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Posts for: poorOLDcarl
May 20, 2018 16:48:36   #
Mt Index is a long way from fish lake. Like across the pss. {stevens that is}
Dec 27, 2017 13:01:14   #
Hi; We are almost neighbor's and shared the white Xmas. It was a bit different from our normal.
May 13, 2017 13:25:57   #
I have had an SX 50 that I was very happy with. One day the sensor went bad and I sent it in to Canon for repair. They called and said that it would cost more to fix it than a new one & I could just throw it away or they would be happy to replace it with a new SX60 for the cost of shipping. I chose that option & have been very happy with that option. I like the SX 60 better Than the old SX50. The newer is a better one.
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