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Jun 24, 2024 23:01:03   #
M1911 wrote:
I believe in the Big Bang and that God lit the fuse.

And who lit God's fuse?
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Jun 24, 2024 14:28:56   #
FrumCA wrote:
I'm just keeping you engaged, Kraken. There is much out there for you to be aware of and learn.

Thanks, what would I do without you?
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Jun 24, 2024 11:06:14   #
drainbamage wrote:
You may be forgetting that Satan - an unjust and unloving being - is part of a Christian's belief system. Satan causes suffering, agony and misery here on earth, not God. The story of Adam and Eve demonstrates how Satan works. Temptation is a big part of life here on Earth....that's not God's doing! There is a spiritual battle going on in the world right now that has been building up in fierceness since the 1960's. If you can't see it happening, it is because you are blinded....and not by God.

If you don't believe in God, you cannot believe in you will just have to accept that what is happening - disease, suffering and misery - just "is". It just "exists". Like it does for all the other animals on earth.
You may be forgetting that Satan - an u b un /b ... (show quote)

If Satan can run around Earth causing pain and suffering why

can't God run behind Satan and undo what Satan has done?
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Jun 24, 2024 10:58:30   #
FrumCA wrote:
Well of course you would support potentially 16 years of Obama. Don't forget, this guy was perhaps the most partisan president ever. His foreign policy was disastrous (remember Iraq and Afghanistan). He was scandal ridden and the national debt has soared because of his out-of-control spending policies. Behind the scenes he has led Biden down a similar path.

Wow, you certainly are full of the bull crap today.

You are going to have to lay off Fox News for

a while and give your brain a little time to detox.
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Jun 24, 2024 10:34:54   #
FrumCA wrote:
Overall, we rate Foreign Affairs Least Biased based on balanced story se******n and minimal editorial bias. We also rate them High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing of information and having a clean fact check record.

Well, I think that is wonderful.
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Jun 24, 2024 10:28:58   #
FrumCA wrote:
Putting her in office would be a big mistake because we would give her husband a second term as shadow president.

Nothing wrong with that.
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Jun 24, 2024 08:49:54   #
Texcaster wrote:
lol. You can't make this stuff up. Did loop-a-roo forget the one-termer's 2020 debacle? No Lib tears were shed, only Rudy's tears and the alt-patriot, red hat boys were spitting blood.

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Jun 24, 2024 08:48:04   #
T***h Seeker wrote:
Given the replies from the regular hangers on here I am incline to agree with you.

You can leave too...PLEASE!
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Jun 24, 2024 08:14:03   #
DaveO wrote:
Were you expecting a bi-partisan think tank or a Mensa Meeting?

It's always a Mensa Meeting here.
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Jun 24, 2024 08:11:22   #
SteveR wrote:
At least there is some good news coming out of Gaza.

Overall, we rate Fox News right biased based on editorial positions that align with the right and Questionable due to the promotion of propaganda, conspiracy theories, p***********e, the use of poor sources, and numerous false claims and failed fact checks. Straight news reporting from beat reporters is generally fact-based and accurate, which earns them a Mixed factual rating. (7/19/2016) Updated (M. Huitsing 04/26/2023)
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Jun 24, 2024 08:07:28   #
scooter1 wrote:

That's a stupid place to keep world peace.
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Jun 24, 2024 08:05:09   #
dennis2146 wrote:


I like your stupidity better.
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Jun 24, 2024 08:04:01   #
dennis2146 wrote:
Folks you just can't make this i***tic stuff up when it comes to the Left. I enjoyed watching this very much. It is emblematic of the Left since Hillary Clinton lost the e******n exactly as she should have.


You made that up.
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Jun 24, 2024 07:59:15   #
travelwp wrote:
Democrats would never admit to lying.


That's because Democrats never lie.
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Jun 24, 2024 06:46:10   #
JohnFrim wrote:
No, it is YOU who is losing the argument.

I have agreed that life begets life. You have not been able to substantiate the origin of the creator of the first life. That is your big dilemma.

My argument is sound IF you believe in infinity. INFINITY is the ultimate answer. I don't like it because it really does not answer the fundamental questions of existence. But by the very definition of infinity it is at least a logical conclusion.

Pedo-Rac-Putin has never ever lost an argument in his life, he will twist and deflect until he believes he has won. You don’t stand a chance no matter how right you may be.
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