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May 12, 2024 17:43:54   #
I have collected some "vintage" images and more recent ones taken in the 1900's of one of my favorite places - Yosemite Park. The vintage pictures, even if taken with 8"x10" plates as well as the pictures from the 1900's give me a 'benchmark' for my own image quality when shooting the same subjects.

The 35mm full frame high resolution sensors and lenses created to match the qualities of the sensors are far superior to larger film cameras, including my old Hasselblad. The top Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras can all far surpass their film counterparts if newer high resolution lenses are used.

As an example of pixel peeping, I have a photo from the overlook turn-out when returning from the Redwoods preservation area to the main park. It seems almost everyone coming to Yosemite gets their camera and takes a photo of the view of Bridalveil Falls on the left, El Capitan on the right and Half Dome in almost the center of the valley.

I spent about 2 hours there in early May before the sun set. Snow was still melting. Some 'spring waterfalls' were helping the runoff from mountain tops. I shot with a Nikon D850 and the Tokina 24-70 mm Zoom at 70mm. (I had found that my Tokina 24-70 was higher resolution than my Nikon 24-70 lens. I may share some "pixel peeps" as well as a lower resolution full frame image when I have the time. The original 24x36mm sensor's image of the vista from El Capitan to the left and Bridal Veil falls to the right has become one of my favorites. Melting snowfall from the top of El Capitan created short lived waterfall spouts popping out of the cliff face's rocks. On the right, you can see each tree outlining the upper range of each mountain. A small waterfall is visible 2 mountains further into the valley on the right. You can see trees on the summit to the left of the Half Dome rock fall. And, a large predator is flying between the clouds and the valley.

I have not yet seen any photo of this Yosemite valley view with detail that allows for more and more magnification, revealing pixel peeping discoveries. So, no 8"x10" image, no 16"x20" image I have seen even begins to equal the resolution of this image. This is why I shoot and why I pixel peep to get the absolutely best image quality possible.
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May 12, 2024 02:47:51   #
Your post encouraged me to search further into youtube listings of genetic research about the Americas and who might be the "first Americans". We have 21,000-23,000 year old foot prints at White Sands - along with giant 9 foot tall giant sloths, etc. And other research indicating that some ancient Americans came from Europe to the East Coast. Thanks for helping me to learn more on this important subject!
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Oct 12, 2023 11:17:10   #
The issue about camera, lens and photo accessory production isn't as much about the country of production as the quality of the design and the factory's ability to manufacture to that specification.

Canon was very big in China. Most companies have left China for a variety of reasons, just like they left Japan. The only true concern is the quality and durability of the final product. All this Canon-Sony-Nikon, etc. competitive garbage is.... garbage. (Otherwise known as "get a life"). Don't fall into a rabbit hole that you just dug! And, don't pay much attention to someone who seems forever fixated on this topic!
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Oct 12, 2023 11:04:36   #
Get your male or female hapolog DNA tested. You may be VERY surprised at the results. For men, every male predecessor who married/had a child would show a change in the hapolog if the wife provided a distinct/different gene to the offspring. For women, the same thing will show DNA changes that will be carried thereafter by at least some offspring.

I thought I knew my ancestry. I had a comprehensive DNA test (not, among others). I learned that I have DNA changes from marriages/children in Puerto Rico, southern Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. I'm pretty certain this means I have hispanic as well as 'native American' "relatives". - But, my ancestor decided to leave the Americas after about 8 generations and re-join the other migrants that went from India (with an Indian dialect) to ..... Finland! 26 generations later, I was born, a blue eyed lifelong blonde!
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Apr 6, 2023 06:12:51   #
Not even an ounce! (Wish I could say the same for myself.)
Thanks for all your sharing. Appreciate the 'look back' you always give.
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Dec 9, 2022 19:31:33   #
Apparently you and I are of an age to qualify for Medicare. Here where I am, I use Kaiser Permanente. KP has many doctors on staff who are specialists in helping patients with plant based diets to replace what they had been using. I hope you will find a doctor conveniently nearby to assist you with a plant based diet, while also monitoring your general health and medications.

