III, identical to the L version without the UD glass $35
6. Canon FDn zoom 100-300mm version II (both versions at CC Camera for 80 bucks each?) $35
7. Spiratone 400mm F6.3 - 32 aperture range $20

Second tier:

8. Konica Hexanon 80-200mm F3.5 with hard case (collectible condition, perfect like new - asking $100)
9. Sun Optical 24-40mm F3.5 fixed aperture (Konica Hexanon AR mount) rare lens, outstanding optics asking $50
10.* Hanimar 135mm F3.5 (m42 screw mount) $20?
11.* Soligor 135mm F2.8 (AR mount) $20?
X.* Minolta MD 50mm F2 (Version MDIII) $20?
13.* Sears 28mm F2.8 "Ricoh" (m42 screw mount) $20?

Sub Row B of Second Tier:

14. Minolta MC 50mm 1.7 - PF $40?
15. Nikon Series-E 50mm 1.7 pancake $50?

Third Tier:

X. Minolta MC 135mm F2.8 Rokkor-PF $35?
(marked with a P-E inside a diamond for a Post Exchange [PX] purchased item, a practice that ended with the close of the Vietnam War)
17.* Tokina RMC 28-70mm F4 (Minolta Mount) $20?
18. Vivitar Series 1 24-48mm F3.8 fixed aperture (Minolta Mount) asking $50?
19. Vivitar 28mm F2.8 tx mount with Minolta mount adapter, mint collectible condition $25?
20.* Sears 50mm F2 (PK mount) this is the famed Rikenon 50 f2 with the Sears label $20?

Oct 23, 2018 20:10:31   #
The lens is mint perfect in the original case

everythang is comin up 7's.... lens


Oct 23, 2018 20:01:32   #
case, caps, shade, and perfect lens - as if never used

Trade or Sell $350

I don't think it's possible to find one of these in better condition, I'll put it that way....

I have a Lumix 20mm 1.7 II and just don't need this

I have a matching 57 1.4 silver ring to go with it, $400 total for both
(that's discounted for buying the 21mm too, I'm not asking $50 for the 57 1.4?)

Oct 23, 2018 18:48:58   #
26. You can't fix stupid

the soccer daughter in the Pacifica commercial; "you can't pick your parents"

(imagine if ?)

I say they should come out with another version of the Purge? "Kids Night" when parents become the hunted? I'm sensing grand slam box office take
Oct 19, 2018 19:48:32   #
Check out Joel Sartore on the NatGeo Photo Ark project, his technique defines the effect and when I view his work I totally forget about photography or the fact I do it myself, he carries me to a place where 'what' is
Oct 19, 2018 19:36:54   #
those little things, they look like birds don't they? don't tell them that..
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