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Oct 24, 2018 09:22:30   #
markngolf wrote:
I 2nd that Mike!! A remarkable camera, but I still have my Canon 5D MII & 7D MII.

I 3rd that Mike and Mark. I love my Sony RX10 iii. But I also kept my Canon 5D MIII. If you want to see some pictures that were shot with the Sony RX10 iii checkout my most recent posts!
Oct 3, 2018 11:16:49   #
Wroley1 wrote:
I have the RX10 mk iii. I went to california with it and took pictures at the beach from the pier of all the people on the beach. I got a few surfers in the surf as well. The pictures were sharp, and the reach was amazing. You could actually count the strands of hair on some heads that were 200 feet away. It’s become my favorite travel camera for the same reasons you describe. I just don’t want to haul a load around anymore. Bought the camera with a we’ll see attitude and was very impressed. You won’t go wrong. The weight is not bad, the glass is amazing and the batteries last for a decent time but if you go to the bush make sure you take at least three extra batteries with you because you will be snapping away.
I have the RX10 mk iii. I went to california with ... (show quote)

I also have an Sony RX10 mk iii and you can have a look at my recent posts from Rocky Mountain National Park to get an idea of sharpness! I love having the option from wide-angle to 600 mm telephoto - all hand held!
Oct 2, 2018 14:01:24   #
Thanks for looking and commenting sailorsmom and steve L!

Hope you see more moose sailorsmom!
Oct 1, 2018 15:52:18   #
Bigmike1 wrote:
Nice photos. I have seen moose several times here in Utah but only in the mountains. I have never seen them come down into the valley the way deer do when we have heavy snow in the winter.

#1 was in the mountains while the rest were in the valley. Thanks for comments and taking a look Bigmike1!
Oct 1, 2018 15:50:27   #
Thanks J-SPEIGHT and Bultaco. Moose are easy to love!
Oct 1, 2018 15:48:01   #
dasher123 wrote:
Great shots!! ....found a few (quite) of moose about 15 miles this side of walden,Co but only 5:30 or so am. Believe was called lake Michigan (camping cabins w/o power area).
Needed a super zoom tho for them....these are terrific!!

We considered heading up the Walden! Thanks for your comments dasher!
Oct 1, 2018 15:45:33   #
Oct 1, 2018 13:26:51   #
Sep 30, 2018 17:03:48   #

Going back to Alaska again sounds like a good plan! After taking a picture of the moose cow and her calf I went to a mountainside home that the owner said had a cow and calf most every morning. Of course when I arrived there were no moose to be found. I showed him picture #2 and he said that they were his pair! They were more than a mile away when i photographed them!

Thanks for viewing photogHobbyist!
Sep 30, 2018 14:42:19   #
Thanks phlash46 and UTMike for looking and feedback!
Sep 30, 2018 14:34:56   #
Thanks BlueMorel and Sinewsworn! Sometimes finding moose is like finding a needle in a haystack, but other times it seems like they are willing to pose.
Sep 30, 2018 14:14:13   #
All from Rocky Mountain National Park (Sony RX10iii camera)

1) Hiding bull moose
2) Cow and calf
3) Proud Mom
4) Stealth snacking cow




Sep 29, 2018 13:12:09   #
Thanks for your comments UTMike and Retired CPO!
Sep 29, 2018 13:09:25   #
Thanks for looking and comments crafterwantabe and GWR100!
Sep 29, 2018 12:21:52   #
Thanks for your comments blue-ultra, blacks2 and cwilson341. I will follow up with some moose pictures.
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