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Jun 16, 2024 10:53:23   #
Thank you!
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Jun 13, 2024 10:22:08   #
Her coloring is beautiful, and the cropping is perfect. I like your work!
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Jun 12, 2024 11:32:32   #
I'm sorry to disagree with some other UHH people. First, I am not a DSLR user, only mirrorless, and Sony at that. But if you are a professional, your clients deserve your best, and that means you should invest in new equipment. My personal experience relates to upgrading from a Sony A7lll (probably the BEST low light camera ever) to the A7iv for the improved auto focus (including eye AF). That upgrade created a whole new world of ability in the event sphere, where I operate. Although I do not do weddings, I have done "wedding receptions" and the change to eye AF is an amazing difference. Yes, I do toggle back and forth on single vs. continuous, but the major difference in the logarithm to capture the "eye" is a world of difference. Regardless of the brand, as a professional, this change will raise your standards dramatically! Make the investment in yourself!
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Jun 11, 2024 17:02:55   #
burkphoto wrote:
Because I'm a tightwad. I upgrade my "stuff" when I need to. Occasionally, I WANT to.

That said, I will consider the G9 II as well as the GH7. The problem with the GH7 is that I'll want the $500 audio adapter, an $80 card reader, and a $350 1TB CF Express B card. With either camera, I'll need some high speed SDXC II cards, and a couple of 2TB SSD drives, and some spare batteries and a charger and, and, and… Cha Ching!

So do we go to New Zealand for two weeks, or do I buy a new camera and go to Myrtle Beach?
Because I'm a tightwad. I upgrade my "stuff&q... (show quote)

Go to New Zealand (but I've never been to Myrtle Beach)!!!!
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Jun 11, 2024 10:41:23   #
Does it not really depend upon the photography you are doing?
For me upgrading from the Sony A7lll to the A7iv was quite important.
The higher MP's made it easier to crop, the faster autofocus made it easier to catch people greeting each other at events.
Plus I could use the newest lens adapter LAEA-5 which is much smaller than the LAEA-4 to adapt great older Minolta lenses to my main body..
Those are serious reasons for me to do the upgrade, and it was a total success.
Keep your head in the ground if you want, but new camera bodies offer distinct advantages!
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Jun 10, 2024 21:33:06   #
jcboy3 wrote:
Do you have the older 4/3 lenses, or the newer micro-four thirds lenses? The older 4/3 lenses were mostly designed for use with PDAF, although a few are CDAF enabled. Those are generally the less expensive lenses. With the PDAF lenses, focus is extremely slow on CDAF sensors.

I have all micro 4/3rd lenses, by Olympus and Panasonic.
They focus quite quickly (not as fast as my Sony lenses on my Sony bodies) and I am very happy with the system.
Are you sure you are correct in your analysis?
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Jun 10, 2024 18:47:14   #
bobbyjohn wrote:
I guess you just gotta get lucky with respect to the weather. Wife and I did a 2 week Alaska vacation in 2015, one week land, and one week cruise. Weather was great, except for 1 day where it drizzled for a couple of of the time, great weather.

The photos taken were culled and put into a slide show of 11 minutes (with music), and available to anyone... at

I watched the whole thing. Quite a nifty presentation!
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Jun 10, 2024 17:46:05   #
Bridges wrote:
I'm glad you have had many good experiences with your cruises but as you said not all were great -- I just hit a time when there was little sun and also made some bad choices on excursions like the train vs. a motorcar trip. The train didn't stop and was swaying back and forth to make photography less than ideal.

We were on the Princess and while the food was excellent, it got boring. A couple of days I just went to the pizza shop and had a couple of slices and then a twist cone of soft-serve. The coffee was very good!

We were a little early for bears so even a guided tour to a good bear area might not have resulted in seeing much. Only King Salmon are hitting the streams now while four other varieties do not make their way into the streams until July. Some people saw a couple along the shore but at 500 yards away there was no chance of getting a decent shot.

We saw whales but none of the large ones breaching. Mostly Orcas in pods of four or five about a hundred yards out -- nothing to make great photos of.

I wouldn't mind another trip to Alaska, but no cruising! I would fly into Anchorage or Fairbanks and motor around from there.

