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Sep 5, 2019 12:57:57   #
Very nice! #3 was my favorite.
Sep 5, 2019 12:54:38   #
Sep 5, 2019 12:53:46   #
I keep my D7100 on "Auto-no flash", "Auto ISO", and "A/M" focus. I sometimes go to Aperture priority when I'm photographing flowers. I make adjustments later with Lightroom.
Sep 4, 2019 14:55:16   #
I did find another photo, from a slightly different angle and time, that had the full spire and attempted to include it in the panorama. Unfortunately, that resulted in some minor ghosting. I tried cropping that additional picture down to just the spire and Autostitch just wouldn't include it when it processed the panorama. I tried doing the panorama in Lightroom, and it just won't accept it, with or without the added spire photo. LR will work with the panorama that included the full additional photo (with the ghosts), so I have the option of accepting ghosts or missing the top of the spire. (I have not tried Photoshop--it's on my computer but I've never attempted to run it.)
Sep 4, 2019 12:52:05   #
abc1234 wrote:
I do not have your picture in front of me but I would crop near the light post. This is a pretty shot with a great sky. I am surprised to see no people. The building is interesting and everything is so nice and crisp. Thanks for posting.
Would you include or exclude the light pole? You may have noticed that I did a little "clone" fixing of that corner, too. The crop you recommend would cut out most of that fixing (not a problem). Regarding the lack of people--I was fortunate to find a moment when very few were in the pictures. My tour group had moved on to another spot.
Sep 4, 2019 11:35:04   #
Stephan G wrote:
The Interstates were built with the Cold War in mind. To be able to move troops at moment's notice.
Yep. The original routes were designed to totally bypass any major cities, too, as much as 50 miles apart from them, with spur roads going from the major roads to the cities. Of course, that plan would have eliminated most travel through the cities, and they complained very loudly about that, so the bypass idea was shelved. Of course, later on, the huge flow through the city centers became a problem, so bypass loops aroud them were built. Go Figure.
Sep 4, 2019 11:26:08   #
All very nice. The second one of Redrock Falls is just super.
Sep 4, 2019 11:23:03   #
Well done! I've been to Venice twice and those were excellent shots invoking memories.
Sep 4, 2019 11:12:00   #
abc1234, those ARE the original panoramae. (I had not saved the first attempt.) The photo of the tower was missing the very top of the steeple--I saved as much of it as had been captured (which is why I had to go to the trouble of filling in a lot of sky--the other photos had not included as much of it). I don't always plan well when taking a series, it seems. (One time where it would help to use a tripod.)

I do have Photoshop, but I've never tried it. I like Lightroom, and it does most of what I need.

Regarding cropping, I presume you preferred the first version, before I added the 4th picture to the stitch. I'm not sure but I do, too, but I had taken that 4th photo and wanted to see what it would add. From a documentary standpoint, the wider panorama is better, but the other is maybe more "artsy".
Sep 3, 2019 16:12:37   #
Thanks Mike. I am happy with it. Both versions have been added to my Flickr Album. FWIW, the sky variation easily visible about 1/4 way from the top was not added by my manipulations--it was present in the original photos.

NB: for anyone not familiar with photos posted from Flickr, clicking on the photo or its title will bring up the photo inside Flickr, and from there it is possible to follow links to the Album, etc. Clicking on the member name will go to that person's Photostream (all pictures uploaded, most recent first).
Sep 3, 2019 09:49:10   #
Blair Shaw Jr wrote:
I love Onion Domes....please send me More !!!!!!

P.S. I secretly shoot them ....myself when my friends are not watching me.......yesssss
Why the secrecy? I see nothing nefarious about photographing onion domes.
Sep 3, 2019 09:18:47   #
Sep 3, 2019 09:15:26   #
All very nice. The last one is a cutie!
Sep 3, 2019 09:14:18   #
Excellent photos! That lake was very still--nice reflections.
Sep 3, 2019 09:12:48   #
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