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Jun 20, 2019 12:24:46   #
uaeluor1949 wrote:
Sorry, I can't sell or give away something that I believe is defective. It would be cheaper to buy one that is working perfectly than to get my camera fixed.

Many of us question the actual “defectiveness” of the d200 since the restoration, I wonder if there’s something else like a focus setting, lens prob or whatever. D200 is still a fine camera
Jun 19, 2019 07:36:59   #
John Battle wrote:
I'm just wondering. Are there charities that accept older cameras for some purpose?

Every charity I’m aware of that has a re-sell outlet would be thrilled to receive it
Jun 12, 2019 08:05:42   #
I must admit that I too shoot only in jpg
May 21, 2019 09:53:34   #
If you research on DxO you'll find that neither lens does particularly well, the difference in sharpness really borders on insignificant, So you're paying double, but gaining very little, I'd say the ability to shoot sharp at F5.6 (f4) vs F8 (F3.5-5.6) is the primary benefit and at that point there's little benefit to the faster lens. Soo, in summary, they are both adequate, save your money and buy the old model, make certain it was made in Japan, They were also made in Thailand and I gotta believe the Japanese ones are sharper due to higher construction standards
May 21, 2019 07:23:16   #
Ive used the first VR lens for years on crop sensor cams which gives me a 36-180, a generally useful range, is the new one better? Yes. Can you tell which lens took a picture? Nope! Save some $, shoot the f3.5-5.6 at f8 and enjoy
May 18, 2019 08:40:08   #
It only effects the em-1i, a smack in the bottom will cause the shutter to reset so to speak, I found out that really all of them do it and Oly will repair them for free. I wasn’t enamoured enough of the camera so I traded it in
May 18, 2019 08:09:49   #
Mine did the same thing, it is a design flaw, they’ll fix it for free, I sold mine anyway, Nikons have never let me down
May 16, 2019 11:11:37   #
berchman wrote:
There is good reason to believe that the OP is a troll.

Well he certainly was successful, I asked a question yesterday, got one answer, one one word answer
May 16, 2019 07:03:36   #
f8lee wrote:
Who I really are is fed up with insipid questions and ultra generic post titles by people too lazy to state an actual question with valid parameters.

What you originally posted is as worthless and stupid (yep, I said it - I don't mind the concept of stupid-shaming) as something on a car forum titled "Car" with the text being "Mini Cooper or Maybach". Got it? Think a minute before vomiting a half-thought onto the forum is all I ask.

That your UserID lent itself to a new term was merely a happy coincidence!
Who I really are is fed up with insipid questions ... (show quote)

A lot of verbiage over a mere 15 letters posing a question
May 13, 2019 10:58:02   #
Third trip out west, taking the D700 and D300s, putting either the 20mm f4 or 25-50 f4 on the D700 and debating betwenn the AF 35-135 f3.5-4.5, or the 24-120 f3.5-5.6 VR on the D300s. I like the reach for the mountains, but...

also thinking of taking a 35mm f1.8, cuz...primes

And NO i cannot afford new glass, no recommendations for 24-70's etc, please.
May 12, 2019 06:09:56   #
I think the OP means the f2.8, a magnificent piece of glass, I too want one, one of the original trinity, someone please answer the question, “Would you notice...?”
Apr 26, 2019 08:37:13   #
If I were starting from ground zero I would take a long hard look at Pentax, the K3 is a wonder camera, IS, Weather proof, big finder, high ISO, steel and magnesium construction.
I’m a Nikon guy from way back, and still, Pentax gets over looked as far as I’m concerned
Apr 26, 2019 05:56:13   #
Jerry Serwalt wrote:
New here again after a long layoff. Sorry if this has been asked dozens of times but I want to buy a new camera. Price range is only about $500 or $600 at the moment. Want a DSLR, probably Canon T5, 6, or 7 or Nikon 3500. Any thoughts please? Also I see plenty of "kits" being sold with these two cameras, are they worth it?
Jerry Serwalt

I would strongly rethink, you can get a used Pentax K5 on EBay for less than $200, no comparison between the cameras.
Apr 18, 2019 07:57:55   #
billnikon wrote:
No lens is better with a teleconverter. That said, you know I will plug the Nikon over anything else. It's even in my name, come on man. I have used the 200-500 for several years on a daily basis and I love that lens. I enlarge show prints to 20X30 that are tack sharp. The following are grab shots. Lets see some shots that compare from the Sigma. I DARE ANYONE, COME ON SIGMA FANS, MATCH ME, I DARE YOU.

Those beautiful pics may have won today’s internet!!
Apr 3, 2019 10:14:08   #
juan_uy wrote:
Yes, I was just kidding :)

I was not
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