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May 26, 2019 14:16:10   #
I take a small group of people to Austria almost annually and one of the places on the itinerary is always Hallstatt, an incredibly beautiful village and lake, continuously occupied for about 4000 years. Hallstatt is often considered the source of Celtic civilization. I often tell people that if they see three pictures of Austria, Hallstatt will be one. In 2012 I stood at a spot I always spend a few minutes shooting from and serendipity happened. I have shot many frames from this spot over the years, once with a ferry mid-lake that was beautiful, but this moment was special.

May 15, 2019 14:38:48   #
Now you can go buy that lens you have had your eye on!
Apr 12, 2019 10:29:50   #
Very nice. I look forward to this scene in my yard, but this morning my pear tree has two inches of fresh snow!
Apr 9, 2019 23:54:23   #
Drotic wrote:
Is it true that controlling the focus on a subject's background is difficult thus necessitating a plain background? I have justed started to try this technique and run into that problem.

I always use a large enough aperture to ensure that everything in the background will be out of focus. Of course, the large the aperture the more focus slices are needed. I find a plain background (when possible) results in a more pleasing image because there is less to distract from the subject. I have not run into any significant problem, however, so long as the background is not in focus.
Apr 9, 2019 23:03:30   #
I spent a little time this evening with a couple of lights and instead of my 105mm macro lens I used my 50mm (non-macro). This is a large subject so it made more sense. This ended up being a stack of 10 frames.

Apr 7, 2019 17:39:48   #
Apr 7, 2019 15:46:21   #
Blossoms on one of our orchids began to open a couple of days ago. This morning I was intrigued by this little scene. Three stages of bloom. I shot 8 frames in a focus stack.

Mar 15, 2019 18:37:16   #
SuperFly48 wrote:
I presume you have the manual focus Nikkor? I have one myself; it does a nice job especially on a D850. I shot the "Dragon Lights" lantern festival in downtown Chicago last year; used that lens exclusively on a D850. From my experience the older Nikkor manual focus lenses perform better on a D850 than on my D7100; I have tested them all on both bodies. Lenses are leftovers from my film days, and glad I did not get rid of them.

Yes, mine was made long before autofocus. These old lenses are so solid and sharp!
Mar 15, 2019 10:57:00   #
I picked up an old (ca 1977) Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 lens last week. Driving home last night I was admiring the late afternoon light to the west when I remembered I had my camera with that lens in the car, so I pulled over and shot four quick exposures as a pano.

Feb 26, 2019 21:45:30   #
Einreb92 wrote:
Nice pano. My 50 might be my favorite lens, for the predictable sharpness.

I agree. These days I almost always use the 50 for a pano. Less distortion than a wider lens and great sharpness.
Feb 25, 2019 10:01:17   #
I shot this last week on a beautiful morning standing on the north end of Antelope Island looking back to the east and the Wasatch Mountains. Antelope Island is on the east side of the Great Salt Lake and is connected to the mainland by the causeway shown here. It was stitched from 8 frames shot with my 50mm and resulted in a 64gb jpg. The attached photo has been reduced in size to meet the limit here.

Feb 18, 2019 08:46:38   #
A few years ago, I dealt with RS on behalf of a client (company) that manufactured various flash memory items. My client was looking at RS as a distributor. I had been through this process with many other distributors and most of them were easy to work with and contracts could be finalized quickly. RS was almost impossible to reach an agreement with. Every proposed contract change, no matter how minor, had to be reviewed by every VP and took several weeks to come back. It was the most effective anti-business-growth management team I ever worked with. We began the process in about June, figuring on stocking for the Christmas season. The contract was signed in early December and the first shipments were made in January. No other distributor I dealt with took more than 6 weeks to sign, and most took only a couple of weeks. I knew then RS was suffering from a fatal disease.
Jan 8, 2019 00:34:19   #
Dec 28, 2018 08:45:09   #
Wait! Was he seriously proposing loading $12.5 million on an "ATM Master Card"? Why not a Starbucks gift card?
Dec 22, 2018 21:15:32   #
Back in about 2000, there was a major restoration started on the fresco in the dome of Karlskirche (St. Charles' Church) in Vienna. In order to do the work, they installed a platform at the level of the base of the dome with an elevator. At the end, they made the elevator open to the public (with purchase of a ticket, of course), which generated so much money for the church that the platform and elevator has remained. In just the last couple of years they greatly reduced the size of the platform.

When we were there last week, there were two large reflective balls or balloons (not sure which) hanging in the church. The lower one was probably at least 15 feet in diameter. I kept trying to figure out how to capture a sense of the size of the space and finally decided to shoot 3 frames and stitch them in PS as a pano. I am in the photo, but hard to find.

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