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Aug 19, 2019 00:48:13   #
Look at the Canon EOS M50. It's small and well featured and with a Viltrox EF-EOS M2 adapter, will use all EF mount lenses and will emulate a full frame camera. If you prefer APS-C then go with standard adapter for all EF and EF-S mount lenses.
Aug 18, 2019 13:04:37   #
sxrich wrote:
i think most of the responses are accurate. But, here is a story of a skunk spraying. Never in my life have i experienced a stench such as this. I lived in southeastern Pennsylvania at the time, West Chester. I had some small woods behind the house with some bushes. My in-laws were visiting the next day from Pittsburgh. I bring out my yellow lab at midnight for his last walk. Unfortunately he finds the skunk in some bushes and gets sprayed right in the face. The weather was cool and people were sleeping with their windows open. The stench started waking people up and you could smell it a few blocks away. So, at 1am, I'm in the backyard with bottles of tomato juice washing my dog. I'm sure the dog provoked the skunk but getting up close and personal with a skunk I will never forget. I won't even test the odds regardless. Buy a picture!
i think most of the responses are accurate. But, h... (show quote)

I too reside in Chester County, but not that close to West Chester, although it's only 10 minutes away by 202. So, how successful were you with cleaning your dog with tomato juice? Although tomato juice may be mildly effective at cleaning skunk, you will probably get use to the smell sooner than the juice will cancel the odor. Best way to clean a dog that mistakenly cornered a skunk; a mixture of apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and some baking soda. This concoction will nutralize the odor and clean the dog.
My worst skunk encounter was years ago when I was a teen. I took the new 1974 Country Squire to the store one evening and I accidentally ran over a skunk. The poor animal was pretty much flattened and it's guts, including scent gland, were splattered all over the cars dual exhaust system. Talk about an odor that just kept on giving. After numerous trips thru the car wash, it got better but it took quite some time for the odor to completely go away.
Aug 18, 2019 12:42:06   #
JWMP wrote:
I know this has been asked before, but I forgot to save the great suggestions. Am going to Sedona for a week and would like photo recommendations for the area.

Your best bet for info is the AZ office of tourism. Self researching sites like Bing or Google will also deliver lots of useful info.
I'm curious; you didn't mention anything about your lenses and which ones to take. Are you really going on vacation or just interested in reading about Sedona? By the way, I've been there; it's a fascinatingly beautiful place.
Aug 18, 2019 12:35:18   #
Aug 17, 2019 15:21:18   #
rehess wrote:

and if you add slides to the mix, I would strongly encourage that be done with a scanner also.

Yes, I also own a Canon all in one that does a great job with slides.
Aug 17, 2019 15:15:42   #
Rich1939 wrote:
For what it's worth; When I lived in Arizona, come sundown I would go out on my deck with a cigar and a night cap. Most evenings a skunk would come by and I would just sit there and watch it watch me. After a few of these encounters I starting saying hell-o and talking to it. the skunk would look at me and just keep going about its business. Now that I'm living in PA it's common to go through the same scenario with the deer and foxes.
The wild animals around us are far more aware of us than we are of them. As long as you don't do something to startle them you should be fine. As far as the camera tripping, the critters might take off the first time or two but, once they know it isn't a danger to them they will normally accept it as a new part of their life. As RMorrison said the spray is a skunks last resort. I once watched an animal control officer capture a skunk in an office complex by walking up to it easily with a cardboard box. He placed the box on the ground next to it with the opening facing the skunk. The skunk just went into the box, they are nocturnal and prefer the dark, the officer closed it and took box and skunk away. No fuss, no muss, no stink
For what it's worth; When I lived in Arizona, come... (show quote)

Years ago my mother's family and her sisters family use to rent seasonal cabins on the south east shore of lake wallenpaupack which I believe is in Pike county, the north shore is in Wayne county. We put out peanuts for the Chipmunks and the peanuts also attracted the skunks. We use to have a big campfire usually 3 nights a week and everyone would gather around the fire in their folding chairs. Being nocturnal, the skunks would come to check out what was going on. You could see the light reflect in their eyes. We began to put out peanuts for the skunks during our campfires and eventually the skunks would come to within a few feet to get peanuts. These were wild animals so we never tried to hand feed them. In all the years we went up to the Poconos and interacted with wildlife, we never once had a problem with skunks spraying.
Aug 17, 2019 14:23:20   #
Interesting thing about skunks, their scent gland is a last resort defense mechanism. Skunks don't like the smell either and when they are forced to spray, the first thing they want to do is get away from there. To answer your question, no, the odds of the skunk spraying as a result of being startled by a flash are very slim to none.
Aug 17, 2019 14:17:22   #
TriX wrote:
I’m with you on the high ISO capabilities of the 5D4 Bob. I typically don’t exceed 12,800 (although I could) - up to that, I just don’t worry about it - I’m more concerned with the SS I need to freeze the motion and the aperture I need for the DOF I require.

