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Great camera. Welcome!
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jmss1950 wrote:
Hello all. I have recently discovered your very helpful site and am hoping that you can offer me some advice.
For years I have used SLR and DSLR cameras [mainly Pentax as they fit my hand well - ME, ist, Dist, K, and have a good selection of Pentax lenses], but as I get older having to travel with and carry a large, heavy and cumbersome camera bag is more than I can manage. I also have a Pentax Optia VS20 which works fine for point and shoot except for it not having a viewfinder - a major issue for me outside.
Finally the time has come to look at alternatives: e.g. mirror less with smaller lenses or possibly a bridge camera which will give me a decent photograph plus good zoom capability - which I use a lot.
My main issue is that I really need a good viewfinder as I find using the LCD screen problematic in certain light conditions. Cost is also a factor as some of the latest models are getting very pricey, although I would be happy with an older model if it provided what I need.
Because there does not seem to be anything currently in the Pentax family that meets my needs, I have been looking at Panasonic Lumix and Sony Cyber Shot [various models]. I have been reading reviews and for every positive review of one model there tends to be a negative one and I am becoming more confused.
Ideally I would like: about 16+mp, min. 20+ optical zoom, easily usable and good EVF or optical viewfinder, reasonably priced ($500approx), good quality lens, not fussed about video. I know it is a big wish list but I live in hope. All suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks
Hello all. I have recently discovered your very he... (show quote)

I reached the same conclusion as you have about 1.5 years ago. I settled on a Sony RX10 Model IV. The major issue with Sony was and is the cost. The retail cost for a new RX10 IV is $1,695. I am 73 and on Social Security so money is an issue. The way I was able to afford the camera was to sell all my Canon gear, two bodies and a bunch of lenses. It took about 6 months to sell everything, either on this site or on Craigs List. I have never regretted the decision. The RX10 is everything I wanted. I shoot a lot of stage plays and ice hockey games. Good luck.
Jan 29, 2019 14:03:47   #
I have a Sony DSC-HX400V system for sale. The system includes the camera, with Hoya Pro1 Digital MC Protector Filter, in excellent like new condition, Peak Design Sliding Camera Strap, Neewer NW400s Flash with diffuser and case, cable, 4 non-OEM batteries, and battery charger. I will include an Amazon Shoulder bag and an 8 GB SanDisk SD card. The camera has a LED screen protector on it since purchase.

I am unable to ascertain the shutter count, my best estimate is 1,000 or less. I do not have the original packaging. The operating manual is available from as a download.

I am selling the camera system because I recently purchased a Sony RX10 Model IV and do not use the camera.

Those readers unfamiliar with the Sony DSC-HX400V should go Google it to see reviews and customer comments.

I will take Pay Pal and pay the fee, buyer pays shipping.

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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forum!
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Thank you for your service. Welcome to the forum!
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James Franks wrote:
How about a group of articles and photos for those of us who never will own or use DSLRs with multitudes of lens and filters because: we don't care about that stuff and/or can't afford that stuff. I hope we P&Sers will not be booted from UHH by the DSLRers because we don't have and will never have a Hasselblad H5D Multi-Shot with a suitcase full of lens (I had to look this up and maybe there isn't a suitcase full lens for this beautiful monster). In any case you guys like pictures and so do we. Am I booted?
How about a group of articles and photos for those... (show quote)

For over 60 years I shot Canon with a multitude of lenses. Last year I sold all my Canon equipment in favor of a Sony point and shoot and I am glad I did.
Jan 26, 2019 10:20:17   #
Welcome to the forum!
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