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May 11, 2024 12:18:04   #
I know if you h**e Trump, you love Biden. Unfortunately not so. Most of us down in the trenches don't want either, or worm brain (Kennedy) either.

As far as being delusional - I think that falls straight into your camp. Trump's history includes a f**e charity, a f**e university, stiffing a lot of investors and contractors in Atlantic city, blowing the C***D response (one day its just going to go away - it hasn't), calling our sacred war dead losers and suckers and broadcasting the f**e dialogue that the 2020 e******n was s****n. He has changed philosophies per "On the Issues:"

"Moderate populist" (2003)
"Liberal-leaning populist" (2003–2011)
"Moderate populist conservative" (2011–2012)
"Libertarian-leaning conservative" (2012–2013)
"Moderate conservative" (2013–2014)
"Libertarian-leaning conservative" (2014–2015)
"Hard-core conservative" (2015)
"Libertarian-leaning conservative" (2015–2016)
"Moderate conservative" (2016–2017)
"Hard-core conservative" (2017–present)

He has consistently been inconsistent and now you Trumpers think he's the alpha and omega of conservative thought? You are wrong - Trump is neither Democrat or Republican, he is strictly for himself.

He leaves wreckage wherever he goes; he should never be given the chance to be President again.
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May 10, 2024 21:01:13   #
Racmanaz wrote:
It’s absolutely true.

Rac - as usual you have complete ignorance about what a dictator is. Here's the definition: "A dictator is someone who has absolute power — or who at least behaves as if they do by bossing others around. In government, a dictator is a ruler who has total control over a country, with no checks or balances to prevent abuse of power."

We have a dysfunctional Congress, a liberal President and a conservative Supreme Court. Absolute power - not even close.

Now your buddy Trump is clearly a dictator within the Republican party and he has already said he'd like to be a dictator for a day - I suspect he wants a longer period than that.
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May 10, 2024 20:52:59   #
[quote=Blurryeyed]By Post Editorial Board

Psst: I'll tell you a secret - all politician stretch the t***h - nope, they all pretty much lie.

The t***h will set them free; they won't get elected.

Trump has turned lying into an art form. His denying the e******n of 2020 was kosher will haunt the American e*****rate for the foreseeable future. Its really scary that Al Gore who had a much better case to question the Bush e******n had the integrity to not push the e******n once the courts ruled. PS before you rant about me being a Gore fan; I v**ed for Bush II both times.
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May 10, 2024 20:41:17   #
Blurryeyed wrote:
LOL.... That trial that you refer to is making a mockery out of our justice system, nothing is sacred for you demonics.

I'm sorry you don't understand - Trump allegedly paid hush money to a woman that he had sex with to keep her mouth shut - the money was paid through a proxy as a business expense - last time I checked that's not a legit expense - that's a misdemeanor. He allegedly did it so as not to cast him in a poor light in the course of an e******n - that makes it a felony. It was done multiple times - multiple felonies.

BTW From a moral standpoint, it is more than a little hypocritical on the part of the right after being critical of Bill Clinton for getting a bj from a chubby intern - to not find it objectionable to Trump playing hide the salami with a porn star and a Playboy Bunny while his wife was pregnant with his son Baron. So much for Republican Family Values.
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May 10, 2024 13:10:42   #
T***h Seeker wrote:
House GOP drafting Biden impeachment articles over Israel aid cutoff threat

He tried that last year as well with the ultra right wing airhead MTG. To impeach Biden would require a majority in the House and a 2/3 majority in the Senate, The first in unlikely, the second is next to impossible given the Democrat majority. It's as big a waste of time as were both Trump impeachments.

I wish both sides would stop with the mutual mental masturbation and try and do their jobs.
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May 10, 2024 13:01:24   #
T***h Seeker wrote:

T***h Social (stylized as T***H Social) is an alt-tech social media platform owned by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), an American media and technology company majority-owned by former U.S. president Donald Trump.