Do not assume any doctor will assure or guarantee results for you that are similar to someone else. You asked for specifics of what I was eating/taking in a plant based diet. I believe what you take and how it might help you are individualized to you. A good doctor should be your greatest partner in working toward the best health for you.

I did not tell all the problems/symptoms I was dealing with. And I did not tell all the ways that I feel better. Please, listen to your body. It may be a scream or a whisper. But, it is talking to you. Listen to your body.

There are lots of diets, meal preparation for people eating plant based diets. Probably the best place to find a huge quantity of them is Search for 'plant based' and be prepared to be overwhelmed. Your grocery store chain probably has some plant based substitutes for cheese, meats, etc. So, there is a way to have non-dairy cheese, non-meat flavored burgers, hot dogs or bacon. Go to the manager of the grocery store and request some of the foods or plant based brands of ingredients, prepared items or frozen foods that you can enjoy while also helping improve your health.

I hope for your health to improve in the near future.
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Dec 9, 2022 10:38:32   #
Last time I checked, no medical doctor guarantees anything for a patient or potential one. I'm sharing how my impaired vision with cataracts in each eye were cleared for me.

In my first reply, I suggested to the OP that he can take photos using a wide angle lens or wide angle zoom and the autofocus features of camera/lens to assist for his failing vision.

I was not told about a possible reversal of cataract damage by going onto a plant based diet. I committed to this diet to help with arthritis pain that never left me, day or night. Going plant based eliminated my x-ray verified osteo arthritis pains within the first 30 days.

Having a clearing of my cataract damage began to occur about 9 months into my diet change. And, my vision was cleared of the cataracts, by an optometrist tests, at about 1 year on a plant based diet.

Could this possibly help this man? Or other UHH members who are suffering with cataract damage? Even one other person who benefits seems like a small "investment" in web space and what I felt was good intent.

What was your intent?
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Dec 8, 2022 07:53:21   #
I intend to write more details about what helped me in the hope that it might help others.

#1 - Listen to your body. Get 'clean' for a month. (No meat, no dairy/cheese, no processed foods, no salad dressings/etc., no canned soda, no alcohol) If you do try to 'test' a food or beverage that you have cut out, do it only one time. See what the result is the next day or few days.

If I "Cheat", I will feel the effects of something my body is allergic to within 12 hours, sometimes lasting for 3-5 days. What is a cheat? I ate a small chicken drumstick, no skin, no fat and not much meat. Air fried with no oil. Within 12 hours, I will feel discomfort or joint pain. Chicken is something I can not eat.

No one told me about a way to improve or eliminate my cataracts. I stuck with my plant based diet. I noticed that my stamina improved, my mental 'sharpness' improved, my attitude stayed positive. About 9-10 months into the diet, I began to notice my vision seemed to be clearing in both eyes. I didn't say anything to anyone. I had an eye exam for cataract surgery on my left eye and was told that my right eye would probably qualify for surgery in 6 months. A pre-surgery eye exam was required and taken. With about a month to go before my cataract surgery, I phoned my opthamologist for a re-exam and left a message that my vision had changed. She agreed and booked me for a follow up exam. I told her that I felt my cataract damaged vision had improved. She did her typical thorough exam, agreed that the cataracts were gone (she had never seen this before). My vision was nearly identical to what it was before the cataracts had begun "ripening". I can see well enough to drive a car without glasses. And I need 'reading glasses' for close up sharpness.

I just learned that about 50% of all people over 60 have inflammation/arthritis in their bodies. You can go the traditional medical route - diagnosis, medicines for the rest of your life, increasingly higher doses for controlling pain, swelling and disability, joint replacement, etc. Or you can think about inflammation as your body's screaming at you that something is causing this inflammation. Try to find the cause or causes and eliminate them!
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Dec 6, 2022 23:56:57   #
My thoughts and prayers to you. I will write more about this in the future.

I am not a doctor. And, I can't promise that you will benefit from what helped me. I had a cataract in my left eye and one already started in my right one. I reluctantly accepted my declining vision as without remedy other than surgery. But, I also had arthritis in every joint of my fingers/hands/wrist/elbows and toes/plantar/heels/ankles and knees. Xrays proved osteo arthritis as the cause of the pain in each joint.

My arthritis Doctor offered no solution. But, my GP was a DO and suggested a plant based diet. She said that it had helped many others of her patients. And it might help me.

