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Feb 27, 2019 17:29:37   #
AndyGarcia wrote:
Have always wanted a Leica over the last 55 years. Never got one. I chose Nikon instead Nikkormat, F Photomic, FM2, D80, D300 & D7K still have the Nikkormat/D300 all the rest gone. I still have my Nikkor lenses - hooray!!

Now Leicas are a true luxury good. Their Digital cameras, from what I read, have limited life spans and very poor service support from Leica.

I now shoot Fuji. XE2, XT1 & XT2 with Fuji brilliant glass and lots of legacy glass from Nikon to Helios.

I would not dream of buying a digital Leica anymore even if I could afford it. They are a shining example of consumerism gone crazy.
Have always wanted a Leica over the last 55 years.... (show quote)

I enjoyed my X1, I traded my D200 for it, then sold it a couple of years ago. Got nice compliments from strangers, haptics were beyond pleasent...but 10 meg, no IBIS, no future to me, sold it and bought a EP-1 and EM-5, with Leica glass (I know)... happy and gettin ier everyday

Feb 27, 2019 09:26:41   #
BebuLamar wrote:
They are almost identical but one is a German brand and made in Japan and the other is a Japanese brand and made in China.

Seriously? Two different manufacturing plants? I’m actually impressed. For me avoiding the purchase of anything from the PEoples Republic is important where possible, that would be worth the extra $$$.
On the flip side my X1 was made in Germany, it was really well made
Feb 27, 2019 06:24:34   #
I owned a made in Germany X-1, liked it didn’t love it, knowledgeable people would notice it.
Took nice pics, no stabilization, 10 meg if I recall, fixed 23mm f2.8.
Sold it for $650, bought Olympus EP-1 with lenses for $175, bought a 15mm Leica lens for $400, still way ahead
Feb 1, 2019 07:15:42   #
KiheiVillages wrote:
This thread was started to give my point of view of photographer's who fancy themselves artists, and who believe the path to that, is purchasing expensive gear.
i.e. "I'm an artist. I am going to be a professional photographer. I am going to buy the best camera gear, end of story!"
I am new to this forum, and certain this must've been covered many times.
But wondered if the artist/craftsman ( I consider craftsman to be any gender ),
was considered. Because they go hand in hand.
This thread was started to give my point of view o... (show quote)

Oh so this is trolling...
Jan 20, 2019 11:53:22   #
Brucej67 wrote:
I do out of habit, while shooting a wedding the camera I was using fell and needed repair, I luckily had a backup camera in the car. It is also helpful when you want to shoot with more than one lens in the field, instead of changing lenses and exposing the sensor to dust you can mount the different lens on each camera ahead of time.

Bingo! Horses for courses as they say. D700 for general work, D300’s for back up, D2X with 80-400, Oly m43 em-5 for IR, and 50-200 withe-620 for the kayak.
Jan 6, 2019 09:26:37   #
Hoosier in GA wrote:
Gee...what an original idea.....except I have no rotator cuff. Workout in a gym?....maybe if I can press more than 5# with right arm.

I’m with you, two reverse shoulder replacements, one worked well, I went to M43 yes it’s lighter, I found the haptics underwhelming to the point that I went back to Nikon. I like labeled switches. Even the em-1 was annoying
Jan 2, 2019 16:21:15   #
imagemeister wrote:
Probably ......I believe the EVF shows a JPEG - so if you use JPEG, you see EXACTLY what you will get - WB included ! ( yes, I have and use an EVF) If you process raw, you may or may not see an accurate representation according to you needs. Another reason why I shoot JPEG only!

Same here! But don’t tell anybody
Jan 2, 2019 16:19:40   #
imagemeister wrote:
See, I told you there were more ....

Laughing my backside off
Jan 2, 2019 06:41:50   #
Morning Star wrote:
Interesting! You must have been one of the original testers? Or did you start shooting mirrorless with a 4/3 camera? Or other format?
Bit of history:
2004–2008. The first mirrorless camera commercially marketed was the Epson R-D1 (released in 2004, a range finder camera) (Sensor‎: ‎23.7 x 15.6 mm, 1.53 × FOV crop).
The Micro Four Thirds system, whose first camera was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1, was released in Japan in October 2008.

(Don't want to insult you about the year; besides photography, I also like history!)
Interesting! You must have been one of the origina... (show quote)

Well then what about my old, still working, Coolpix 5000, and it wasn’t the first!
Jan 2, 2019 06:34:19   #
jaycoffman wrote:
It may just be a GAS attack but I am considering changing from my Nikon d7100 to a mirrorless in the near future. My two main reasons are that I hope to lighten and shrink my equipment even a small amount as it's getting harder to lug my d7100 and Tamron 18-400 lens around. I realize there will be some change in how I view my photography with a mirrorless and also that some lenses will be as big as what I have but between lugging the gear in the tank bag of my bike and jumping in and out of safari vehicles and walking through the brush I'm ready for a little relief. Second, I also find myself pushing the ISO in the d7100 for a lot of shots in very low light conditions and a lot of my pictures are very difficult to bring back from the snow factor when using high ISOs even with subscription Lightroom/Photoshop. My 50mm makes pushing possible but not enough for acceptable pictures.