And you are surprised that they like Trump better? If Spanky, aka Trump, was Pinocchio, his nose would stretch from NY to California by now.
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May 8, 2024 14:51:56   #
So from Stormy's testimony, it looks like Spanky (my new name for Trump) has a kinky side. I wonder how this will resonate in Bible Belt. At least he was spanked with a capitalist magazine.

While having sex with Stormy, he says she reminded him of his daughter; that's pretty creepy.

Maybe we should ask the Playboy bunny if there was any other kinky stuff. Maybe the pee pee tapes weren't false after all.

But bad news, is still news, so maybe Spanky has some opportunities to fill his war chest:

A new promotional song:

Personalized signed dog collars for his supporters.

Signed Paddles(careful where you put the logo - you need those ventilated holes).

Custom leather spiked heels with the MAGA logo.

Change the MAGA logo to MAKA - Make America Kinky Again.

One does wonder what Putin had Trump doing behind closed doors?

Personally it beats me, what Spanky sees in the spanking. (Pun - couldn't help myself).

I'm sorry and I apologize for debasing Spanky, he does well enough on his own. But all humor aside I feel sorry for his wife and his son Baron, who is going off to college soon - kids at that age can be very cruel
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May 8, 2024 14:29:21   #

Rac - Not sure where you get your logic from; but it's clearly flawed.

Giving credence to Michael Avenatti, a disbarred lawyer and convicted felon as a credible source is sort of like getting a positive reference on Al Capone by Frank Nitti. Or possibly an excellent reference on H. R. Haldeman by John Ehrlichman.

Here's excerpts from the US Attorney on Avenatti after his conviction in California:

"Suspended plaintiffs’ lawyer Michael John Avenatti was sentenced today to 168 months in federal prison for stealing millions of dollars from his clients – one of whom was a paraplegic with mental health issues – and for obstructing the IRS’s efforts to collect more than $3 million in payroll taxes from an Avenatti-owned coffee business.

Avenatti, 51, a former Newport Beach resident now in federal custody, was sentenced by United States District Judge James V. Selna, who said Avenatti “has done great evil for which he must answer.”

In imposing the 14-year sentence, Judge Selna ordered that this term of imprisonment run consecutive to sentences totaling five years previously imposed in two federal cases in the Southern District of New York.

Judge Selna also ordered Avenatti to pay $10,810,709 in restitution to four clients and to the IRS.

Today’s sentencing follows Avenatti’s entry of guilty pleas on June 16 to four counts of wire fraud and one count of endeavoring to obstruct the administration of the Internal Revenue Code. He has been a federal prisoner since on February 7, soon after he was ordered to begin serving a sentence in one of the New York cases.

“Michael Avenatti was a corrupt lawyer who claimed he was fighting for the little guy. In fact, he only cared about his own selfish interests,” said United States Attorney Martin Estrada. “He stole millions of dollars from his clients – all to finance his extravagant lifestyle that included a private jet and race cars. As a result of his illegal acts, he has lost his right to practice law in California, and now he will serve a richly deserved prison sentence.”

You might not like the way Stormy makes her living, but at least it's legal.
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May 6, 2024 21:21:06   #

Neither party has a monopoly on stupid members; on the Republican side you have the believers, that evidence aside, still believe the 2020 race was fixed and then there is also MTG and Boebert.

The reality is that we have two candidates that are both too old and have too much baggage.
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May 5, 2024 11:02:14   #

Good luck Henry. Enjoy your retirement.
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May 1, 2024 21:37:19   #******n-interview/

Frightening in so many ways.
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May 1, 2024 18:29:23   #
[quote=btbg]Here's the counterpoint to your claim:****-**-deaths/

It appears that the C***D deaths were undercounted in rural areas; also understand that C***D is still k*****g people. I got it in January - I still have breathing issues. But disease counts are often misleading in my opinion.

Patient A catches the flu, he goes to the hospital, the disease puts a strain on his weakened heart, he dies of congestive hart failure. Is the cause heart failure or the flu?

