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May 23, 2018 11:33:11   #
bobishkan wrote:
I am wondering what effect if any Nikon dropping out of the recent NRA annual convention has on this community. I am wondering how many of you guys are gun buffs and are angry or happy at Nikon's actions. Forty years ago I was a large gun dealer in NY and the very first dealer to sell Nikon rifle scopes. Me thinks, most gun people will no longer buy their very good scopes, but what about camera gear?

i use nikon equipment along with other brands. i also target shoot using a colt woodsman with the 9 and 13 inch barrels. i applaud nikon for their stand. i've have spent years in conflict areas and have had occasions to use other weapons in order to come out alive, always a nice result. with about 3 thousand hours of training and abusing the quantico models, i can assure you the last thing i want is people afraid of their environment carrying weapons.
Mar 12, 2018 13:05:09   #
thanks for the photos - used to hang out there in my youth, a very long time ago. unfortunately as climate change becomes more and more pronounced there will be more of this. some of Micronesia's islands are already permanently under water.
Mar 12, 2018 12:57:32   #
Rongnongno wrote:
Personally I would say nothing. I am happy where I am.

fully agree - change one thing and everything forward changes.
Mar 12, 2018 12:53:55   #
Metis407 wrote:
I am new to this group, but have been following for a while. Some very interesting and useful subjects.
Anyway a pet pieve of mine is signatures on photos which I seem to be seeing more and more.
Personally I really don’t like them as they are very stylized and tend to draw the eye away from the main focus. They wont protect from copywright abuse. So what is the concensus?? Thanks for your comments...

the industry standard is an impressed signature on the bottom right hand corner of the mat, to which the photograph is attached. anything else pretty much denotes amateur.
Feb 7, 2018 12:34:18   #
gvarner wrote:
Our photo club did something like this for our monthly review of photos that would go up to the regional contest for judging. We all used to judge to pick our five submissions. Now only three out of ten "trained" club judges get to do the review and make the pick. We can do our own review while they do theirs but our input doesn't count. I dropped out because their process became too exclusive, too focused on competition.

i find myself in total agreement with you. the titles of "mentor" or "expert" are arbitrary. one only has to look at the Avedon/Penn controversies during their lives and post mortem in re: their work. this will be a fairly useless thread, as i doubt any of the above will be able to assist someone who uses 5x7 glass plates and prints in platinum. or am i supposed to start a thread for only those who use this process, and exclude everyone else?
Feb 4, 2018 11:22:44   #
geodowns wrote:
Let's open another can of worms to rant on. Way back for 50+ years the only camera I had was a Nikon Ftn, all manual everything. You had to know your stuff, you had to be quick, focus, click... with no previews of your shot to look at. You had a box of filters for every occasions, than you were at the mercy of the lab to do a good job or do it yourself, print it yourself, fix it yourself. Now even a $5000 camera can point and shot. Times have change. I feel like an old fighter pilot with all the glory story's in the past. Young wepersnapers don't have a clue what its like to really be good with the old stuff. Really missing that old Ftn, but someone really wanted it, so I sold it all. Now armed with digital for 15 years, the old cockpits where all analog, mechanical. Now the new cockpits are glass, computers etc. Camera have gone the same route. They take.... I mean capture (sorry) scenes better then the eye can see. Point...&... Shoot. That was easy. Do some creative photoshop and voila, better than the real thing. OK I'll let someone pick this thing apart now. And I still like B17s better than Tanks.
Let's open another can of worms to rant on. Way ba... (show quote)

i would like to get this "stuck in the past" bs out of the way with regard to film use. this is the same as saying anyone who uses a digital image capturing device has no idea of the basics of available light and available dark.

so, both digital and film are currently used by commercial and fine art photographers - women and men - who have studied and applied themselves to the structures and theories of image making. this is why they are so good. and that's about 3% of the people on this forum. the rest are snapshooters who what everything "easier".
Feb 4, 2018 11:17:06   #
Rich1939 wrote:
I no longer use film but "back in the day" I always wanted as fine a grain as I could get. If there was no apparent grain in the final print, I was a happy man.
For what it's worth, when I owned a camera store, Acufine developer was a steady mover, as was Panatomic X film

could not agree with you more.
Feb 4, 2018 11:15:12   #
Tom Daniels wrote:
I will wrap this up with every camera I saw when i started in my twenties came with a 50mm lens.
Most never bought another lens. That was the camera setup. And it wasn't called kit lens.

nor were the 50mm lenses built like kit lenses. the 50mm lenses were what Canon and Nikon based their systems on, and were the best the could make.
Feb 4, 2018 11:11:45   #
ejones0310 wrote:
When I started out with my first SLR, I shot Panatomic X for most photos, and Kodachrome ASA 25 for color. I figured those two would last forever.

