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Jul 7, 2019 09:52:16   #
VietVetWithCamera wrote:
As an Attorney, I would recommend that you curtail making such braggadocious type of statements. You never know what sites the PA sales tax staff is monitoring in their efforts to catch PA tax cheats, who are avoiding paying PA Use tax on items purchased in other states. Hopefully, you are declaring and paying your PA USE tax.

You'd think that someone claiming to be an attorney would be knowledgeable enough to use quote reply. As for a tax authority monitoring a website for people who may cross state lines to purchase merchandise?! Seriously!? It would cost them more to figure out who owns what than they could possibly collect. If the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania way so concerned about lost revenue from people shopping in Delaware they'd have a check point at the state line and a whole contingency of state trooper inspecting vehicles as they cross into PA. Again, would end up costing way, way more than its worth.
Jul 6, 2019 05:19:37   #
Chris T wrote:
R - the slightly faster version of the SL2 is the SL3 - available NOW - at your regular dealer ….

The 77D may not seem like it belongs in the EOS XXD line-up - but, there it IS! - What can you do?
Perhaps, a better assignation for it, should've been the Rebel T7s, like the Rebel T6s before it, but Canon saw fit to abandon the T6i/T6s dual pair, in favor of this Rebel T7i and EOS 77D approach. I guess it was a way to embrace those who have this anti-Rebel mentality! … I agree with you - the 90D has MY name on it, too. We only know Canon has applied for a patent in Taiwan - for this new camera - but, nobody seems sure whether this new model with a 30 or 32mp sensor, will be the 90D or the 7D Mk. III. Yes, it does seem as though both Canon AND Nikon are dropping the idea of a Pro Level DXI camera, but, probably - it's much more rumor than reality. It may make sense for Canon to drop the 7D series, but for Nikon to drop the D500? … A TRUE WINNER? … I really doubt it. Come October, we shall know for sure - at the PhotoKina at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC - where all the new models will be revealed ….

The 1Dx series may be too big, and too heavy for you (and many others, too) but the Pros (and others) are lapping them up. It seems - the idea of having the biggest and heaviest camera around - is a turn-on to many. For me? … The 60D is too big and heavy a camera for me!!! … I bought it - yes, but I'd never ever buy another camera - as big as the 60D - no matter what it does!!!! …

R - the slightly faster version of the SL2 is the ... (show quote)

I've thought about getting an SL3, mainly for the wife to use. I never considered the 60D to be too big or heavy. It's kinda just right for me. Don't get me wrong about the 1DX. It's not that the camera is to heavy for me to use, it's a heavy duty expensive pro camera and it's not something I'd want to carry around. Consider the weight of my 5D IV with the EF 28-300L, I bring that along with me pretty much as often as I can. It can get heavy but it's manageable. Plus both my 5D's have far, far better resolution than the 1DX.
Apparently Nikon has decided not to update the D500 and instead are going for the D7500 instead. I'm not concerned because my D500 works great and that's all that matters to me.
The 77D is intended to be an entry level prosumer camera. Supposedly more camera than a Rebel series but not quite a true XXD series. More of a bait and hook model. After a couple few years, the 77D owner will want something with more functionality. No, it's not something I'd be interested in.

Well, it's coming up on 5:30 and I'm hoping to get some ride time in on my Goldwing, so I'm going to go grab a few hours of sleep. Talk to you later.
Jul 6, 2019 02:42:57   #
Chris T wrote:
Watch out for the Canon EOS 1Dx Mk. III - coming soon - to a Photo Shop, near you ….

Also, in Canon's pipeline - a 32MP sensor - in an APS-C camera (presumably, the 90D, or 7D Mk. III) …

I read they're discontinuing the 7D series. Shame, since Nikon is discontinuing the D500. I guess both companies need to trim their DSLR lines in order to add to their MILC lines.
I will buy a 90D when it comes out, just because I'd need one to keep the collection complete; 10D thru 90D. I don't have a 77D because I don't feel it belongs in the XXD lineup and it's not much more than a slightly larger slightly faster version of the SL2 and I have one of them.

I do have digital cameras other than Canon and Nikon. My first digital camera is a Sony. I bought it 19 years ago to record one of my daughters high school graduation. Still have it, still works. I also own bridge cameras made by Olympus and Panasonic but they just sit in my camera cabinet now. My pocket camera there days is my Canon G1X III.

I have no interest in the 1DX series. They are too big, too heavy and way too expensive for my needs. If I were a working pro out in the wild, that's the camera I'd have, a 1DX II, but I'm not and I don't. My 5D IV with EF 28-300L is my utility camera and for my needs, it gets the job done just fine.
Jul 6, 2019 01:11:11   #
dsmeltz wrote:
"Term of art" means a word or phrase that has a precise, specialized meaning within a particular field or profession.

Snapshot is a term of art that has a meaning in the world of photography.

I think Wikipedia does a fairly good job on this term:

"A snapshot is a photograph that is "shot" spontaneously and quickly, most often without artistic or journalistic intent.

Snapshots are commonly technically "imperfect" or amateurish—out of focus or poorly framed or composed.

Common snapshot subjects include the events of everyday life, such as birthday parties and other celebrations, sunsets, children playing, group photos, pets, tourist attractions and the like."

So, NO every photo is NOT a snapshot.
"Term of art" means a word or phrase tha... (show quote)

The first half of the first sentence of Wikipedia's definition is quite accurate. The rest may or may not apply.
Jul 6, 2019 01:06:24   #
davyboy wrote:
Your all under arrest until I can figure out the difference between snapshot and photograph!