Let's make it a little tougher - true story. My cousin who I grew up with contacts me as the hospital her sick husband is going to screwed up a diagnosis. I'm a volunteer peer counselor at a major hospital. I get him in to see a specialist - diagnosis non-small cell lung cancer. He starts treatment chemo/radiation gets exposed to C***D, his lungs which were stressed failed - C***D or cancer? Taking it further, his wife, my cousin, is so stressed out dies of a stroke several months later. The stroke k**led her, but didn't C***D have a role? The latter would never be reported.

If you really, really want to blame somebody - look no further than the Chinese. They down-played and let it spread. Our politicians, yes Mr. Trump, other Republicans and other Democrats downplayed as well. The CDC used to be a job that was a non-political appointment, now it is. Maybe that should change.

Will we ever know the true C***D total ? I don't think so. But if we have any common sense maybe we should reconsider the Bush/Obama p******c plans and be a bit more prepared.
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Apr 30, 2024 18:45:25   #
[quote=travelwp]The highly publicized Trump trial.

Here's the Indictment:

Making it simple so you understand - falsifying business records.

Probably tax fraud as well. The Trumper allegedly played hide the salami with a Porn Star had his attorney pay for and he reimbursed said attorney as a business expense. Trump says he didn't. Said Porn Star gave a pretty good description of his equipment. Easily solved if Trump drops his drawers and her description matches.

Give another example if you don't understand - you own a business you hire an escort for a night of pleasure and the fee you deduct as a business expense. That's falsifying business records at the minimum.

He allegedly had someone else pay off the Playboy model.

Alleged to have both not come out before the e******n. That's illegal too.

BTW Isn't the Republican Party about Family Values?
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Apr 29, 2024 12:18:52   #
Thank you for the additional comments. It appears no matter how factual our responses might be without disparaging these guys it is a waste of our time. Dennis and Rac seem to just standby and wait all day to try to bully their way through facts. It is their way, or the highway. If you disagree, you have to be a liberal. Most of us I would think have better things to do than sit on your butt and throw verbal stones at others.

The sad thing here is that I've previously posted that 70% of Americans don't want either Trump or Biden - I'm one of them. I think both are too old and have too much baggage. I was an executive before I retired and had indirect contact with both of them. Biden is a typical blowhard politician, who road the train from Wilmington to Washington daily - colleagues advised he was full of it then and still is.

But I dealt with Trump through clients when he was in Atlantic City and knew of him when he was in NY. He was and is an immoral, self-entitled person that will go down in history as one of the worst, if not the worst, President in our nation's history. He is, at his heart a salesman, selling "his brand." He is the worse kind though, unable or unwilling to accept his mistakes and blunders - he cannot tell anyone bad news, if he does, it is someone else's fault. I dealt with guys like him at a senior level for 40+ years and had generally had the task of straightening out the wake of destruction they left behind. Unfortunately, if elected again, we will see an unprecedented screw up of this nation.

What is sad is that all of Trump's supporters that support his agenda don't realize is that behind their backs, Trump is laughing at the "suckers" who believe his line of BS. General Kelly's remarks that "President Trump “is the most flawed person he's ever known," should give anyone paused. He worked with Trump daily.

My 2cents - I'm sure that the misguided, ill educated, ill informed and ill mannered duo will continue their rants - we should just consider the source. For the rest of you have a good day - I have work to do.
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Apr 28, 2024 22:37:24   #
[quote=dennis2146]Bleach is the one of the most common disinfectants when it comes to k*****g micro organisms.
Disinfectants are by their very nature are toxic to life. In lab jargon, when a site is to be disinfected, most understand you mean bleach Why - because it's cheap and effective. If you get someone to inject or inject disinfectant - it is poison and that person will become very ill at the least, but more probably dead. On many disinfectant bottles you will find "Not Fit For Human Consumption." You and Rac hear but you simply do not listen.

The first rule of medicine is "do no harm;" hence the look at Trump by the doctor.

Here's a dialogue between the doctor and a reporter after she wrote her book - description was Trump's comment was "Bonkers." Both the reporter and the doctor stated it.

The brilliance of Ronald Reagan was that he picked the very best in every field to advise him so he could make the best decision. Trump listens to just about no one.

And yes, I am wasting my time.
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