What a difference 50 years makes.

panatomic x was my favorite go film. however i never liked kodachrome, but preferred ektachrome. probably the only person in the United States that did!
Feb 4, 2018 11:06:43   #
James Slick wrote:
Or Pentax.

sigh, i have used any one of a number of differing digital bodies, when circumstances have so demanded. including the k1 pentaxes, nikon df and sony bodies, the latter i do not particularly care for.

now as far as arrogance is concerned. my varied camera bodies (film) and lenses have been used and over the decades and have given me the results required and sometimes well above that. therefore, i see no reason to own the latest, best or whatever you choose to call it, as far as systems in digital or film are concerned.

it is not a matter of arrogance. it is a matter of what unfailingly works, time after time. i have spent 60 years working on my craft, not on equipment acquisition. there are no shortcuts.
Feb 4, 2018 10:57:48   #
clint f. wrote:
Film..... What a concept. You can buy a nice enough film camera for less than a tank of gas at KEH or wherever. Experiment, go out on a limb. Three books that will help; The Camera, The Negative and The Print. Written by Ansel Adams. Perhaps you’ve heard of him.

those and David Vestal's "The Craft of Photography" are my bibles. i probably have Ansel's memorised.
Feb 4, 2018 10:55:44   #
GoofyNewfie wrote:
Only stating what I have read.
One was a quote by a Hassleblad rep.
Several sources say the H1 body and shutters are made by Hasselblad and the lenses and viewfinders by Fuji.
Both are great companies with a great reputation, though Hasselblad has a special marque, like Leica.
Have you played with a Fujiroid?
Just curious if you can detect a quality difference.
Haven't used a 'blad myself since about '2000, when we surplused ours.

What else are they going to make?
Only stating what I have read. br One was a quote ... (show quote)

oddly enough, i did get to play with 2 of the fuji/hasselblad iterations. the fuji tx-1 is the hasselblad x-pan. the fuji variant used a titanium body cladding which held up much better than did the hasselblad.

the fuji variant of the h1 body was the gx645, again, body cladding is titanium and altogether the exact same camera as the HD1 and succeeding variants. got to play with one of those and had a great time with it.

and of course the fuji interchangeable lens rangefinders. nobody's copy, and a great camera series.
Feb 4, 2018 10:43:24   #
Chris T wrote:
Really, Therwol ? .... I'd not heard that, before ... about the FA being prone to failure ....

Oh, I think you're right, there, Therwol ... both the F and the F2 ... were probably the very best mechanical SLRs ever made ... had 'em both ...

certainly the best by Nikon. but...ah, here we go. let us not forget the the Canon F1 series of bodies in their 3 iterations. they never sold like the Nikons, but that was because most U.S. Canon users were happy with their AE1 programs. also Canon was not thought of a a professional, or conflict system. and that's to bad. as a Nikon user i can still attest to the Canon f1's capabilities. have one on my desk and what's not to love. used it in the xxy# balkans.
Feb 4, 2018 10:33:49   #
Chris T wrote:
Yes, I know, WJ - a changing bag is a must-have ... 5x7 in the winter, huh?

A tradition?

yes, sort of. now living in illinois, the topography of the middle part of the state is not very interesting. so i tend to go farther south around cape girardeau for my winter photos, unless a commission interferes. i love using the 5x7 tropical camera in the winter. it's really a joy to use. a great advantage, for me, is i can use glass plates with it. really neat.
Feb 4, 2018 10:29:17   #
Rongnongno wrote:
I received this PM.

I found the answer funny and after consulting with the poster I am echoing it here, with my initial response (for full disclosure)

You will not be pilloried. Post it. Those that are unhappy? Screw them.

Post it or I will Quoting as (UHH-XYZ) - I was told I could use the correct pseudo.

thanks much for your assistance with this.
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