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Apr 25, 2019 06:32:47   #
buckscop wrote:
Amateur. Canon T7i. Usually jpg, sometimes raw & jpg. Besides cropping for composition, I generally crop all my keepers at a 6"x4" size with PSE when processing. am i doing my images an 'injustice' to crop to that size versus a larger size, or does it not matter. I'm sure i picked that way back due to the size i would print out pictures at home. I do very little home printing nowadays, so if cropping, is there a better size? Most of my work gets put on electronic picture frames, emailed to family, or ends up online. I do some canvas printing, usually 16x20, but probably had already cut it to 6x4 when PSE processing originally. Thanks.
Amateur. Canon T7i. Usually jpg, sometimes raw &a... (show quote)

2X3 or 3X2 is considered FULL OUT. In other words, that image size usually prints everything that you saw through the viewfinder when you took the shot. I prefer this crop size for my show prints, your print sizes would be, (in 2X3), 4X6, 8X12, 16X24, and 20X30. A 16X20 would be cropping off about 3 mm (two inches) from each side of you photo, it would not be a FULL OUT photo.
Apr 25, 2019 06:28:07   #
djbolden wrote:
Planning a trip to Branson Missouri this June or July . Is there anyone familiar with the area that can provide me some ideas for photo opportunities. I will be traveling by car.
Apr 25, 2019 06:26:55   #
watersedge wrote:
i have a canbn 60d

my daughter wants me to take the photos. what setting is full proof on the camera to get reasonable in focus and sharp photos

I have taken professional wedding photo's for over 35 years.
I only had one rule, "As father of the bride, NEVER, NEVER, take photo's. You are the father of the bride, NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER.
Apr 25, 2019 06:22:30   #
kphotoer wrote:
My Lumix FX70 disappeared last year somewhere between Tucson and Albuquerque. Sad.

I have a couple of upcoming trips, the most fun one being to parts of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and to St. Petersburg Russia.

So, I need a smallish camera that will work with this upcoming cities trip but also be good for shooting birds, flowers, plants, landscapes. Budget is under $1500.

Looked at the current Lumix FX series, a Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Digital Camera Deluxe Kit, and a compact Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera. (And MANY others!)

History, I started out with a Minolta many, many years ago, upgraded to a regular Nikon multilens favorite camera, then a Canon digital, then the Lumix about 3 years ago. I love Nikon optics, but can I afford a Nikon digital (even fixed lens) that will work for this trip but also my week-in, week-out photography needs.

We will be traveling in some very small planes during parts of the trip.

Hints? Suggestions?

Thanks, Kathy
My Lumix FX70 disappeared last year somewhere betw... (show quote)

I am sure everyone here will give you their favorite camera's. I travel a lot now that I am retired and I like to put my camera in a belt pouch so I can walk and not worry about a camera. When I want to take a shot I simply take it out of the pouch and shoot. For me, I like a camera with an extended range cause you run into different things when you travel. My favorite is the Sony HX-99V,(about $450.00) it has a built in viewfinder, nice for outside shooting, a 24-720 mm Zeiss lens, built in flash, HDR, and shoots RAW if you want.
Below are a few grab shots taken with this camera. The first shot is taken at 24mm with the back screen flipped up so I could put the camera close to the ground, the second was taken at 700mm of a small village along the Rhine River. TRAVEL RIGHT, TRAVEL LITE.

Apr 25, 2019 06:14:45   #
Peter Braun wrote:
I am contemplating the purchase of a Nikon lens, but there are two chooses
AF-S 28-300mm F 3.5-5.6 G ED VR lens F mount FX format
Aperture F3.5-F22 Weight 1.8 lb or 800g
Second version
AF-S DX 18-300mm F 3.6-6.3G ED VR lens
F mount DX format
Aperture F 3.5-F22 Weight 500g
I am using a full frame camera and I like to find out from any one what is the DX format going to do to the picture size as well as the reach of the lens. Can the D 850 camera setting compensate.
Weight is a consideration. If you have any other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated
Thank you in advance
I am contemplating the purchase of a Nikon lens, ... (show quote)

The FX lens will give you better images on your D850. Do not short change yourself by using a DX lens on your camera. And, you can also use the FX lens on a DX body, if you have or purchase one.
I personally sold mine because of the weight of that lens. Although I thought the lens was sharp I use longer lenses for my wildlife photography.
If I want an all around lens on my D850 for family stuff I use my 24-120 f4.
But, the FX lens will give you a nice range and that lens will deliver on the D850, which, seems to make all of my Nikon lenses better.
Apr 25, 2019 06:04:25   #
pico wrote:
Ok, granted! I have only had my D7200 since January and I still have a great deal to learn. Often, I think of the various settings that I should have used after returning home. Most recent was our Easter trip to the beach. Thinking later, I needed to spend more prep time with settings as beach photography in mid-day with cloudless skies is a challenge.

