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Aug 25, 2019 08:54:03   #
joderale wrote:
I would like to label my lens cases. Maybe also a label for the end cap of the lens. Probably the best place is the black bottom. Samples attached. What methods have others used? I would like it to be neat and durable. My best idea is a white Sharpie.

Why? I always carry my lenses face down in my camera bag. Lens cases get in the way. When storing my lenses they go into my Ruggard Dry cabinet.
My lens cases are all in the original box they came in and stay there until I sell the lens.
Aug 25, 2019 08:51:51   #
bellgamin wrote:
I had a severe GAS attack when vising EBAY today. I found a good deal on a Nikon AF-S DX 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED VR II Lens so I bought it. A while later I found an even greater deal on a Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED so I bought it, too. These 2 lenses are sort of similar, so I'm wondering if I should give 1 of them away..........

Q1- Should I give 1 of the 2 lenses away?

Q2- If so, which should I KEEP: (a) the 18-200mm or (b) the 55-200mm.


By the way, is there a pill that will cure my GAS?
I had a severe GAS attack when vising EBAY today. ... (show quote)

I still own the 18-200, it is my travel lens in the car on my D500.
Aug 25, 2019 08:50:30   #
JD750 wrote:
I'm curious so a survey is in order.

Do you use the lock function on the SD memory and if so how do you use it? What for?

Aug 25, 2019 08:49:53   #
abc1234 wrote:
This is an informal survey to see if enough people would be interested in a forum devoted to mirrorless cameras. It would have several purposes such as discussing gear and methods, comparing models, exchanging tips and tricks, and educating those who might want to change to mirrorless.

Post whether you think this would be worthwhile or not.

Aug 25, 2019 08:49:26   #
srt101fan wrote:
Somewhere I saw photographic “content” defined as the “subject, topic or information captured in a photograph”, the “subject” being “the main object or person(s)” in the image.

We see a lot of discussion of the importance of sharpness, exposure and composition of an image but I’ve seen relatively little talk of content. How important is content relative to the technical merit of a photograph? What does it take for the content of a photograph to cause viewers to overlook technical deficiencies?

I believe content is the most important attribute of a photograph. In my view, sharpness, perfect exposure, composition, etc, as important as they are, are of no value if a photograph doesn’t have a content that grabs the viewer. On the other hand, there is a limit to how many technical flaws a viewer can tolerate before even great content becomes irrelevant. I’m interested in your views on this. Feel free to post any images you think might help illustrate this topic. I will do so in my next post.
I appreciate any constructive comments you might have.
Somewhere I saw photographic “content” defined as ... (show quote)

If the image captures your attention, that's good, if the image can illicit an emotional response from the viewer, it's very good.
Aug 25, 2019 08:38:53   #
vandy wrote:
Never heard of it until I read it on this thread, read it!

I am happy you believe everything you read on the internet.
Aug 24, 2019 19:27:51   #
vandy wrote:
I am also interested in this topic and have considered the purchase of a D5 but now that I know that there will be a D6, does anyone know when that body will actually be available for purchase or any idea of a release date?

Just when did Nikon make an announcement about a D6?
Nikon has said NOTHING, just where did you hear this FAKE NEWS?
Aug 24, 2019 09:58:39   #
wetreed wrote:
Without doubt forget the D5 and go with the D500, more FPS and better reach. I’ve had mine for two months and love it. You will never regret getting the D500 and with the money you save you can buy a couple of lenses.

The D5 top speed is 12 fps, the D500 has a top speed of 10 fps. And yes, 2 more fps can make a big difference when shooting sports and wildlife.
Aug 24, 2019 08:08:41   #
RahulKhosla wrote:
Views please ?
Pros / cons ?
Main interest - wildlife and action.

For those who’ve used it, are there any watch outs or ‘be careful’s’ or ‘remember to....’’s?

The D5 is a wonderful camera in low light. But, so is the Nikon D3s.
I had the opportunity to shoot the D5 last year in Florida wildlife preserves, I also shot with the D850 and D500. I will be honest and say I let the D5 go because I was also getting great results from my D850 and D500 in low light situations.
The D5 shot faster, but the extra 3.5 frames per second was not enough to justify the cost difference. With the D850 and D500, I still had enough money left over to get the new 500 5.6.
However, the shot below was taken with the D5 with the 70-200 2.8 FL lens. It is an image of a adult Sand Hill Crane feeding it's colt a dragon fly. The original image was cropped about 60%. I could have been using the D850 to get the same shot.
If your a professional shooter who can easily afford the D5, I say go ahead. But to be honest, I do not miss it.
If you like the shot, it is one of my featured shots in my photo show.
My photo show will be at the Weller Gallery at the Davis Education and Visitors Center in Fellows Riverside Gardens, Youngstown Ohio. 123 McKinley Ave. Tuesday-Sunday 10-5. Closed Monday. 330-740-7116. The show will run from August 17th to October 13th. Meet the artist date is Sunday, September 8, 1-3 pm. See you there.

Aug 24, 2019 07:56:07   #
Ava'sPapa wrote:
I've got a 750 also, so I'll be watching with great interest. It used to be so easy with my film cameras. I hope there's a way.

