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May 27, 2024 18:15:04   #
Brionjames wrote:
I have been toying with updating to mirrorless, z8 or z9.
I have nikon currently, and although my lenses will not work without an adapter, I don't think there is anything out there that will beat the nikon z cameras.
But do I need to go z9, or will z8 be all I need?, I shoot mostly wildlife, birds, and the odd sunset, and landscape.
Money is limited, so at first I will be using my current lenses with adapters, I have a few native prime lenses, and a couple of zoom lenses, including a nikon 200/500 , and a sigma 60/600, and a 50/500 bigma.
Anyone got any advice, from what I have read the z8 is just a smaller z9, with only a few less features.
It is so difficult to decide, as this will most likely be my last camera purchase.
I have been toying with updating to mirrorless, z8... (show quote)

I am late to the response game. Only you can decide if a Z8 or Z9 is the mirrorless body for you. $, size and weight are issues for some. So are other features. I got the Z9 when there was no Z8. Today I would still get the Z9 as I prefer the built in battery grip for a more robust and longer lasting battery and for shooting verticals. And my D850 and D500 both have battery grips. I use all three with F mount and Z mount tele lenses (Z9 only).

Regarding lenses, I think you may need $$$ for some new Z mount lenses. Try using your existing lenses with the adapter to see if the images meet your standards. Do not be surprised if may need to upgrade some of your glass regardless of which Z body you get--Z8 or Z9.
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May 22, 2024 10:24:57   #
Look for a used copy of Darwin Wiggett's book "How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies".

Lighting will vary during the day and cloud cover can happen a lot. So be prepared to shoot in any kind of light. Softer light may be a plus for many photo ops in the Canadian Rockies especially those with water, waterfalls, etc.
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May 22, 2024 10:17:19   #
luvmypets wrote:
Let me start by saying I have 3. A Nikon D7000, a D750 and a D810. There was/is nothing wrong with the D7000 but I wanted a full frame so I debated the D750 and the D810. I had decided on the 810 but a situation arose that took a chunk of my cash so I purchased the D750. I love that camera and still use it. The desire for the D810 never went away so when I was able I purchased a refurbished one. I love it, too and use the 750 and 810 pretty equally. The D7000 sits in a case unused. There are some things I don't get rid of.

So now I'm having a G.A.S. attack for the D850. Why, I ask myself. The 750 and 810 do everything I need and lately I haven't been taking any photos so why invest in something that may do a lot of sitting.

Onto my questions to those of you that have multiple cameras. Why do you have more than one or 2? Do you use all of them? Will you purchase more and why or why not?

I know some will wonder why I don't jump on the mirrorless train but I don't want to start over with having to buy new lenses in addition to a new camera. Yes, I know there is a converter but I think that is handicapping the advanced features of mirrorless. Plus, I think that there are a few things that still need improving such as battery life and the fact that there is nothing covering the sensor making dust spots more of an issue.

Thanks for your insight. I appreciate your time to answer my questions.

Let me start by saying I have 3. A Nikon D7000, a... (show quote)

I shoot with multiple Nikon bodies, one mirrorless and the rest DSLRs. One DSLR is a crop sensor, D500. The others are full frame.

I do a lot of nature shooting so I usually use two cameras with different lenses. For birds, the D500 with long tele. For other stuff, the full frame with another tele lens. And sometimes a body just for macro. I do not like to change lenses in the field and often shoot out of my car or a blind.

I sold my D810 for a D850. Prior to my D850, the D810 was the best Nikon DSLR I have ever owned or used. Now the D850 is. Or was. My mirrorless is a Z9. It is a fantastic camera. In many ways it has replaced or displaced my D850.