While I was equipped for bad weather, I did not/was unable to be patient. The excursions move on and there was little time for setting up good shots. I felt the whole experience was too confining.
I'm glad you have had many good experiences with y... (show quote)

True, it is not for everybody. Nothing is. But sometimes the right cruise at the right time is very memorable. I've taken "re-positioning cruises just to have boring days at sea so that I could re-set myself, and or read a book I wanted to read. You have to use the cruise as a reason. Obviously you could not get enough photography out of your cruise, and that was a bummer for you. Your expectations were not met.
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Jun 10, 2024 15:43:41   #
jcboy3 wrote:
The EM5ii does not have PDAF. To use most 4/3 lenses, you need PDAF, and thus at least the E-M5iii. Which is a very nice camera but I wouldn't use it with heavy 4/3 lenses and it is not as affordable as the E-M1ii.

All the way round, however, the E-M5iii would be my recommendation due to the improved AF and user interface.

You are confusing me. I have the EM-5Mll, and I use it with both Olympus and Panasonic lenses, and have no trouble with autofocus, so what are you trying to say?
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Jun 10, 2024 13:52:05   #
Sorry, but I've had the greatest experiences cruising in Alaska, and just last week purchased my fourth cruise there. First, you did not state which line you were on. Not that any of them are bad, but the food on Holland America did not appeal to me. I have enjoyed Princess, and Celebrity. One time I flew to Anchorage and stayed at the Alyeska Resort and then boarded a cruise in Whittier. That one ended up in Japan!

The other difference is I have always been there in August, and the weather was beautiful. Lots of photo opportunities on excursions. I feel bad for you that you did not enjoy it, but Alaska cruising is wonderful for the majority of us!
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Jun 9, 2024 11:30:49   #
blumoon722 wrote:
Have you tried Patio Paint? Wrought iron black. Made by Deco Art
I haven't tried it myself, but about 10 years ago a girl I know said her dad used it to touch up spots on cameras and lenses.

That is an Acrylic paint and would not adhere well to metal. Then you might get little flakes on your sensor!
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Jun 9, 2024 11:27:44   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
I bought a used body-only three years ago, after using an EM-10 Mk ii + a Lumix G7 for four years.

Love my M1 Mark ii, primarily for the location of shortcut buttons and primary buttons/wheels, and of course live view exposure. It also has the handy rotating LCD, which I came to appreciate back with Canon T3i and with the Lumix. I don't know what a PDAF is

Here are some of my photos shot with the camera and either a Lumix G Vario 14-140 mm lens (sooo versatile), or an Olympus 75-300 mm. I do lots of editing.

I bought a used body-only three years ago, after u... (show quote)

I enjoyed your photos. What an eye for texture you have!
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Jun 3, 2024 10:48:30   #
She and you created very enticing artwork. Then again, it may be hard to take a bad photo of such a lovely model!
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Jun 3, 2024 10:45:03   #
Living in LV. Nevada for six years, and I have never been interested in landscape photography because I have never seen anything here that rivals the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Damian has certainly broken through the curtain and shown what can be done if you know your whereabouts! Contests like this promote experimentation, and he is to be congratulated on his artwork and skills. Keep up the great outdoor work while people like me make hay in the air conditioning!
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Jun 2, 2024 15:54:59   #
Hip Coyote wrote:
Interesting...thanks. I know Oly is big in the medical field (and also got jammed up in a nasty amount of litigation over their scopes and possible executive misconduct.)

I did not know they kept part ownership. I do, anecdotally, see that quite a few people are switching to OM...which makes sense. Very very few people operate their cameras at the edge of performance. Most of us are amateurs who travel, take pics of family, etc. OM seems to be a good 'tweener between a full frame system and a point n shoot. The cameras are full of features, robust and the system is relatively small. The optics on the pro lenses are spectacular. If I made living with photography, I'd be all in on a ff system, but as an amateur who shoots once in a while, OM-Oly is fine. I recently used the pro-capture to great effect (for me) for the first time at a sporting event. I will be using it more and more. For instance, taking grandkid to the beach...I am going to use that to get the exact right moment...makes things much easier. I also believe the Japanese really like the system.

The arguments over viability / profitability of OM is interesting...and not worth getting into an internet battle over. Cameras and business are two very separate things...something few hoggers can wrap their minds around.

I, personally, would not buy JIP stock (don't know if it is publicly traded) simply because I do not know, deeply, how the finances are situated. I do buy the products which I like a lot. That is enough financial risk for me in this lane.

The software update thing needs fixin'. Whether it is 12 guys or 1 teenager (which probably would solve the problem) or a 100 MIT graduates, the update cannot cause the problems that it does.
Interesting...thanks. I know Oly is big in the me... (show quote)

I use FF for professional work, and a mix of FF and M4/3 (M-5Mll) for travel. I would not give up my M4/3 system for anything as it is the most robust easy to use of all. Eventually I will get an OM-1, probably when I don't need a backup FF body.
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