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Feb 22, 2024 18:29:06   #
Islandgal wrote:
I want to start sitting with shelter dogs like Rocky Kanaka if it's allowed at our SPCA's. I believe they will let you walk dogs if you have the experience of handling. He's so awesome and I'm sure he is making a big difference with his videos in the adoption rate.

I love his videos they are inspiring!
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Feb 22, 2024 18:25:47   #
Grandma Susan wrote:

I’ve had a wonderful happy day today. Thanks yawl for my birthday wishes. I’ve ended up with 9 cards 🎴 and the families not even here. My friends marg and Karen got me some gorgeousi prezzies which I wasn’t expecting. This afternoon at knit and natter, they had a party for me. With a gorgeous chocolate cake 🍰 with candles on. I’m worn out haha.😛 I knew I wouldn’t hear from Stephen but the surprises outweigh the disappointment. Thankyou all my sisters and friends.

Karen isn’t to good today. She back on the strong ABs. Perhaps the weekend was too much for her. She enjoyed it though. I’ll probably see her in the morning 🌅

Lisa, I’m still sending hugs 🥰 hope you are feeling a little stronger.

Jinx…youre in my thoughts and so is Harold….hang on in there

Stay safe, stay strong, I love ❤️ yawl. If you don’t feel like being nice to your partners, well that’s ok for today. It’s better if you are though. Have a great day and night. And thanks for today…
70 br br I’ve had a wonderful happy day today. Th... (show quote)

I am so so sorry that I missed your birthday, but I am really glad that you had a good!
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Feb 22, 2024 17:45:10   #
Nitz8catz wrote:
I hope you are feeling better Lisa

Thank you I’m feeling some better only have some occasional pain!
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Feb 22, 2024 17:23:43   #
jollypolly wrote:
Yes. I found one with 4 stars. But I don’t want another Ford.

I refuse to buy Ford ever again I just sold my 2010 Chevrolet Equinox man I loved that car it had over 100,000 miles and was still going!
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Feb 22, 2024 17:15:18   #
Islandgal wrote:
That's the thing about fish keeping, you can't go anywhere really as house sitters, family etc. don't know how to handle the issues. Once I acquire any animal they are mine for life, I never give them up, and generally most live a long, long time. My oldest fish is nearing 17 yrs old. Bet you didn't know they could get that old!

I didn’t know they could get that old dad had tanks for quite a lot of our child hood but I don’t remember any living that long what kind of fish is it? A picture of your tank would be cool.
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Feb 20, 2024 14:01:36   #
Barndweller wrote:
One for jinx. xx

I love love those Jacky!
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Feb 9, 2024 01:44:50   #
Linkan wrote:
Finished Jen's pillow covers

It's a little sloppy I guess but she says that's what makes it matter lol

Those are so pretty!
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Feb 9, 2024 01:43:56   #
Hello I am sorry I have been missing so long I’m still trying to process everything, I will be starting ketara(? spelling) it’s an infusion once every three weeks to boost my immune system, I appreciate all your thoughts and love, I love you all and will try not to disappear for long times but I will also keep you up to date.

Jacky I truly hope you feel better soon!
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Jan 29, 2024 18:51:07   #
Hello I came home Friday since I’m not allowed to lift anything and I am still really tired I have been sleeping a lot! I do have a follow up appointment tomorrow can’t believe it’s been a week already, I keep dropping the iPad on my face so m gonna go for now and rest some more, love and hugs to you all!
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Jan 22, 2024 18:23:19   #
Barndweller wrote:
Good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well. xx

Thank you!
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Jan 22, 2024 12:15:53   #
We have gotten a regular ole heatwave 34F maybe the snow will melt so I don’t have issues tomorrow, I read on Facebook that an old friend of mine passed away yesterday she has been battling a brain tumor for three years and she was just a few weeks younger than me, she will be missed.
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Jan 21, 2024 17:19:20   #
SaxonLady wrote:
Me: mutter, mutter, built-in obsolescence, mutter mutter. It's an actual thing. If you built everything to last forever, you would be out of work once everyone had one. So, in the 1970's built-in obsolescence became a real thing.

I know but this dryer I haven’t even had a year yet!
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Jan 21, 2024 16:54:28   #
Today is Michael’s 11th birthday! Where has the time gone, oh and Thursday we got about 3 inches of snow woohoo to the snow boo to the below zero temps we have had with it!
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Jan 18, 2024 01:34:41   #
More dryer/electric news, dh’s uncle came over today and looked at the panel said it looked good, checked the outlet, not so good, we have lived here for 24 years now…..really wow, $13 later it still didn’t work, hhhhmmm let’s just say ds’s wiring will be doubled checked he had the cord on with the ground wire in the wrong place, the dryer lives, don’t get ahead of yourself my new one is still not working…for now need to call for service on it, again!
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Jan 18, 2024 01:29:39   #
SaxonLady wrote:
I would like to relax, but I'm busy with loads of paperwork. Mostly personal, so I cannot complain, except about the ULEZ in London. They will not accept that my car has ultra-low emissions even though it was one of the first diesels to have it, and is even called Greenline. Plus I am exempt from Road Tax.

At the same time Alan and I have completed our Wills and Powers of Attorney, which need signing and witnessing.

On top of that my riser-recliner chair has collapsed after 13 years of use. I had a visit from someone on Monday who quoted £3700 for a new one. Next day I checked in Which and their best buys varied between £500+ and £1800.
I have someone else coming on Friday, so watch this space. My son's girlfriend suggested I contact our local Guildcare who look after the elderly: I'll do that on Monday. Meanwhile Alan has said he will look at the chair. No, please, stop laughing you lot! If he says he will do it, he's thinking about it. Right!
I would like to relax, but I'm busy with loads of ... (show quote)

Oh my yes Saxy at least he thought about once….😳🤣🤣
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