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Jun 18, 2024 11:02:30   #
My new power mower was less than a camera.
My new stove is less.
My new microwave is less.
My new dishwasher is less.

And these do not fit in your hand.
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Jun 13, 2024 12:37:47   #
Suv's are like a statis symble here in southern Calif.
Your lucky to more than two people in them.
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Jun 13, 2024 11:17:50   #
They buy EV's to save fuel.
Other's buy SUV's to burn fuel.
I am sure suv's are out selling ev's.
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Jun 9, 2024 23:13:01   #
Cell phones.
Back when we had dial phones our girl friends could not know were we are.
My neighbor's son says he got caught.
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May 11, 2024 13:02:03   #
Have you heard of this place?
Better than Amazon they say?
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May 4, 2024 13:13:18   #
Using public funds to build charging stations.?
My hard earnings which I easily give away.
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Mar 23, 2024 22:01:39   #
And how many innocent people has Russia slaughtered in Unkraine?
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Mar 10, 2024 21:36:35   #
Do you know where I can get this tool?

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Feb 14, 2024 12:22:44   #
What did they expect? The bags are thicker and heavier than the old thin lightweight ones.
And they still are trashed. Who saves them?
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Feb 3, 2024 20:51:20   #
This does not make sense.
Google is very difficult to figure out how to open my email.
How or what settings do I need to do?
Any one have any ideas.
My hp pc is windows 11.
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Dec 25, 2023 14:56:14   #
God is with me. Therefore I am God. I am my own religion. It doesn't matter what color I am.
It's up to me to live a good life.

Early man smoked some weird stuff and recorded their wild dreams and nightmares and told us that is the t***h.
And therefore man became great followers and believers of garbage.
Halla lua
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Dec 15, 2023 12:15:44   #
I would be at another end of town and a lady would call out my name and tell me to go home it's dinnertime.
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Dec 14, 2023 16:29:04   #
We kids never had a key to the house. Until I moved out in '66, age 21, marriage.
Who locked doors in those days?
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Dec 14, 2023 16:20:14   #
I use PSE professionally, architectural, interiors, commercial, 15 years.
I shoot raw, convert to tiff for editing, save final in tiff and save in jpeg large file.

I am still learning how much more you can do in PSE.
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Dec 6, 2023 12:13:25   #
I haven't seen any white potatoes in the last few years.
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