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Jan 14, 2019 14:49:43   #
jaymatt wrote:
Babcock Ranch is a nature preserve in southwest Florida, and all photos were taken with a Canon SX 60 at the end of November 2018. Please note that I make no claims to be a nature photographer.

A pleasing set, John. You are too humble. You don't claim to be a nature photographer, yet you showed us these to the contrary.
Jan 14, 2019 14:44:36   #
Nosaj wrote:
Native-American rugs found in N.J., CA, IN, and MO., all with impressive craftsmanship.

These beautiful rugs are impressive and so is your capture, Nosaj.
Jan 14, 2019 14:32:31   #
grandpaw wrote:
Please read!
If you look at the high reeds in the background and how thick they are, I am shooting through the same thing from my location which is knocking down the detail in the photo. Normally I would not post a shot like this but this is the only time I have been able to even get a photo of a group of white pelicans in all the years I have been trying. I spent most of the day chasing these just to get this shot.

Persistence paid off. It's an excellent capture of the group of white pelicans.
Jan 14, 2019 14:26:31   #
Tom DePuy wrote:
On Saturday 1/12 we lost our Ragdoll Cat, Snuggles.
She lived a long, healthy and hopefully happy life. I know that she brought much happiness to us.
She would have been twenty years old in May of this year.
Here are a few pictures of her from about 2012 to about 2015.


PS: I know I said a few, which means 3, but in this case it means 7...

It's heartbreaking to lose a pet you've had for so many years. Your Snuggles was a very pretty pussy-cat. Are you familiar with Rainbow Bridge? I think you will find it helpful. You can get it from google or I can send it to you.
Jan 12, 2019 21:03:11   #
SQUIRL033 wrote:
This GBH caught itself a nice fat trout in a small lake at a park in Centtralia this afternoon... I was thinking how good that trout would've been pan-fried in garlic butter with a dash of lemon... ;)

This GBH caught itself a nice fat trout in a small... (show quote)

Garlic butter with a dash of Lemon would have spoiled this fella's dinner. These are marvelous images!
Jan 12, 2019 20:56:47   #
grandpaw wrote:
This portrait of this snowy egret is starting my 2019 off right!

A beautiful rendition of the lovely snowy egret, grandpaw.
Jan 12, 2019 20:50:58   #
Feiertag wrote:
Captured a few more owl shots, yesterday.

Superb captures, Harold!
Jan 12, 2019 20:24:22   #
jak86094 wrote:
These shots were taken over a couple of afternoons at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve...all except the hummingbird, which was shot at Big Canyon at the Upper Newport Bay. The two kite photos are probably the same bird on two days. The shutter speed was set too low in both, though more so in the picture of the bird kiting about 200 feet away. The hummingbird's body was so vividly bright and the bird allowed me to shoot several images from about 15 feet away. It's always amazed me what a little bit of rain brings out here in Southern California as flowers of all kinds spring forth and ground cover grows where it's usually dry and parched. As for the Osprey, a motorized paraglider was flying overhead and the bird was obviously concerned, watching carefully until the glider moved away. Finally, the late afternoon sun caused the iridescence of the White-faced Ibis to shine forth...especially in the Download. The red eye and surrounding ducks and sandpipers add to the image.

All photos were taken with my Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-500mm telezoom. Hope you found something you like here. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

These shots were taken over a couple of afternoons... (show quote)

It's always nice to get the interesting detail along with the images. Great capture of wildlife, jak!
Jan 12, 2019 20:18:02   #
Photolady2014 wrote:
The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train that is.

Interesting set, Photolady. Very dramatic.
Jan 12, 2019 18:59:52   #
Regis wrote:
Hand held at 600mm. Distance was about 125-150 feet.
1/8/19 photo.

Canon 5Dsr - Canon 300 2.8 II - Canon 2x III - 1/320 - f/6.3 - ISO @ 320.

I think he looks so proud, Regis.
Jan 12, 2019 15:50:46   #
Michael feather Frame wrote:
I Love this Photo


I can see why you love it, feather.
Jan 12, 2019 15:48:10   #
DOOK wrote:
I was at Brooms Head yesterday & noticed these gulls having a drink. There were some very strong wind gusts, hence the ruffled feathers. Downloading is recommended.

Awesome captures, Earl. The beautiful gulls are one of my favorite birds. I have found it a challenge to photograph them in flight.
Jan 12, 2019 15:21:17   #
Wendy2 wrote:
I have not been on the forum for years!

Moved to Washington State 1 1/2 years ago from California and am loving it.

Looking forward to "seeing" some of my old friends on here!!!

Excellent capture of your beautiful backyard, Wendy.
Jan 12, 2019 13:43:25   #
N97972 wrote:
I guess I hit the send button too soon!

Lovely, N97972. The delicate shade of lavender is pleasing. Would like to see other angles of this blossom.
Jan 12, 2019 13:37:05   #
HLP wrote:
Taken with iPhone 8 plus, diffuses window north lighting.

You granddaughter is a sweetie, HLP. She looks intent on getting the tea into the cup. The soft skin tone is very becoming. Let's see more images of - what's her name?
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