It was a big "ask" to give up meat, dairy, processed foods, eggs, cheese, etc., etc. But, the pain was relentless and even woke me up in my sleep. With my wife's help, I went 'plant based' - - - And all my arthritis pains and problems went away within the first month. (I was allergic to something in meat, dairy, processed food, etc.!! And this was the cause of my inflammation!!!)

I was still scheduled to undergo cataract surgery for my left eye. And I was told that my right eye would probably qualify for the same procedure within 6 months. - Well, about a year after being on a plant based diet, and a little before my scheduled cataract surgery, my eyes "cleared". I phoned my opthamologist and requested a new exam. She said my vision was again within the 20-20 range in both eyes and did not qualify for cataract surgery! (No one talks of clearing cataracts in your eyes. But, my eyes recovered from the effects of cataracts on a plant based diet!)

As to a fixed focus or similar lens..... If you go in this direction, I'd suggest you keep your autofocus feature turned on. You might need to keep you subject in the center of the image. And, a wide angle or wide angle zoom is likely to be the best match for this kind of photography. - - - Paul
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Oct 19, 2022 17:47:28   #
denoferth wrote:
It still is but for how much longer? After 27 years in the service defending her out of my 76 years, I've lived to see police shoot and k**l a sleeping man and wound his girlfriend in NJ while attempting to serve a "red f**g" firearm confiscation no-knock warrant. We won the cold war but now so many misguided democrats and nearly every university academic are supporting c*******ts pretending to be something called "democratic socialists" for president. Personal liberties we used to take for granted like fishing in the ocean, looking at the stars or even flying model airplanes now require expensive licenses in NY or are being legislated away as "too dangerous" or a "threat to natural security" by the FAA. Your camera "drone" is now illegal in national parks and soon the FAA will make flying model airplanes only a fond memory. What's next; possession of a stand-alone camera deemed illegal in public areas? Oops, too late; already is in some places. All that is necessary for this to continue is for rational people to sit back after the dupes cry "there ought to be a law" and do nothing. PC is, after all, a very old Marxist plot to destroy Capitalism.
In the immortal words of Winston Churchill: “The t***h is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
It still is but for how much longer? After 27 year... (show quote)

Please look at what is happening in Ukraine. - A 'camera drone' or RC plane can now be a flying bomb. I am unhappy with all drone use being banned. But, I understand that something which could be used for 'bad reasons' must be regulated. - Tech always moves forward. And those intent on mis-using it must be limited, controlled or licensed in some way for authorities to monitor possible weapons that could k**l or maim.
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Oct 14, 2022 20:39:25   #
The effective/creative photo is a combination of the model, the props, the lighting and the photography. Great total effort shown in the final image. Very well done.
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Oct 14, 2022 20:35:52   #
Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your vision and some of the hard work/planning involved. I really enjoyed it.
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Oct 14, 2022 20:32:53   #
Enjoyed your 'minimalist' picture. Great. And, thanks.

But, the question that came to me, almost immediately, was - "Is it natural?" Is the red in your photo the model's natural color? I hope it is.
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Oct 14, 2022 20:27:17   #
Getting your system 'calibrated' all the way through the printed image means you have to calibrate the camera to the computer CPU/graphics card/monitor and then the printer. There are a few good systems. Recommend that you look at what can come from one company for calibrating all parts of your "system." It is work. It will cost money. And, if you are doing printing for shows or clients, it is a completely justifiable expense and investment of your time.
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Oct 14, 2022 20:17:00   #
Always go back to the specs for the motherboard. What is the most RAM it will support and at what speed? (I upgraded my 32GB RAM to 64GB.) And look at the expandability of the motherboard to take more plug in cards, more/faster SSD, how many drives, what is the best VRAM video/graphics board that can be added? And some will need to plan for how many USB connections are available. Don't forget the graphics attachment - not some wimpy built-in video graphics capability on the motherboard. And look at the capability of the power supply to handle all your 'add-on' toys.

i've built a lot of computer systems since the 1970's. You can get a lot of good ideas from mags like Maximum PC. Don't just buy one copy and think you know everything in one 'gulp'. The 'river' is wider and faster than that.
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