Overlay mode is the new way Nikon provides a way to double expose any two images taken in raw.
Also, in the shooting menu, highlight Multiple Exposure, and and press the right side of the rear wheel on the back of the camera, the arrow that points to the right, then select mode, highlight multiple exposure mode and press the right arrow of the rear wheel again. Then, continue to follow the instructions.
Good luck and keep on shooting until the end.
PS. I used the overlay mode to create the following image. It is featured in my show.
My photo show will be at the Weller Gallery at the Davis Education and Visitors Center in Fellows Riverside Gardens, Youngstown Ohio. 123 McKinley Ave. Tuesday-Sunday 10-5. Closed Monday. 330-740-7116. The show will run from August 17th to October 13th. Meet the artist date is Sunday, September 8, 1-3 pm. See you there.
I took multiple images of the moon in different locations, I used the image of the moon that best suited my image of the hot air balloons.

Aug 24, 2019 07:46:52   #
tuomi1947 wrote:
I have a Nikon d7200 and am looking for back up camera ? I do own some afp lens , trying to keep price lower , having hard time because the afp lens are not in line with older camers ? Any help ?

Most pro's use a BACK UP CAMERA, as, a BACK UP CAMERA in case something happens to their main camera during a professional shoot.
Most Amateur photographers have no need to have a BACK UP CAMERA, because, it is rare indeed that a camera like a Nikon D7200 will actually fail, but, it does happen.
The main reason amateur photographers want a BACK UP CAMERA is because they need to justify the purchase of another camera.
Now, with all that said, when I was a professional photographer, my back up camera took the same lenses and operated the same way as my MAIN CAMERA. Why, because, if I had to go to the back up, it would be a SEAMLESS TRANSITION.
When I owned my Nikon FTN, my first back up was the Nikon F2, then when I sold my Nikon FTN, my back up for the F2 was the F3 HP.
In your case, your best bet would be another D7200. BUT wait, right now Nikon has the Nikon D7500 refurbished at an additional 25% off. So, my personal choice would be the D7500, my back up was always the next one up. OOPS, Nikon just ended that sale, sorry.
So, my choice would still be a refurbished D7200 or D7500, or a Mint used D7200 or D7500 from B&H.
Or Mint in the box with a low shutter count from Ebay.
Aug 23, 2019 08:41:05   #
rehess wrote:
The closest I come to a 'bragging' lens is my eight-element Takumar 50mm f/1.4 - but too few people today know what one is and can recognize it when they see it.

If this is it?
It was quite common in it's time, not remarkable, just another 50mm 1.4 lens. Really not a bad lens, just not remarkable. And, this lens is well known.
Aug 23, 2019 07:03:34   #
Geegee wrote:
I am trying to use the built-in automatic auto-focus tool to fine tune my lenses. I have followed Steve Perry's instructions. I have:

Turned AF fine-tune ON in the menu;
Turned the VR off on the lens;
Set the camera mode to Aperture priority and adjusted the aperture to its maximum opening;
Set the camera on AF-S, centered single point focus and normal AF area;
Placed a focus chart vertically on the wall and taped all four corners;
Evenly illuminated the chart with two flood lights.
Mounted the camera on a sturdy tripod, level and at the same height as the focus chart and at the described optimal distance from the chart;
Centered the single point focus point on the center of the chart;
Ensured that the chart was in focus using live view;
Meticulously checked and adjusted all of the above;
Simultaneously pressed the center button of the AF/M switch (with the switch on AF) and the video record button until a notice comes up on the LCD.

The first three checks gave me an adjustment value and after that I always get a notice which says "Auto AF fine-tune is not available with the current focus settings"

I tried changing the lens and changing the chart to no avail!

What am I doing wrong?
I am trying to use the built-in automatic auto-foc... (show quote)

I have owned many Nikon AF lenses that have NEVER needed fine tuning. Was the lens really that bad to begin with? What results were you getting that YOU did not like?
Aug 23, 2019 06:57:26   #
Buddy Love wrote:
I hope I don't offend anyone but I have to ask.
I recently found 5 rolls of exposed 35mm film in a box in the back of the closet. I took it to the pharmacy for development. They all came back with no prints and the developer keeps the negatives so I don't know what might have been on them.
Here's the uncomfortable part: The film was used probably 25 years ago when my wife and I were much younger and adventurous. They could have been of an adult nature. Get what I'm saying?
My question is, if the pictures were of such a nature would the developer simply not print them and not tell me why? Or could the film be so old that nothing developed?
Thanks and I appreciate any opinions.
I hope I don't offend anyone but I have to ask. br... (show quote)

Unless they expressly told you before hand that the developer keeps the negatives you have a right to them, they belong to you, not him.
And, you better start paying attention to all social media, there may be new additions of photo's of you and your wife doing, who knows what.
Aug 23, 2019 06:54:43   #
Imageandart wrote:
Does anyone know why manufacturers don't use the correct focal length on their lenses for crop sensors? Why do we have to constantly figure that a lens marked 18-200mm is in actuality a 27-300mm lens with a 1.5 crop factor?

Really? Do you really try to multiply the crop factor when looking through the viewfinder?
I just view through the lens and zoom as I look through to frame what I am shooting. I have shot DX Nikon lenses for years and I have personally not thought about the 1.5 crop factor other then when I buy a lens.
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