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Feb 13, 2013 08:05:49   #
Ah, the strap. Maybe it is to put around your neck so this doesn't happen. Not picking on you, just trying to inject a little humor in a very sobering event. There for the sake of God go I! - - Voorhees
Jan 26, 2013 09:16:33   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
I like them both. With #1 I might pump up saturation and contrast a bit if possible. I would also be interested to see the plant from a little different vantage point (from closer to ground, for example) just to compare.

Great Linda. Get me thinking outside the box. I like the idea of trying from closer to the ground. I think I need to carry knee pads with me as my knees are betting old and don't like getting on the ground. Thanks for suggestions. - - Voorhees
Jan 26, 2013 09:14:44   #
Erv wrote:
I am right in the center of those.:) Only 30 miles south of Cleveland. I don't do the fancy stuff. Just tried to touch them up some. Added some definition sharpening and up the colors some. and cropped the one.

Voorhees wrote:
Please do. I see you are from Ohio. I was born in Akron, then later in life lived in Toledo. - - Voorhees

I like the macro you brightened up. Makes quite a difference. You must be close to Brunswick. I have a nephew and his family that live in Brunswick. - Voorhees
Jan 25, 2013 20:58:58   #
Please do. I see you are from Ohio. I was born in Akron, then later in life lived in Toledo. - - Voorhees
Jan 25, 2013 20:39:24   #
Just another example of getting up close and personal in the desert. Always trying to learn from others. Given similar circumstances would any of you do some other things to make the pictures better or more interesting?
I've basically "shot in a vacuum" for almost 50 years and now I am finally seeking and getting helpful feedback. - - Voorhees
6 foot


Jan 23, 2013 17:15:16   #
It amazes me that when driving through west Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico the land looks so barren. Stop the car, get out, walk around, and look closely and you will be surprised what you see. Be ready to shoot with macro setting. While driving by did not see the little "flowers" on the cactus. Was amazed to see they looked like minature peeled pineapples upon closer inspection.

"If you keep halving the distance from the lens to the subject, you will get closer and closer but will never touch the subject!" - - Voorhees
Cactus from about 6 feet.

Same cactus up close and personal.

Jan 23, 2013 06:35:55   #
Thanks Cecil. If I clearly like one composition more than another, case closed. I think the rules will be a help when I am undecided, which is fairly often. I hope to make uncertainty less often as I progress with photography. - - Voorhees
Jan 22, 2013 06:36:23   #
Thanks gdswr. You've taught me a couple new things and I appreciate it. - - Voorhees
Jan 22, 2013 06:35:28   #
Thanks gdswr. You've taught me a couple new things and I appreciate it. - - Voorhees
Jan 21, 2013 17:34:26   #
Thanks for the comments. While my opinion is the only one that counts I want to learn more about what makes a picture appeal to a wider audience. I will try filling the view finder with the cactus next time and see how I like it. - - One Voorhees to another.
Jan 21, 2013 12:46:15   #
Thanks Cecil. My emphasis is the sky AND cactus. Sky first, cactus secondary. My posts are geared towards learning from you and others so I really appreciate the comments. Since I do not plan on selling any of my photos I'll keep in mind doing what my eye likes best. You folks are pushing me to gain new perspectives on all this so I want to try things and find ways to make my pictures even more likeable to my eye. - - Voorhees
Jan 21, 2013 12:41:04   #
Thanks Gary. I agree. The square is not so good.
I used Photoshop elements to do the cropping. I did not see a way to crop with the same aspect ratio as the original. I'll do some searching to see if I can control that other than "by eye". thanks for the comment.
Jan 20, 2013 18:23:23   #
Thank you everyone. Yes, I'm trying to learn so when I take pictures I will know better what to do next time. All this free advice is well, invaluable! - - Voorhees
Jan 20, 2013 11:57:09   #
Thanks Tilde. So I have just cropped the picture to see what happens. What do you think? I'm finding that just trying different things is very helpful. I do like the cropped ones better, probably #2 the best. - - Voorhees

Crop #1

Crop #2

Jan 20, 2013 11:49:35   #
Thanks GrahamS. I will certainly keep the "rules are made to be broken" in mind. I guess sometimes guidelines are pretty much taken as the law, and sometimes the law is only taken as a guideline. - - Voorhees
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