I don't recall ever mentioning what the R stands for. Randy, Raymond, Reginald, Richard, Robert, Roger, Ronald, Russell, just to name a few possibilities, yet you referred to me as Bob. Granted, of all the R first names, Robert is by far the most common, but not all Roberts go by Bob.
As I've mentioned before, my utility lens is my EF 28-300L and wide open it's an f/3.5 to 5.6 aperture and I usually have no problems with freezing motion, depth of field or decent bokeh. I have no problem cranking up the ISO when needed and cleaning up any resulting noise in post. Today's editing software is amazing.
A lot of 5D mk III owners gave the mk IV bad reviews for not going far enough ahead of the mk III, to buy one. Well, I never owned a mk III. I have a 6D and a 5DSr. The 5DSr is a fantastic camera but it's not a utility camera. It's best suited for studio and high resolution work and major cropping. Not so much for day to day, or night, shooting, which is why I bought the mk IV. Had I waited a few years I'd have bought an EOS R. The 6D is also a very capable camera but it not built like the 5D mk IV.
Aug 16, 2019 23:59:26   #
You're better off scanning the photos than photographing them. Canon and HP make several nice scanner copiers and they're not that expensive.
As for printing, that depends on what size prints you will be making. I have a Canon TS 9020 (I believe that's the number) that prints excellent quality color and black and white photo prints up to 8.5 by 11; it also scans. Mine is a couple years old; there is a newer version with a slightly different model number.
Aug 16, 2019 23:44:47   #
TriX wrote:
I agree wth your “rant” - I often think the same thing, although if I were going somewhere like an African Safari (too old for that now), I might want to tap into the experience of someone who had already done it.

And yes, the 24-105 f4L is a VERY versatile lens (although I often wish it was a stop faster like the 24-70 f2.8).

You've got a 5D mk IV, as do I. If you don't have that f/2.8 lens handy, just crank up the ISO a bit more.
Aug 16, 2019 21:08:40   #
I don't own one. I only buy Tamron SP lenses and it's not an SP. On the other hand, my closest shooting buddy has one on a Canon T5I and he loves it.
Aug 16, 2019 21:00:34   #
The posts I find even more annoying than the what lenses should I take on my trip to east jablip are the ones that complain about the what lens should I take on my trip to east jablip postings.
But siriusly, woof, woof, I agree with you. It's been my observation that most folks that own a decent interchangeable lens camera with more than a kit lens or two, have somewhat of a clue about what their lenses are capable of. I personally don't believe they are really asking for lens advice. I mean, in the four years I've been here I've asked for lens advice once and it had nothing to do with going on vacation. I wanted some second opinions to determine if I was doing the right thing. Everything turned out ok for me.
But back to the vacationers; I believe what they are really doing has nothing to do with lens choices; they are simply telling anyone that will listen (read) they are going somewhere special for vacation.
Hey, I'm recently retired so every day is vacation for me.
Also, I prefer my 28-300, on both Canon FF and Nikon DX to 24-105.
Aug 16, 2019 13:39:36   #
Welcome to the UHH.
I recently retired after 38 and a half years in the IT industry but I'm not new to digital photography. Bought my first digital camera in 2000, a Sony Mavica. I started my adventure in photography when I was in high school, many years ago. Years ago I use to carry my Canon AE-1 and my A-1 and compare the results. Bottom line, film and processing were expensive and digital eliminated that expense.
Your best course to learn digital photography is to pick up some good books on the subject. Scott Kelby has a really nice series called the Digital Photography Book. Easy to read and follow. Also, practice, practice, practice...
Aug 16, 2019 13:26:20   #
Tennessee is a very photogenic place, especially in the east, especially in the autumn. I've been on several journeys thru TN and NC, mostly on a motorcycle but a couple of times by automobile. As I said, eastern TN is the nicest part of the state. The Nashville area in central TN has a whole lot to offer and you could spend a lot of time just checking out the music industry related sites and the restaurants and taverns. Memphis is a gem in Western TN, a beautiful and charming city if you check out the right places at the right time. Chattanooga is a really nice place to visit also. If you like historic railroads, TN has them. Things to see above ground and under ground as well. There's a whole lot to see and do in TN, and you are far better off contacting the TN Dept of tourism and having them supply all the info you could possibly need. Enjoy your trip.
Aug 16, 2019 12:55:23   #
16-50 is kind of limited for my tastes. It's nice it goes wide to 16 but max of 50?! My utility lens is my Canon EF 28-300L, usually on a 5D mk IV. It's not as wide as a 16-50 but I usually carry two other lenses, a EF 16-35 F/2.8L and a Sigma 150-600 Sport with matching Sigma 1.4X and 2.0X teleconverters in the lens bag.

By the way, nice photos...
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