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Hi! Feel free to call me Rose.

I was pointed to this resource by my father-in-law who has a background in professional photography. Live theater was my passion before health problems at an early age took performing from me, so I've channeled all of that acting fuel into photography and videography. In my personal time, I prefer abstract photography, but I make my living from videography as a full time, work from home mom.

I've been working with cameras and the like since ~2006, but now I actually own my own equipment. I currently work with a Canon T3 DSLR and a Canon Vixia Hf g20 with a Takstar SGC-598 mic, though I never turn down the opportunity to grab a lens and shoot with my iPhone 8s! Almost all of my editing is done with Adobe programs, both on desktop and via phone apps, but I do have some experience with Wondershare Filmora.

I'll probably read all the things before jumping into discussions and asking questions as I tend to be more of an observer before I get comfortable and finally open up. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing all of this information, since I can't physically attend school due to parenting+chronic health problems, this forum will be an invaluable resource to me and I hope to (eventually) be able to contribute. - Forum
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