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Jan 7, 2017 14:11:17   #
I should mention how we bought our house, 30 years ago... We looked at three houses in the neighborhood on the same day. Two had dark rooms in the basement. We bid on ours expecting it to have one of the dark rooms, but after our bid was accepted and were looking at our purchase, I grabbed my wife's elbow and said, "Where's the dark room?"
Jan 7, 2017 12:05:07   #
Ah! yes the walking to school thing... I think mine was a mile, but pretty level ground. Snow/rain/cold. I learned pretty quick how to hitch-hike. Now you don't see that much more these days...
Jan 7, 2017 09:58:30   #
One needs not copy others, but indeed can be inspired to emulate from observation from those who have the eye...
Jan 7, 2017 09:44:50   #
Thank you, to all who have responded. I don't recall the Kodak brochures, but have been inspired by their books mentioned. I, too, continue to be inspired by the photographs posted on UHH, as well as, other web-sites I've found over the years. Truly, the internet has given more to the art of photography...
Jan 6, 2017 15:08:06   #
There was a question not long ago about the first camera, etc... I was just a youngster, shoveling snow for neighbors, when I had enough money to purchase my first camera (I think it was 39 cents!). I then later graduated to a Kodak 126 instamatic, which I later gave to my grandmother. The next was the Kodak 110 Instamatic which was a good pocket sized camera. One of my colleagues in the mid 1970's introduced me to the Canon AT-1. The camera peaked my ambition into the realm of photography as art. I became enthralled with photography. Needless to say, over the years, with a wife and three kids, my love of photography did not suffer, but my activity in it did. I recently retired and am looking to be able to express my love of photography. On a cold, but sunny, day, I found a couple of books that inspired me in the 1970's in my love of photography--"The Joy of Photography" and "More Joy of Photography".

I was wondering how many of my fellow UHH followers were also inspired by these books from Eastman Kodak...
Dec 11, 2016 21:01:38   #
Nov 19, 2016 18:32:05   #
While recognizing the disaster of the fire, the beauty of the moon. An incredible photo with the moon rising above the destruction. A very good composition!
Oct 29, 2016 10:34:56   #
Actually, I don't think you posted enough. I love to look at the faces and the hope within them!
Oct 26, 2016 10:56:44   #
I've had trouble both with cards and images on the hard drive -- losing images on both media owing to neglect and viral issues. I'm just wondering, with the cost of media these days if it might be a solution to just buy new cards in order to archive the images on the old rather than reformatting. This may work until the media changes again (thinking old floppy disks).
Oct 1, 2016 19:04:33   #
Well, maybe, I should be more explicit... The broad "strokes" of the sky (which I love) do not seem to go with the apparent detail in the foreground.
Oct 1, 2016 19:01:12   #
Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't download, and the downloaded looks much better, but while I like #3 as a photo, I still like what the software enables us (well not me yet) to transform these photos. I certainly love #3, we were out West this summer and none of mine came this close, but I still love the artistic expression allowed by the software (PP) to transform these images into more than just "photos". It just seems to me that #1 could use, well maybe, just a little more work on the foreground, which I would enjoy viewing, I'm sure you could teach me a great deal on the process, which I would love. But, alas, that is only my personal opinion. We went through Monument Valley and the Canyonlands of Utah this past June, but we were on a schedule and I wasn't permitted to take too much time for the photography.
Oct 1, 2016 17:31:39   #
carlysue wrote:
Travesty (Randy) does some amazing still life images and he makes them look simple. What I know is that in this photo genre you have total control over your light, your composition, background, colors...its all on you. And if its unbalanced, uninteresting or missing impact, well that's on you,too! Travesty did a still life image not long ago, Uncle Al. You got to know this character by a few well chosen objects that represented "Uncle Al". I thought I'd give it a try, see how much one could learn about a fictional character with just a few objects.
Travesty (Randy) does some amazing still life imag... (show quote)

What a refreshing change of scenery! All very nice and reflective of the diversity of photography.
Oct 1, 2016 17:16:36   #
Three renditions of the same photo in Monument Valley.
Which do you prefer?

I really like most of all #1, but what I don't like is the detail in the foreground. It seems like you started on a good interpretation of the photo, but then quit before you were done. All three are nice in their own interpretation, but I would like to see #1 with a little more of the foreground done in line with the rest of the photo. In #2 the foreground is a little too much overdone. But, certainly, #3 is a beautiful photo on its own.
Aug 8, 2016 22:45:21   #
It's been over 30 years since we visited Amsterdam--back in the days of film cameras. The photos I liked the best were all taken at night. The buildings along the canals were all lit up. Then, there was the Leidesplein which left me with some nice photos, with the lights and the people enjoying a dry evening.
Jul 7, 2016 00:09:56   #
The little Nikon Coolpix would have be good through my visit through Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. I picked up a battery and charger along the way in Grand Junction, CO as had been suggested. If I had been more photo centric as I had hoped this would have been great. But alas, my wife had dragged me off in the Canyonlands of Utah more that my desire to shoot, I will post a few pictures, but none came out as spectacular as if I were given the time and circumstances. For the most part there were snapshots and remembrances of our trip. Some day in the not too distance future things will change.

On the other hand... I have been exposed to the UHH and been able to glean memorable tips and ways to make better pictures, thank you all... Hoping that I might share them in the future with you. Digital photography is definitely different from the old film style.
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