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Jul 15, 2019 12:03:25   #
A Horace's Duskywing and a Gray Hairstreak feeding on Oregano flowers.


Jul 13, 2019 11:57:39   #
How many of your images are worth keeping? I always edit my files(Never shoot RAW)and toss out any thing that isn't worthy of display or having sentimental value. I doubt that I will ever fill my Hard drive. Of course, I'm not one who makes a profit with a camera. If you ever see anything I submit to UHH and feel like copying it, you have my blessing to do it.
Jul 8, 2019 15:12:34   #
docshark wrote:
Wonderful shots of this female Common Green Darner (Anax junius). The largest Ode in the US is the Giant Darner (Anax walsinghami).

Guess I shouldn't trust the internet totally.
Jul 7, 2019 19:44:08   #
Thanks, kp and Earl. The double download really allows one to compare the amazing symmetry of the wing structures. Even we humans can't equal that of the dragonfly.
Jul 7, 2019 10:39:30   #
This is the largest Dragonfly in North America. This is the first one that I have photographed.

Jul 6, 2019 13:21:13   #
kpmac wrote:
Nice image. Maybe they are urban birds. They like the city life with no competition.

This was a bit later this morning. Still don't know where the nest was.



Jul 6, 2019 10:59:43   #
This bird was about 12 feet away when I photographed it through our patio door. I think that it might have fledged within two weeks. Our neighborhood is just two miles from the largest airport in the country and is densely populated. I have no idea why this family showed up in this area. They are very enjoyable to watch as they chase after insects in our lawn.

Jun 26, 2019 10:59:26   #
The wavy edges of this flower really caught my eye in the morning light

Jun 26, 2019 10:54:33   #
Abo wrote:
If you could have any one car old or new, what would it be?

Attach a picture of your choice if you like.

I know I would have trouble selecting just 1 above another;
but sometimes tough decisions just have to be made.

For me, there is no second choice: It is the Maserati Tipo 61. I believe that it appeared in 1959. Not bad for a 60 year old design.

Jun 20, 2019 10:38:05   #
I used my sony 70-300mm G lens for this one. Shot at high ISO and then denoised.

Jun 20, 2019 10:28:52   #
59 years and counting: She's still pretty and likes me.

Jun 16, 2019 16:17:09   #
Nice to have them back.

Jun 16, 2019 13:07:43   #
DirtFarmer wrote:
Correct. We're talking about raw data here. Each pixel is one color from the Bayer filter. Once it's demosaiced, each pixel is 3 colors. At that point the pixel will need 48 bits.

Demosaiced? Damn! This is gettin' interesting. What's next; "derawed" to describe jpeg?
Jun 15, 2019 07:55:48   #
I wonder when this topic will be covering the sub-atomic physics level of raw vs. jpeg. We appear to be getting close. Just shoot jpeg and use the extra time you have by enjoying the outdoors.
Jun 12, 2019 19:35:25   #
cdayton wrote:
There is a group that only shoots RAW, uses manual settings and prime lenses. They are purists and I admire them but life is too short to post process every image so I almost always shoot JPEG. I also tend not to underexpose by several stops. Also, I would challenge anyone to tell me which photos hanging on my walls were shot as JPEG vs RAW.

Keep on doing the right thing my fellow traveler. Processing a raw image is similar to chrome plating a turd. It may be shiny but it still stinks. Have you noticed that those in favor of raw tend to bloviate on the subject while jpegers tend to be brief and concise? Could it be that their replies are overly complex to the point which they themselves become confused?
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