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Jun 17, 2019 04:23:52   #
Jun 17, 2019 04:16:27   #
Interesting photo.
Jun 17, 2019 04:14:01   #
Welcome to the UHH. If you really want to improve your photography, acquire and read some good books on digital photography and related subjects; books like The Digital Photography Book series by Scott Kelby. Reading conversations on UHH won't teach you photography but books, like the series I mentioned, will. Have fun...
Jun 16, 2019 02:25:02   #
PHRubin wrote:
If you used "quote reply" we would know who you dittoed.

A few people have mentioned the G1X III.

It's a great little camera with plenty of functionality and accessories. It may be a bit pricey but for the money it's like a high end mirrorless without an interchangeable lens. There are lens adapters for macro and telephoto. Like I said, a great little camera, and an 24 megapixel APS-C sensor.
Jun 16, 2019 01:56:50   #
sumo wrote:
UHH is a fantastic site and yes it is a social network in a way…especially the chit chat section and the attic….no sure I would say the main photography section is a social site…more educational for me anyway…I learn so much from the questions and mostly from the answers.

FB can serve a purpose…

I joined FB due to the new loft in downtown San Antonio I had just bought in 2008. The loft created a FB page to disseminate information about the status of on going construction, new tenants, just all around happenings. Good way to inform every tenant.

Then it spread to another two properties going up in San Antonio. Then my personal page spread to friends outside these properties to old Army buddies, to old AF buddies on to long ago high school folks. The ratio of me asking someone to be a friend or someone asking me to be their friend was about 90/10.

After reaching over 600 “friends” I said to myself what the hell I don’t know or can’t remember over half these people. I concluded many folks just ask in order to accumulate numbers.

After about 6 years I quit FB completely for multiple reasons.

I’ve since rejoined and now use it for family communication and some other friends. At least now I’m selective as to who I accept as a friend. Down from a high of 600+ so called friends to a little over 100 with half of that being family

The only personal stuff I’ve put on FB Is required by FB, is my birthday.

I also created a second FB page and that is where I put all the pvt and public groups I joined. Like now I’m with 6 different Vietnam Army groups ( must be over 500 groups to join there) since I also spent 20 more years with AF I’ve joined 4 of their groups, and What cha cooking and recipe exchange groups and 2 different photo groups and 3 different home town groups.

I give a cursory review of all the groups I’m in, every 3 or 4th day.
UHH is a fantastic site and yes it is a social net... (show quote)

Social media site, in a way? It's a web based site that facilitates interaction between people. That makes it social media. Not in a way, not partially, not somewhat. It is social media, regardless of which forum or category you are logged on to. Social media is not defined by categories or subjects or topics or content. It's defined by what it does; is used for; interaction between users (people).
Jun 14, 2019 20:26:23   #
Depends on how much you are willing to spend. My favorite pocket camera that shoots RAW is my Canon Power Shot G1X III.
Jun 14, 2019 20:21:18   #
Nobody allowed you to join. UHH is open to all who want to participate. Welcome to the UHH.
Jun 14, 2019 20:18:00   #
boberic wrote:
Thanks. Worth a try. Even if it doesn.t work the thing is 5 years old, maybe it's time f0r a new one. Maybe I will use it as a copier and get a photo printer- the canon 100. Or just have the commercial graphics shop in town for the occasional print

The printer I'm referring to is a Canon Pixma Pro 10. I believe the problem was a result of using non-canon ink cartridges and letting it sit for too long. Now I stick to Canon ink and run off a periodic test page.
Jun 14, 2019 20:07:10   #
The question, as I understood it is, is the UHH web site social media, not the difference between Facebook and UHH. UHH is a social media web site, as is Facebook and lots of other interactive websites. The main difference between Facebook and UHH is, UHH membership all have one thing in common, photography. Facebook has photography related forums but it it not geared towards any one category. So, yes, UHH is social media.
As for the OP actually existing? Your guess is as good as mine. ◉‿◉
Jun 14, 2019 17:22:33   #
I've soaked my Canon print heads in hot water when they have clogged.
Jun 14, 2019 17:16:23   #
Jun 14, 2019 15:48:48   #
I use that lens as my Nikon utility lens. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer but definitely ok if you want range and can bring only one lens. I have the same focal length in a Canon EF lens and although the Canon costs about three times that of the Nikkor, it's really only a bit sharper. For a general purpose utility lens, it's capable of doing a good job if used properly. I use mine mainly on a D7200, sometimes a D500. The Canon is usually mounted on a 5D mk IV.
If one is a hard core pixel peeper and is only interested in absolute tack sharp or bragging rights, this lens or any utility zoom lens is not for you.
Jun 10, 2019 18:13:40   #
Pretty hummingbird.
Jun 10, 2019 18:10:40   #
Thomas902 wrote:
DrJoeS what 70-300 lens? AF; AF-S or AF-P? Yes it makes a difference...

the following will work with Kenko's 1.4 Teleconverter...
AF 70-300 mm f/4-5.6G Nikkor

the following will not work on your D5600...
AF Nikon 70-300mm f/4-5.6D ED Nikkor
AF 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 DX VR AF-P

btw, your D5600 already is a 1.5x multiplier...
Trying to extend it further will likely not end well owing to a myriad of issues...
Experience is a brutal teacher...

Your lens is a consumer grade optic and Nikon is only focused on Pro Grade Glass for use of their AF-S tele-converter offerings... thus the third party choice...

All the best on your journey DrJoeS
DrJoeS what 70-300 lens? AF; AF-S or AF-P? Yes it... (show quote)

What do you mean by this: 'btw, your D5600 already is a 1.5x multiplier...'? It's a 1.5 crop factor, not a multiplication factor.
Jun 10, 2019 17:46:50   #
Nice color and detail. Not sure what you mean by long pauses or what turning off the camera has to do with the IQ of this lens.
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