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Dec 22, 2018 18:15:57   #
Delderby wrote:
Sounds as if you don't know about Pre-Processing your camera, which you should be able to set up for WB, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness etc. If you really know your camera such settings can be adjusted in seconds.

Pre-processing in camera leaves a LOT to be desired. One need only look at the resulting histograms to see this. It is intended for those wanting slightly better photos without actual post-processing.

I agree whole-heartedly with the original post. For those interested in photography as opposed to snapshots, shooting raw and then using post-processing tools such as LR and PS is mandatory. We get some snapshots posted here, such as pet photos, but I wade through those to see the photography gems. Thanks to all here who regularly contribute excellent work!
Dec 22, 2018 17:51:26   #
47greyfox wrote:
Agree, nice image. Did you run it through HDR processing in LR? And more importantly, how much money did you spend at the Christmas markets? We were there last year with Viking. Good thing my wife had room in her suitcase.

I did not apply HDR to this. Instead I applied an Orton Effect in PS and pulled back the opacity on the top layer to control the effect. I plan to redo it, because I think the effect is still a little strong.

I spent very little at the Christmas markets, because I spent most of my time playing tour guide for the group I took. My wife probably spent less than $75. Others in our group spent a lot more! Most of what I spent was for food!
Dec 22, 2018 15:42:07   #
Last week in Vienna (still processing photos) I had two rain-free mornings to go out and catch the early morning light. One of my favorite streets in the Inner City is Kurrentgasse. Here are two views, taken from opposite ends of this short street. This is in the part of the Inner City that was originally within the walls of the Roman military camp, Vindobona. The streets there tend to be narrower and shorter.


Dec 21, 2018 15:18:08   #
I shot three vertical frames on #2. On #1 I shot 8 landscape, 4 on the left half stacked and 4 on the right.

srt101fan wrote:
I love your shots of the Kleeblattgasse. Can you tell me how you did #2? I've never done a pano, but I think of them as long horizontal images. Yours is almost square!?
Dec 21, 2018 13:44:40   #
I switched to digital in about 2001. However, a few years ago I realized I was shooting digital as a film guy. The biggest improvement in my digital work came after this as I worked hard to take advantage of digital's differences from film.
Dec 21, 2018 13:40:19   #
When in Vienna I generally go out a little before sunrise to shoot some of my favorite out-of-the-way spots in the Inner City. Last week I had only two rain-free mornings so I was not able to visit everything on my list, but I still managed to come away with a few I like.
#1 - Renaissance architecture is not common in Vienna. Between the Turkish siege of 1529 and the Counter-reformation, most of the imperial funds were not invested in new construction. The Salvatorkapelle, a church dating to the mid-14th century, added a side portal in about 1520 and it is a gem of Italian Renaissance style. This used to be nearly impossible to photograph due to the presence of a parking spot that was always occupied. I few years ago the city widened the sidewalk and eliminated the parking spot. This was an 8-frame pano.
#2 - One of my favorite little streets is Kleeblattgasse. 3-frame pano, a little before sunrise on a very dark, overcast morning.
#3 - This is Kleeblattgasse as I shot it in September of 2016, a little after sunrise. Shot with an 18-140 on my old D7200. I like this composition better.



Dec 21, 2018 12:30:32   #
I agree with you. In making my comment I was actually thinking about the 5 minutes I had to wait so there wasn't someone posing in front of the statue with someone taking the photo. I have no problem with the people in this photo because they were not directly in front.

Bob Locher wrote:
I respectfully disagree. Why should there not be people - it is a public place in an urban environment. And people honor Mozart's memory. Without the people the photo would be sterile.

It is a nice picture, and the wan winter sunlight add to the atmosphere. As do the people with cold weather attire.


Bob Locher
Dec 21, 2018 12:00:12   #
Shot last week in Vienna. It is virtually impossible to photograph this statute without people around it due to its location on the Ring and right by the Burgring streetcar stop. The darkness of the clouds caught my eye as I approached this stop and I jumped off to catch this photo.

Dec 19, 2018 16:33:09   #
I shot this as a 5-frame pano last week, which resulted in a 249 mb photo, so I had to reduce it a lot to post it here. This is Belvedere Palace (technically the Upper Belvedere) in Vienna. There is a lot of history associated with this palace, but one of some interest to many is that it was from here that Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie left on their trip to Sarajevo and a date with an assassins' bullets, the act that led to World War I.

The palace was designed and built by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt and is considered his masterpiece. It was commissioned by Prince Eugen von Savoy. No less an authority on such matters than Napoleon said Eugen was the finest military commander in European history. He was French, but rejected by the French military for being too short, so he went to Vienna to offer his services to the Holy Roman Empire. He served with distinction against the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683, but it was in the years that followed that he won distinction, first against the French in the west and later against the Turks in Hungary.

Today this palace is an art museum and the most famous painting there is The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt. All of the dark box-like shapes in front are the back sides of the booths at the Christmas Market.

Dec 18, 2018 10:50:54   #
This is a little slice of the Christmas market outside Karlskirche in Vienna last week. We did not have ideal conditions, but my wife held an umbrella over me in the wind and rain. Not as sharp as I would have liked but probably the best I could do in the moment.

Nov 2, 2018 00:20:58   #
It would be nice to see the original ("store original" option).
Nov 1, 2018 18:53:13   #
fourg1b2006 wrote:
Looks like nice HDR image.

Actually, no. I shot one frame and did not process it as HDR.
Nov 1, 2018 01:32:46   #
In the spirit of decals of people on the back of cars, I saw this in Ireland.

Oct 31, 2018 11:26:42   #
I was attracted to this little scene but I did not have an ND filter with me. However, I had my tripod in the trunk of my car and light was somewhat reduced (this was in a canyon and an early shade), so I ended up shooting at ISO 50 and f22 to get a shutter speed of 1.3 sec. D750 with 50mm 1.8D. I found the contrast of the smoothed water and the stationary leaves compelling. At another season, without the leaves, this would be far less interesting.

Sep 27, 2018 20:21:53   #
speters wrote:
There is no such thing as Autostrasse, there is only Staße, and that simply means road/street, so naming something Autostraße would not make any sense, thats what a road is for, Autos. Autobahn is a combination of Auto and train in the same word, relating to the straight and direkt connection between different loacations!

Actually, both Switzerland and Austria have certain roads designated as an Autostrasse. These are one step below the Autobahn, still having restricted access, but not requiring the Vignette needed for travel on the Autobahn. The name makes perfect sense, since both countries actually use that very word. Most European countries have this class of road, although known by various names. (In Germany, this type of road is called a Kraftfahrstrasse.) And by the way, I could point you to numerous streets bearing the "strasse" designation that are not for autos, but only pedestrians (i.e., Kärntnerstrasse or Jasomirgottstrasse, as well as parts of Mahlerstrasse and Singerstrasse in Vienna; or Maria Theresien Strasse or Herzog Friedrich Strasse in the old town of Innsbruck), so Strasse does not necessarily imply auto usage.
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