So, eager to share, as my wife wants pictures for her facebook, I sent her my link to Google photos. I tried to explain that some of the photos have not yet been "processed" but to no avail, "how come your pictures are so light?" "You have this "expensive" camera!" (One I bought for surviving 80 years of life, not marriage but working on year 26!). "And, why do Samsung; iPhone and Google Plex photos look so much better?"

I must admit! There is truth to that statement. Discouraging! I am feeling like an artist that does want to show his or her work to anyone! Yes, photography is an art! I need to tame my enthusiasm a bit before sharing any of my photos. Does that sound defensive? Yes, it is!

No, I'm not ready to visit eBay and list my camera. I need to keep working on stuff!

Someday I will have the courage to upload something to this website.
Ok, granted! I have only had my D7200 since Janua... (show quote)

I start with over 400 images, I narrow it down to 50. Before I do a show those 50 photo's first get viewed by my wife and she picks her favorites. Then the photo's go to my son who is a graphic designer, those photo's go around his work place and he sends his picks back to me. Then I send them to my photo finisher and she shows them to her photography buddies, she sends me back their picks.
Any photo's that get picked by all three go to the show. It has worked out well so far..
You learn through this process what others like, it is not always about how you feel about an image but rather how others view it that count.
Apr 24, 2019 17:56:13   #
xt2 wrote:
Since 1955 the World Press Photo Contest has recognized professional photographers for their best pictures contributing to the past year of visual journalism. Those professionals indeed tend to use DSLR technology for the most part. The reported numbers do indicate a small number (relatively speaking) of other cameras. Not really a surprise, since professionals have been using the old DSLR technology for years and are heavily invested in the format.

A recent survey of US photographers indicates that there are 53,830 pros in the field. I’ll wager the majority of those identified use DSLR technology. The rest of the world…. Not so much. So it is not surprising pros favour the old technology… I can’t blame them, it's what they have!

I am not even going to hazard a guess how many mirrorless cameras & smart phones are being used by non-professional photographers, however, I will speculate that there are many, many more than DSLRs. Pros use the old tech, for the most part the majority of the balance are using mirrorless, compact or smart phones. The “party” is already over for the DSLR.

"Implementing some truly innovative and unique technologies such as hybrid viewfinders, etc. DSLRs might keep pace with mirrorless innovations, that may be enough to slow their bleeding. It is no longer sufficient for Canon and Nikon to have video modes that are just OK, for example. They need to match Sony (A7R III) Fuji (XT3) and others, spec for spec. At least then, the deciding factors of a purchase would come down to personal preference, and buying into a DSLR system wouldn’t feel like starting a race with one leg stuck in quicksand."

Now, don’t be upset! The DSLR is a great tool and a wonderful camera. Some folks will continue to use it for years to come, however, it is beyond writing on the wall. With the two big boys offering the new technology, they have seen the last verse of this song and are back with new mirrorless technology.

"With the advent of cameras like the Ricoh GR or the Fuji X100F, there is a whole new market of mirrorless fixed lens cameras. Even though there are still more DSLR sales than mirrorless sales in 2017, with the current trends, DSLRs may lose its lead over mirrorless by 2019. As a street photographer, it is already very rare to see a DSLR being used, and it is only a matter of time until eventually, all photographers make the change.

Besides the clear advantages of the EVF, mirrorless cameras also offer other advantages. Whereas high-end DSLRs only can shoot up to 14 photographs per second (or 16fps with mirror lockup), mirrorless cameras are already able to get as high as 20 images per second in burst mode. Due to the physical limitations of the mirror, DSLRs will never advance as far as mirrorless in this area. The design of mirrorless cameras also allows them to be more compact and lighter. It becomes very apparent that mirrorless cameras have already trumped DSLRs in almost every aspect, and with the heavy investments being poured into mirrorless technology, they will only get further ahead.

IMHO, there is no question that DSLRs will become virtually obsolete in the coming years. With current status quo, they are only useful in very specific niches like sports photography or sometimes photojournalism. Other than that, mirrorless systems are far superior in almost every aspect." Just as it did for the first rather miserable digital DSLRs years ago, it will just take some time until the public perception changes and DSLRs will be gone for good.
Since 1955 the World Press Photo Contest has recog... (show quote)

Really? Is that why the Nikon D850 was on back order for over 11 months, is that why you still cannot get the Nikon 500 5.6 lens that was introduced last year? I wonder if anyone has informed Nikon to stop producing these products because they will become obsolete in the coming years?
Apr 24, 2019 17:52:21   #
EdR wrote:
Can I expect the Speed Graphics to make a comeback🤔

We are talking about DSLR's aren't we? I am assuming that is what the discussion is about.
OHHHHHHHHHHHH. your making a joke. HA HA HA
Apr 24, 2019 14:26:33   #
dsmeltz wrote:
What type of shots were they? Landscapes or spot focused portraits at f/1.4? The kind of photography is related to the level of accuracy need in AF.