Right now many reviewers are saying that the mirrorless Nikon Z6 is the best buy now but there are as many still sticking the the Sony a7III (both are at about the same price point). The Nikon attracts me because I'm used to Nikons. If I get the Z6 I'll also get the 24-70mm f4 lens for my general lens.

First Question: My two main lenses on my d7100 are the Tamron 18-400 and a Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens. Both are, I believe, for the crop sensor. So if I get the adapter for the Z6 will these work for me on the full frame Z6? I know they will increase the bulk when I need to use them but I will no longer need to use the 18-400 as a walk-around lens.

Second Question: Will I see low light improvement in the quality of my pictures with a mirrorless? (I understand that I am responsible for the content and getting the exposure factors right and I will always be working on that.) Low light performance is one of the things advertised about these full frame mirrorless cameras.

Last Question: Nikon vs. Sony--Will I have to do anything special with the FTZ cards, are they expensive and does anyone have experience with them?

If anyone has any other cameras in this range I'm open to suggestions. I'm not a pro and won't be but I do like trying to get good images that I can use in picture stories and other things but probably no huge prints.

Thanks for any thoughts. I will go to the local camera store tomorrow to see how each of these cameras feels to me and see what they say about my issues but I've been somewhat disappointed in their advice in the past which is why I'm posing this question.
It may just be a GAS attack but I am considering c... (show quote)

The future is mirrorless, for size reduction any crop sensor will be much smaller, full size is still ruled by lens. Only at extremes will differences be apparent between formats. M43 and Fuji are both terrific and much smaller than full size.
I went with m43’s BUT! I had trouble with the haptics of the small size and numerous un-labeled “f” buttons and switches (em1.1). So I went back to what worked all the time for me, Nikon dslr’s.
You will not see lowlight improvement because of “mirrorless”, you will see improved lowlight performance from a newer system, or increase in sensor size.
Being able to adjust exposure with wysiwyg is priceless, at first; then you get the lag, hate lag, it’s not significant like it used to be, but it’s there and I hate it. After a while you really don’t need the wysiwyg as much.
I had issues with menus, things settings etc., would change on me with the touch screen, I’d have to stop what I was doing,sit down, put my reading glasses on and miss the shot while I was trying to correct whatever was wrong. Although I think I’m just old...
The Z6 at least shares the ergos of the Nikon system.
Lastly: with the reduced flange distance of any mirrorless system wide angle lenses can be designed without the compromises of retro-focus, not a big deal but there is that.
Jan 2, 2019 06:12:26   #
imagemeister wrote:
Wow, that's quite an attitude/rant you have there !.....


Always the same drivel from bipod, unrelenting... ask him to post a picture that he has produced...nuttin, just a deformed little creature that lives under a bridge.
Jan 2, 2019 06:04:54   #
tdekany wrote:
And he insists that he is not a troll.

If this post of his doesn’t prove it, nothing will.

Oh no, bipod again. Hey bipod, welcome to 2019, you’re “miniature” format is now 6x7 medium format; all your spewing about “subminiature” format relates now to say...645. Large format is anything however Larger than 24x36mm is now.
Subminiature is what might be called anything less than m43, or one inch really.
8x10 is certainly nice, Claude Butcher still uses one, if you can’t make it good make it red, if you can’t make it red make it big. His stuff is big.
Dec 28, 2018 06:18:11   #
Here goes:
Nikon Fm
Nikon FE (2)
Nikon N90
Nikon F3
Nikon F4
Nikon F100
Mamiya Press
Rollie F f2.8
Linhoff technika
Fuji GW645
Fuji GA645
Nikon Coolpix 5000
Fuji S-1 pro
Fuji S-2 pro
Nikon D100
Nikon D200
Nikon D2X
Leica X1
Olympus EM-5 IR
Olympus EP-1
Olympus Em-1
Olympus E-600
Nikon D300S
Nikon D700
Pentax KS-2

I wonder if I have a problem...
Dec 21, 2018 10:31:42   #
All I gotta say is this: a good big man will beat a good small man any day of the week, or to beat a dead horse: all things being equal the bigger the better the tighter the sweater.
Dec 13, 2018 09:16:31   #
With a D810 you should be ashamed of using the 28-300. That camera deserves the 24-70. with that tool you can crop in as far as necessary. The 28-300 is amazing in that wow that's a lot of range, but the reality of that lens is it deserves no more than a 6 meg sensor. and yes I'm jealous, have a great trip with my dream equipment, 24-70mm and D810, wow.
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