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Apr 29, 2019 05:47:57   #
Yes, with 16 bits you have better dynamic resolution especially in shadow area. As far as human eyes are concerned all the colors that can be seen are in the 8 bit channel, however luminosity is expanded in the 16 bit channel.

Pablo8 wrote:
Perhaps out of habit, I have been saving images , after PP in Photoshop, as 8 bits per channel. Are there any benefits/ plus/ minuses, between 8 and 16 bits? Thanks in advance of information. (No guesses, just genuine help).
Apr 27, 2019 07:26:08   #
According to this you are wrong.

Longshadow wrote:
The sensor is a silicon based integrated circuit which is sensitive to light, in only one way.
Different sensors have different characteristics.
Changing the ISO in the camera will not alter the characteristics of the sensor's sensitivity to light.
Changing the ISO simply modifies the way the information from the sensor is handled (processed).
Apr 25, 2019 06:00:59   #
Would you say that Topaz DeNoise 6 is better than DeNoise AI?

rlv567 wrote:
Inasmuch as the Internet was off most of the day yesterday (not an unusual occurrence in this country), I decided to do further evaluation of the Topaz DeNoise AI software – just now upgraded to Version 1.0.3 (it seems, an upgrade a day!). In order to achieve reasonably reliable results, I took (Canon G16) 42 pictures, RAW plus JPG, varying subject matter, lighting (natural) and ISO, with the latter from 80 to 12800.

It appears that – with exceptions to be detailed later – there were no definitive patterns to be observed, the actions of the software being quite unpredictable and random! Some results really were excellent in totally removing noise from quite noisy pictures, but others actually introduced a LOT of noise into pictures which had started with very little, SOOC. This pattern was the same for both the RAW and JPG versions. No software other that the Topaz was used in my processing.

In general, using the Topaz software resulted in the pictures being darker than the original, some by a lot! The effectiveness of the software – when successful in removing or lessening noise – was by far greatest on dark subject matter as opposed to light (especially white, where sometimes much noise was added when there was none in the original!) Removal of noise seemed to be most effective in the pictures with the most noise. In all processed pictures the color was changed to a greater or lesser degree!!!

In summation, I would say that the Topaz DeNoise AI software is based on a seemingly good idea, but nowhere near sufficiently consistent or reliable enough for purchase and still pretty slow in some of its actions, though getting better in that regard. When one starts to process a picture, there is no way of predicting whether the end result will be better or worse than the original!!!

Loren – Baguio City
Inasmuch as the Internet was off most of the day y... (show quote)
Apr 25, 2019 05:46:05   #
hobbit123 wrote:
A Labracadabrador!

😂 🤣 😂 🤣
Apr 24, 2019 06:41:49   #
My take is they mention the D800, but there is nothing on the D810 and they jump to the D850. Another point is would people pick these cameras based on brand loyalty, price point or technical reasons.

BBurns wrote:
Article of possible interest in PetaPixel.
Apr 24, 2019 06:28:05   #
I did, I can't remember precisely how I resolved it, but in the options of the brush tool I chose the legacy brush.

nanaval wrote:
Since the latest upgrade in cc 19 I find that when I use a the brush tool it lags behind what I am doing making using the masking a lot harder as it is not precise. I also find that I can't write with it as I used to. I do not have the leash box ticked but full size brush tip ticked. Any one else have this problem..
Apr 21, 2019 10:08:12   #
WesIam wrote:
This couple are always together off my patio.i believe they are building a nest near by.

Nice set of photos, but you need one of them preforming Karate.

Apr 18, 2019 07:47:26   #
I already have one or I would buy yours at this fantastic price, it is a great lens and I use it on my D500. This is an example of what this lens is capable of.

hiside wrote:
This lens is in excellent condition. glass is clear, focus works perfect, comes with soft case and caps. will send pictures if interested. $950. or offer

Apr 16, 2019 05:56:00   #
Henry Hudson reports it as a DOF issue, and a problem for his type of photography. He also states that this does not occur on the DSLR's so a firmware update may fix it. Either way it seems like a bug even if in live view.
Apr 15, 2019 13:30:43   #
Apr 14, 2019 07:06:47   #
Thank you, I am thinking of buying it for my Z6.

RickTaylor wrote:
My 24-70 2.8 S for the Z7 arrived Thursday at my local store YM Camera in Youngstown Ohio. Nikon hit it out of the park with this one. The focus is unbelievably fast and the images are tack sharp throughout the the zoom range. At F2.8 indoors low light the corners and edges perfect. Outdoors it preforms perfectly. Definitely one of the best lenses I have ever used. I only regret that it wasn’t available sooner. If anyone is considering this lens don’t be afraid to pull the trigger. It is well worth the money. Another advantage of buying from local brick and mortar stores.
My 24-70 2.8 S for the Z7 arrived Thursday at my l... (show quote)
Apr 14, 2019 07:03:52   #
Macbadger wrote:
Does anyone know anything about the status of production on this lens? Is there some problem, or is it just the volume of orders causing the delay. Any idea of what the lag time is between order and receipt?

Got mine about 5 months ago from B&H, love it well worth the wait.
Apr 14, 2019 06:58:06   #
I have the Nikon 60 and 105 macro also the Sigma 150 and 180 plus the Tamron 180. The Nikon 105 and the Sigma 150 get used a lot for insects, the 60 for flowers, the Tamron 180 I use sometimes and the Sigma 180 (which is heavy) I seldom use.
Apr 13, 2019 06:47:13   #
EAM equipment IBM-600 series IBM-Collator, I remember them well.

woodworkerman wrote:
Reminds me of the bread boards we had to wire back in the 60's massive computers. Been programming 53 years.
Apr 10, 2019 06:20:35   #
Also well worth the price of the eBook.
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