I shoot mainly wildlife. My widest aperture is F4 to F5.6. I shoot animal portraits at a distance. Do not need 1.4. Have not had a need to fine tune. For those that do, I am very happy for them. I also have several 2.8 and 1.8 lenses that have not needed fine tuned. I guess I know my equipment well and understand photography. I do use single spot focus and keep the eye in focus like I did when I did portraits.
Below a shot with the Nikon 500 5.6 at 5.6. Juvenile Great Blue Heron, about 6 weeks old.

Apr 24, 2019 14:21:12   #
Mike Holmes wrote:
I think the future is camera phones which will replace both DSLR and mirror less. Everyone wants better, smaller and faster!!!

I am happy with my D3s, D4s, and D5. I actually (and many, many others who are professional's) prefer them to the small girly mirrorless types.
Apr 24, 2019 05:56:56   #
siamesecatmanuk wrote:
Hi all,
Sorry my indecisive mind is unhappy still,as well as the fore mentioned Nikond600 it has come to my attention that the Nikon d3s ( much better ISO than d3 ? )
can be had these days at a good price and wonder if it's ( so people say ) great low light and ISO properties may suit me better for what I want and need.
Any body got one and can advise me,looks much more of a beast to carry is that a problem?

I do own a D3s. I wish it had the same battery as my D4s, but sadly no. But, that said, it will remain in my stable. Got it for $1300.00 and it only had a shutter count of 1098.
Yes, it is the furthest thing from mirrorless that you can get and the weight is WOW. But I love this camera and use it for family stuff as it does not have GROUP AUTO FOCUS that I use for wildlife, like my D4s has.
Apr 24, 2019 05:52:45   #
Bill_de wrote:
"Some interesting stats on the winning World Press Photo 2019 photographs - over 70% of the photos were shot with Nikon/Canon full-frame DSLR cameras while only 4.4% were taken with a mirrorless camera (only 2.6% were taken with a Sony camera):"

Found on Nikon Rumors


The key is PRESS PHOTO PHOTOGRAPHS. Those guys shoot for a living and have done so for a long time. They have invested in Nikon and Canon glass.
I used to shoot for UPI (united press international) we used only Nikon equipment. A lot has changed since then, it was an all male club. As things change, equipment will change.
I have always believed that mirrorless will maintain a share of the market. That share will level out at some point.
Apr 23, 2019 18:41:08   #
RRS wrote:
Say Gene could you explain why Nikon has added a feature to their 850 and at least two other bodies that allows you to take a shot in live view and then be able to use it to fine tune the body to the same standard as live view? I've asked billnikon several times and he has avoided the question. I understand why Canon and Nikon both advise not to try but they do add it to their camera bodies. I know you know what to demand from Nikon but what about the poor sod that sends in their camera and never checks to see if Fine Tune is at 0 and then also never checks to see what it is set to when it is returned. If the setting has not changed and the camera works then the job was done correctly however if the Fine Tune settings are now at a + or - then it could have been done at home, in reality the problem was not fixed as it should have been. You can go into the Nikon repair facility but I have shipped a lens and body to Canon only to get both back untouched because both were in specs. I learned how to do it myself, don't have the balls to dismantle a new 600mm f/4.0 or a 1DXMK 2 and what I have done seems to work for me. Could it be better, most likely yes if both body and lens were set to dead center tolerances.
Say Gene could you explain why Nikon has added a f... (show quote)

AS I have stated repeatedly on this site. I have owned over 20 AF Nikon Lenses. I do show prints to 20X30 that are ALL tack sharp. I do not need to fine tune any of my Nikon AF lenses. If you feel the need to fine tune your lenses, you are free to do so. I do not see where there is any need to argue about it.
Good luck and keep on shooting until the end.
Apr 23, 2019 06:48:32   #
dmdpeterdmd wrote:
I had the above lens since new - now I need a focus unit for it - my camera repair guy is unable to find one, and my search via the internet, to say the least, is frustrating - any suggestions where I might find Nikon Lens parts? Thank you

You might want to try.

com-tek 813-961-8874

authorized photo repair, morton grove, Illinois, specializes in Nikon
Apr 23, 2019 06:40:12   #
Imagemine wrote:
of this well traveled group of experienced photographers can someone tell me the best photo opp. in Miami & everglades national park?
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