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Feb 19, 2021 10:03:11   #
joballem Loc: Boston, MA
Not asking for medical advice; just experience with...
Has anyone had cataract repair before? How did it effect your making photographs? Would the tri-focal be better than the distance focused lens?

Feb 19, 2021 10:37:22   #
wildconc2001 Loc: Chicagoland
I had both done and received the regular implants. Only need glasses for reading and closeup. Of the people that had the trifocals put in that I have heard from, only one was totally satisfied. I understand they are quite good but it takes a bunch of time to use them properly. I take pictures now that are better than before because I don't miss on my focusing. It has been lost evident to me with my macro flower work, very few focusing areas since my surgery.

Feb 19, 2021 10:55:22   #
charlienow Loc: Hershey, PA
My wife and I both got the multi focal lenses. I love mine. Don’t need glasses at all. I sometimes have a little problem with very fine print. When I do I use my iPhone to take a picture of it and then read it. It is great to see in the viewfinder and I have no problems seeing the menu and then my subject.

My wife just got hers recently. Her vision is good. Still improving every day. She needs another few months for her vision to get to their best.

I have a couple friends with these same lenses and they do great. One friend got them and had problems but it was due to his eyes. They replaced them with single vision lenses and he is much better now.

My sister in law had her right eye distance and left eye close up. This works for her but would not work for me. Tried it with contacts a long time ago and it was horrible for me.

Good luck. Probably any decision you make will be the right one.


Feb 19, 2021 11:15:42   #
flip1948 Loc: Hamden, CT
I had both eyes done about 4 years ago. Since I live in New Haven I had them done at the Yale School of Medicine Eye Clinic and the head of the department was my surgeon.

Since Medicare won't cover the multi-focal lenses I got the lenses for distance correction. I am now 20-20 in both eyes. I do have to wear reading glasses.

The cataracts really didn't affect my photography much because of autofocus lenses. If I were still using manual focus lenses I would have been in big trouble.

The worse part of cataracts was the effect they had on my golf. I started miss-hitting the ball and it's no fun playing golf when you're hitting grounders. I haven't played since the surgery, but I definitely will be going out once it gets warm enough up here in balmy Southern Connecticut.

Feb 20, 2021 05:30:52   #
jdubu Loc: San Jose, CA
I had both eyes done about 6 years ago at the same time. Recuperation was not long and my long distance vision was perfect after leaving the hospital. I wear reading glasses as needed, but the diopter on my cameras are adjusted to my reading vision needs and I only wear glasses when working on the menu or setting auxiliary lighting or screen when tethered. So, not needing glasses when looking through the viewfinder is actually better for me. Got normal distance correction and happy with it.

I also play high level volleyball and wore safety glasses for about a year, just in case. I found that after cataract surgery, the vision I have on the court tracking a fast moving ball is far superior what I was seeing with glasses.

Feb 20, 2021 05:58:25   #
I'm now 80, had it done several years ago and my vision is virtually 20/20. The other big change was the light temp changing from yellow to white. I chose far vision, having been born near sighted, haven't regretted it. Glasses for close-up.

Feb 20, 2021 07:01:28   #
RayE Loc: New Jersey
Had the surgery a couple of years Bach, with multi focal lenses. I don’t need to wear glasses. The big thing I noticed was color perception. My wife had told me for years my hair was gray. I argued that it still looked dirty blonde to me. Th cataracts gave. Yellowish tint to light colors. After the surgery, my hair miraculously appeared gray!

Feb 20, 2021 07:03:56   #
Get the multi focal lens! Hands down the best decision I have ever made. While everyone else who has cataracts needs reading glasses, I can go into a restaurant and read the menu ( no need for reading glasses).

Feb 20, 2021 07:32:38   #
joballem Loc: Boston, MA
Thank you everyone for your kind and thoughtful responses. I still have a little time to think about it; but, think I might go with the tri-focal lens. Best, Jo

Feb 20, 2021 07:57:21   #
CHEESEBURGER Loc: Billings, Mt
After I had bi-lateral cataract surgery (2018) and later laser surgery (2020), my eye sight is 20/15. Reader glasses only. Eveything is crystal clear, sharp and intense color saturation. Biggest draw back is my bathroom mirror. Shows how old I really am, not how young my eyesight suggests. LOL

Feb 20, 2021 08:04:17   #
Morning Star Loc: West coast, North of the 49th N.
Since everyone's eyes are different, and the only two persons that can really judge what you can and cannot see properly now, are you and you ophthalmologist.
My suggestion is that you discuss the options and outcomes of the surgery with your ophthalmologist and together decide what lens inserts are best for you.
I did, had the cararacts of both my eyes removed and lenses implanted (about 4 weeks in between time) and have not regretted it for a moment. I still wear trifocals, reading and arms-length are corrected with the lenses, the distance part has no correction and I can drive, walk, whatever, without glasses.
Yes, if you optometrist or ophthalmologist suggests cataract surgery, go for it, after thoroughly discussing the options and the expected outcome of each option.

Feb 20, 2021 08:24:49   #
I did and went with mono vision. That means my left eye is my reading eye and my right eye is my distance eye. Thank goodness I did it that way! 😊

Feb 20, 2021 09:07:12   #
JimBart Loc: Western Michigan
I had cataract surgery several years ago with regular lens implant as Medicare /insurance wouldn’t cover the upgrade lens. I’ve had no problems adjusting when photographing except when they redeveloped last year. I then had corrective laser surgery and no more problems except a few floaters. FYI ... I’ve had more problems with transition (auto adjusting sunglasses)corrective lenses than I’ve had with cataract surgery

Feb 20, 2021 09:38:58   #
Stage Light Loc: Northeast
I have had no problems with glasses at all. I do have bifocals now, and also have had tri' in the past. There seems to be no problems. This was about 20 years ago.
I do think it would be a challenge to keep changing from far to near; you don't need to.
Good luck with whatever you do ! Bill

Feb 20, 2021 09:49:48   #
Chan Garrett
joballem wrote:
Not asking for medical advice; just experience with...
Has anyone had cataract repair before? How did it effect your making photographs? Would the tri-focal be better than the distance focused lens?

I had both eyes done about ten years ago. Prior to that I had worn trifocal glasses since my collage days. In my case, the left eye received a lens for close vision and my right eye for long vision. The adjustment by my mind was quick and easy. I have not worn glasses since and have experienced no trouble. I am left eye dominant and use that eye for framing and focus through the viewfinder. Best thing I have ever done.

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