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Nov 8, 2018 11:04:26   #

Using a 1DX camera to shoot HS sports and night and encountering flicker from the lights. Any quick and easy lightroom fixes. Can't seem to get a look I like


Sep 25, 2018 01:59:36   #

To answer your earlier questions as I appreciated the time and pix in the response

New to me but used Canon 1DX (Other camera is 7DII
Use expansion points- 8 around center point
Use AI Servo- the AF notification does come up in my viewfinder when I press it
Use BBF- Don't get as great a focus rate usually as I miss the subject sometimes primarily because I have a bad right hand and don't release and repress BBF to follow subjects so sometimes wrong thing will be in focus*Trying to shoot high school sports
Yes realize some of my settings are wrong- getting used to the camera plus my hand sometimes tends to move wheels accidentally

Sep 25, 2018 01:50:43   #

The issue was a mechanical issue with the lens- There are 4 screws holding the back to the lens at the back of the lens where it connects to the camera- 2 of these screws were loose, not seated, and not allowing the TC to mate with the lens, making itangle slightly to one side- Tightened screws and TC fits great

Thanks ALL

Sep 24, 2018 15:03:06   #
All, thanks for the responses
Nope didn't use lens without TC so nothing to compare to
Lens plus TC mounting looked a little off- like it wasn't seated properly- so if you looked down the barrel of the lens from overhead had a slight angle to it. Guy in camera store I rented it from mounted it and said looked ok and would work ok
Rented this same TC(same rental ID) last weekend- everything was fine
Using BBF- focus notification in viewfinder came on
Sep 23, 2018 22:01:49   #
Sep 23, 2018 16:41:21   #
Imported in lightroom already- see if this has the info

Sep 23, 2018 10:14:20   #

To continue my saga of new"(used) full frame and using my Canon 70-2002.8 Vii for shooting sports over the last couple of weekends I've rented a Canon 1.4VII converter from the local camera store. Shooting yesterday in daylight(cloudy) my hit rate as far as shots in focus was very low- Camera would give me AF in viewfinder but a good percentage of shots not clear. Using a focus point plugin on a couple of shots in LR shows a locked focus point but pictures are blurry- Any thoughts- pictures ranged from subjects coming at me at an angle to subjects moving across screen. Had much better results last weekend- not sure if specific converter was different and this weeks was "off"?

Sep 13, 2018 15:53:45   #
Picked up a used Canon 1DX and have some questions and advice needed
CF cards- when transferring to PC do you leave in camera? Have heard issues with pins bent vs SD cards
Shooting high school sports under bad lighting. Is there an Economical solution to get the reach my 70-200 2.8 had on my 7d2? I know a converter will get get close but at 4.0? May look at renting 3rd party Sigma 120-300. Any other suggestions/thoughts?


Apr 5, 2018 10:10:47   #
Thanks all!
CHG_Canon- yes I am using the 9 point focusing option, including on the one that I sent you. I think the focus point in the data shows the one point of the 9 it picked
BillNourse- thanks for screwing me up that's a nice picture. A know that there is a difference in fps but if I have to hold it for 12 fps then I'm not that good of a photographer.
I have looked at Fred Miranda which is a forum for camera help-similar to UGG but that have an extensive buy and sell forum
My own analysis on a breakeven is a 5DIV refurbished from Canon, which they have in stock vs a used 1DX- pricewise its a wash
Thanks all

Apr 4, 2018 18:07:24   #

I appreciate the time on this

Apr 4, 2018 17:14:34   #
Apr 4, 2018 16:52:34   #
I shoot in RAW- What I posted was SOOC but saved as JPEG- thought that's what you wanted- Yes can post back


Apr 4, 2018 16:03:17   #
Try this. I understand what you are saying about the 100-400- However given I'm shooting high ISO at 2.8 and the minimum aperature is 4.5 on this one I think I'm going in the wrong direction? Unless I'm missing something

Apr 4, 2018 15:06:48   #
Thanks for your input. And to answer your questions yes I have consulted "mentors" to get advice and guidance. I've attached a sample shot where ISO is at 10K. Only setting I probably could/ should have adjusted is my shutter speed- which was 1000. I probably can go lower with that- will need to experiment. I think I know my limitations and I'm working on them. Example in outdoor sports I'm trying for a shot that's too far for my lens- I'll try lots of crop to keep it which obviously increases grain.
Thanks again
CHG_CANON wrote:
RT - I just spent some time reading / scanning your post history. I found a lot of references to problems and only 3 example images posted, but you failed to store the originals for closer examination. In one post you broached the idea of a mentor. You tend to be vague on the specific models of your equipment, but if you're shooting high school sports with a f/2.8 lens and an EOS 7DII and struggling with this professional-grade equipment, you probably will benefit more from training and experience rather than throwing more money at the problem.

You might be familiar with all your issues. Given I've just done this work, I suggest you too take a moment and click your user name, then click the lists of topics you've created, then read some of them again to remind yourself of your journey so far. Questions about metering, focus points, cropping, processing tools, etc. A new camera is not going to be your solution.

Almost three years ago was the suggestion to seek out a mentor, possibly from your local camera shop. I don't see from later posts that you took that idea. Although not as hands-on or interactive, posting some images here and storing the original along with some specific questions should help generate actions you can take today / tomorrow to improve your results with your current equipment. I'd like to see one of these "10K ISO" images as I expect to see a faulty choice of exposure settings where this high ISO is a symptom of an overall misguided approach. A newer full-frame will look better a higher ISOs, but if you think shooting around 10K ISO is a good idea, even with 2018 technology, you're setting yourself up for still more disappointment.
RT - I just spent some time reading / scanning you... (show quote)

Apr 4, 2018 11:07:49   #
Thinking out loud here- looking to upgrade from myCanon 7dMKii to a full frame. I've been shooting a lot of high school sports under poor lighting and getting frustrated with iso quality(lot of my pix are ~10K iso). Other dilemma is my longest lens is 70-200.
Have budget for refurb 5D MKIV or used 1DX- yes higher fps would be nice- based on reading picture quality on IV would be slightly better
Shooting indoor my 70-200 would work, outdoor limited already so more cropping or continue to use the 7D-
Not sure if I do analysis paralysis- would doing a crop of full frame vs crop frame -given more cropping on full frame(~320MM equivalent on crop) give me better picture quality?

Any other thoughts or opinions

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