If I were you I would consider moving to mirrorless with a Z8 or a Z9 instead of a D850. Your decision depends on a host of factors unique to you: what do you shoot the most? What F mount lenses do you use? Are they good enough for a D850 or Z8 or Z9? How much can afford for new bodies and lenes?
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May 19, 2024 10:26:48   #
grandpaw wrote:
I have the Nikon 105mm F2.8 and the Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 and was wondering what advantage there would be to owning a Nikon 85mm F1,8 lens. I have several other lenses but have never owned an 85mm so I was wondering what advantage there would be to owning one. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

IMO he only reason to add a 85mm f1.8 is if you must have 1.8 (which I doubt) and if the weight difference (lighter) is a factor. I would just use the 105 f2.8.
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May 15, 2024 10:53:21   #
There have been lots of good posts. Before any new shoot, I try to remember to check my Nikon camera to make sure it is ready for today's shoot:

1. Make sure cards are in both slots (my cameras all take two cards)
2. Make sure no image files are on either card. I click on the display button and get "File folder empty" or something like that. If images are present I format both cards in the camera.
3. I run Clean sensor from the Menu
4. I check from the setup menu date and time to make sure those are set correctly.
5. I make sure that my main settings are correct for what I want: Mode(Aperture priority, Manual, etc); ISO; Auto ISO settings; Shutter speed; etc
6. White Balance set to what I want
7. Metering method set to what I want.
8. Exposure compensation is set to zero. I cannot tell you how many times this was not set to zero and remained at the last setting used that was wrong for the shoot.
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May 15, 2024 10:40:59   #
Orphoto wrote:
There are different kinds of hard drives. More modern machines with 2 drives tend to have a somewhat smaller solid state drive (SSD) plus a traditional spinning platter drive. The usual suggested plan is to leave the smaller drive, which is much faster, for program storage and to put images on the larger but slower drive. Then you use a separate external drive as your first backup.

This is likely how your new computer is set up. But there is a chance it has only one drive with two partitions, each with a separate drive letter designation. You need to get the specific setup info from the person who set up your computer.

Assuming it is a windows pc, this short video may help you:

As far as I know with windows, you have to select each drive used--no auto overflow to another drive. My practice is to download the images to the second drive if my computer has one and I reserve the main drive, usually C drive, for just operating software.
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May 12, 2024 10:13:40   #
Rongnongno wrote:
It was visible in Georgia...

And also in Arizona and west Texas.
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May 8, 2024 16:13:26   #
MichaelWPlant wrote:
Hi, I work as Product Liaison for DxO with Parallel Instal you can have version 7 and version 6 on your computer. so giving the trial version a go will not overwrite your older version. In fact I would recommend keeping the older version around just to keep Perspective Control available as we removed this as we could not get the speed improvements we wanted keeping it in the suite of plugins
Best regards,
Michael Plant

Hi Michael,

I was just about to download NIK Collection ver 7 when I checked the User guide for ver 7. It says that you can run NIK Collection ver 6 parallel to NIK C 7. But the next page says that when you download NIK C 7 it will upgrade the previous version. I was confused so I stopped.

I access NIK from DXO PL ver 7.6 Elite edition. I am hoping that DXO PL will let me choose which NIK program I want to use. I sure hope that I do not have to uninstall and reinstall 6/7 each time I want to use one or the other.

Here is the link to the User guide for NIK ver 7:

And additional information on how accessing both versions of NIK 6 and 7 will work from DXO PL 7 will be appreciated.

I sent a note to DXO support too on this matter.
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May 8, 2024 10:18:10   #
jerryc41 wrote:
OP/TECH straps are great, and I've been using them on cameras for years. I have one serious complaint, though. The short straps that attach to the camera are too short. If they used maybe 3/4" more of the strap material, it would be so much easier to put them on and off. I just spent at least half an hour trying to remove a strap connector from a camera. I was able to remove the female end (finally), but there wasn't enough strap material to fit the male connector back through the loop.

I spent quite a while removing that little triangular piece of metal from the camera and then I had to remove the strap from that. I still have to remove the strap from the little plastic piece that was on the triangular piece. That still requires feeding the connector back through the loop, though. I'd rather not cut the strap and have to buy a new one. Of course, when I'm done, I'll have to reinstall the tiny plastic and the triangular piece.

