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Sep 20, 2019 17:10:06   #
So would I Bob, thanks for thinking about it. Bev
Sep 20, 2019 15:29:17   #
Sep 20, 2019 15:25:36   #
I like the way you show depth down the hall with other people in the shadows, but with enough light to identify. Well done. Bev
Sep 20, 2019 15:14:06   #
I like what you captured and your presentation. Nice going. Bev
Sep 20, 2019 14:01:56   #
I like the mood of your image. I think the storm clouds enhance the story of the aging and loneliness of the empty house. Bev
Sep 20, 2019 13:57:13   #
I purchased and used Topaz AI Clear as an adjustment in Studio. It worked so well it became part of my workflow for almost every image I worked up. When Sharpen AI became available I was able to upgrade at no cost (because I had purchased AI Clear). It worked well for me and I use one or the other on a regular basis. Bev
Sep 19, 2019 11:49:11   #
kenievans wrote:
Beautiful job Bev! Great texture in the back ground.

Thanks Keni, always appreciate your comments. Bev
Sep 19, 2019 11:48:19   #
buddah17 wrote:
I really like this effect. Can I ask you to add a bit more info on the "Texture backgrounds" and "Topaz Edge" please?

To catch the little one in flight, I used a high ISO, so first thing I ran it through Topaz AI DeNoise. Then I darkened the branch and removed white spots in the background so it would blend better. The first background I used was from Daily Texture Secrets collection. Then DT Pearle Glimmer in Soft Light at 50%, then DT Nostalga at 30% to give it a big of a dark edge. The last layer was one of my own clouds image blended in soft light at about 30%. I thought I'd used a Topaz edge from their Effects, but I didn't, I liked the edge that Nostalga had. I masked the bird out in each layer, as I wanted it to show through clearly.

PM me if you want any further info. Bev
Sep 18, 2019 15:15:39   #
OK Bob, thought I'd give it a try. Used Topaz DeNoise AI like Jack did and got the same result. Then tried to remove some red with Blake Rudis ZSE6 Blend If Zone Color Masks primarily forr red, green, and blue. Think I could have done a little more, but I'm still new to this type of editing. Also not sure what colors are in his coat, so didn't want to overdo. Bev

Sep 18, 2019 15:00:23   #
blacks2 wrote:
Thank you so much, and done with a Nikon.

What can I say, the best of all worlds, equipment, scenery, and most importantly photographer. Bev
Sep 18, 2019 14:30:16   #
Thank you so much Bob. Now know how your background colors blend so well with all your dogs' coats, and using a mirrored gradient. I have Remask, but have stuck with Photoshop's selections with some difficulty with fuzzy edges such as a dog's coat. I may have to give it a try again. Tommy, thanks for offering your cute Rudy as a subject. Wonderful final outcome. Thanks again Bob for the time your put into this tutorial. I've learned from it and will be trying a couple of your suggestions later this week. Bev
Sep 18, 2019 14:10:53   #
Wonderful shot and love the colors as you presented them. Didn't get a chance to use much Velvie...moved to digital quickly. Bev
Sep 18, 2019 14:08:24   #
Thanks for presenting Steve. We've had a couple diptychs presented for critique at camera club. I did not understand their relationship. Thanks for explaining yours. I was way off on the subject of how fences keep "in" or "out" as the subject. I like your 2nd working of the right sided one, toning it down a bit. Bev
Sep 18, 2019 13:59:33   #
Keni, wonderfully creative. Thanks for the tutorial while you stepped through your workflow. I have yet to use color look up tables, but I'll get there. Bev
Sep 18, 2019 13:50:55   #
Very creative. I loved your idea and follow through. Bev
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