In the picture below, each small strap goes through the carry point on the camera. Then, that large connector has to go back through the loop - which is too small. If I have to cut this one, it will cost me $8.00 for a new one.
OP/TECH straps are great, and I've been using them... (show quote)

Jerry, you can buy different versions (and their length varies) of that attachment strap from OpTech. My "complaint" is that most are too long. Some are adjustable. See here for more info:

The one you showed comes in two different lengths based on the info at their website.
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May 8, 2024 10:10:35   #
MichaelWPlant wrote:
Hi, I work as Product Liaison for DxO with Parallel Instal you can have version 7 and version 6 on your computer. so giving the trial version a go will not overwrite your older version. In fact I would recommend keeping the older version around just to keep Perspective Control available as we removed this as we could not get the speed improvements we wanted keeping it in the suite of plugins
Best regards,
Michael Plant

Thanks for the tip about keeping both versions. I use windows. If I download NIK Collection 7, how do I make sure it does not overwrite my current version NIK 6.X?

I do have NIK 6.x saved in my Downloads folder.
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May 7, 2024 11:31:26   #
Retired CPO wrote:
And that's why I suggested a pillowcase. It's not an insurmountable problem!

I used dry bag or waterproof sleeve to cover my tele lens and camera (for protection from dust) when not in use. And to prevent it from falling off my lap or seat, I used a Black Rapid Sport strap with a third party Arca Swiss QR clamp that I attached to the lens plate I added to the tripod collar foot on the lens. And make sure your camera bag is kept zipped shut especially when getting off the Land Rivers.
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May 7, 2024 10:32:17   #
I would check the camera's Picture Control settings. More information about this are in the links just below.

If you shoot in RAW some prefer to accomplish the same by using batch processing to apply some universal adjustments to all of your RAW images. Which ones to apply might depend on what program you are using. Some programs use "presets" to do the same thing.

I shoot RAW in my Nikon bodies. I usually set these picture controls: Standard, Adobe RGB, some level of sharpening. I prefer to set a fixed White Balance for each shoot.
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May 7, 2024 10:13:21   #
Mike NC wrote:
I'm going to South Africa in a few weeks for safari, Victoria Falls, wine country, etc. I went a few years ago and had a great time and great photos. I have Nikon D850 and D7200. I plan on using Nikon 200-500 on D7200 and Nikon 24-70on D850.

No questions on the 850 lens - want max pixels and cropping.

If I'm using the long lens, I'm more interested in the center of the image that the edges. I figure that FX lens on DX camera will have "too much" picture for the DX camera. So what i see in the viewfinder will be what I get on the sensor and the edges of the lens will be "wasted". Therefore the actual image will be about 25 mp but will be about the same density as if the FX lens was on the 850 with the edges removed if cropped. How about that for a question? Am i understanding this correctly?

Or should I just rent a D850 body for $375?

Thanks for any answers to this nerdy question. If this is stupid, just say so. No hard feelings.

I'm going to South Africa in a few weeks for safar... (show quote)

On my two trips to Africa, I had two Nikon bodies. One had a 70-200mm f4 on it and the other had a prime tele lens. My 24-85mm was used only in camps. Only you can decide on what lenses are best for you. But two camera bodies are a must IMO.
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May 5, 2024 10:23:36   #
SkylanePilot wrote:
HI FOLKS - I have never really done any BIF, my cameras are Nkion's a 7200 & 850 , , the back property line at my sons house - is a stream about 1/2 between a local lake & The Kennebec River that empties to the ocean. My son is going to advise me when the alewives are running ....... he ends up with adult & immature eagles & osprey on the hunt & fighting for territory or fish ... when this happens....... we will see if the old man can get a few images

is my Tammron 150 -600 too much zoom to find the action in the viewfinder & get an image ........ I am guessing I will be glad this is digital.......... back in film days a lot would be trashed.

yes I have other lenses ....

Thank you for the tips & suggestions ....... I also better remember bug dope- ticks....

HI FOLKS - I have never really done any BIF, ... (show quote)

The cleaner the background the better. Light coming over your shoulder helps too. If sky is grey, use exposure compensation (+) to add light to the front of the bird.

I also recommend all of Steve Perry's books and videos.

Practice and then practice again.
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May 4, 2024 10:22:00   #
If a new or used D850 meets your needs buy it if the price is right for you. Just realize to take full advantage of this great camera your F mount lenses need to be top of the line FX lenses. From a Nikon repair standpoint, I would be more concerned about whether Nikon will have any needed replacement parts for AF motors in F mount AF lenses if these would need repair or replacement. I think the Nikon USA sale ends near the end of June 2024.
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