Chew on this for a while and you may, or may not, figure out the difference.
As I previously stated, all snapshots are photographs but not all photographs are snapshots. It has nothing to do with the content of the photo or image quality, it's about how the photograph is taken; point and shoot.
One of histories most famous photographs was, or is, a snapshot. Joe Rosenthal's Pulitzer prize winning photograph of the raising of the American flag on Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima, in February of 1945 was in fact, a snapshot.
Jul 6, 2019 00:49:37   #
Longshadow wrote:
(Careful ordering snapper soup. )

Mmmmmm, snapper soup, with a splash of red wine, and an order of fried frog legs, yummy.
Jul 6, 2019 00:38:29   #
Fortunately, in my neck of the woods, southeast, southcentral Pennsylvania, there are still plenty of camera stores. Including Philadelphia, there are over a dozen stores that sell primarily cameras and photography equipment. Toss in a few Best Buy stores with large camera departments and the number goes up to around twenty. I guess there are still a lot of people from Philadelphia county to Lancaster county PA that like buying their photography gear from a fellow human being.
Although not in Pennsylvania, about a quarter mile south of the state line, the Best Buy in North Delaware has a really nice camera department, and no sales tax, and it's maybe a half hour drive from my home.
Jul 2, 2019 09:20:55   #
speters wrote:
I switched from Nikon to Canon and I'm still shooting Canon's today. I really like 'em both, but there is not a reason for me to switch back!

I shoot both Canon and Nikon. I have more Canon gear than Nikon but I probably have more Nikon gear than the average casual amateur photographer. I like my D500 more than my 7D mk II but I still use both and I enjoy shooting with my D7200. I find learning two different systems helps with keeping the mind sharp.
Jul 2, 2019 09:09:26   #
Chris T wrote:
So, the EOS R - is the most advanced Canon, to date - huh, R? … Did you get yours, yet? An R for R - eh?

As I've stated before, I have no plans to purchase a EOS R. There's really nothing it can do for me that I can't already do with my 5D mk IV and since I'm now retired, I no longer have the income I did to add to my camera collection. The pension is nice but I'd rather spend it on things like travel, my motorcycle and our home and home away from home. I do have a camera with a Digic 8 processor, the M50, so I've got that base covered. It's a nice little camera that's currently taken the place of my 80D in my Canon shooting lineup. If I need more resolution I've got the 5D mk IV and if I need even more resolution I've got a 5DSr. Canon's going to have to market a really high end feature loaded super high resolution camera before I buy a new one, because I'm pretty happy with what I already have.
Jul 1, 2019 05:20:21   #
RodeoMan wrote:
Lets imagine that three photographers are on a safari. They are at a place where a leopard leaps toward its prey. One photographer is a professional who is there with his camera on a tripod, and with years of experience and skill behind him, makes what he would consider the image of a lifetime. Another photographer is skilled amateur and has her camera on motor drive and takes a whole series of images, one of which captures the scene in essentially the same way that the professional photographer did. Then there is a complete duffer carrying a camera capable of capturing the scene, but it is set on automatic and without any thought of composition, he snaps a shot. Finally there is a high quality trail camera situated in same area and it fires off when the leopard broke the beam causing the camera to fire when it made its leap. Now a day or so later back at the hotel where all are staying for a photographic workshop, all the photographs have been developed and enlarged including the one from the trail cam. There has been one photograph selected from the several taken by the lady with the motor drive. Each of the four photographs viewed separately or together would be considered excellent images. They are to be considered at the workshop in a discussion about what makes a fine image. All four images are brought to the conference room to be discussed. Only there is a problem, the intern who was supposed to identify each image neglected to do so and there is absolutely no way to match up the photographers and the trail camera to their photographs. For the purposes of this discussion, the SD cards, are not available for comparison, each image is standing on its own merit. We are only able to consider each image within the four corners of the photograph before us. How do we arrange the four photographs in a hierarchy of quality from a carefully planned photograph to a mechanically derived snap if planning is what separates a photograph from a snap shot?
Lets imagine that three photographers are on a saf... (show quote)

That's because all snap shots are photographs but not all photographs are snap shots. Being a snap shot does not set or define the importance of quality of a photograph. It's simply a reference to how the photograph was taken. In your scenario 3 of the 4 shots may classify as snap shots, maybe all 4.
Jul 1, 2019 03:31:44   #
MissSue wrote:
I've been comparing them and don't see a real need to change... EOS R has some great intuitive features... but this old dog isn't ready to learn any new tricks... it's a whole different set up. I'm sticking with my mk4 and all my L lens.

I don't know what, it's a whole different set up, means but I agree with you. I'm sticking with my 5D mk IV because, it's paid for and it is capable of producing images just as good as an EOS R, and I don't need an adapter for any of my EF lenses, and the physical size of the camera doesn't bother me and I really don't need another camera.
If I want to go out shooting and wave the mirrorless banner, I'll just mount my M50, with 0.71 adapter, to one of my big off white lenses with a crimson band and have fun. Sure, it's only 24 megapixels but that ok with me. If I want 50 megapixels of resolution I'll just bring along my other 5D, my 5DSr.
Jun 30, 2019 12:29:27   #
satorifarm wrote:
They are so cute!!!!

Thank you. Not only are they cute, they are fun.
Jun 30, 2019 03:45:26   #
Bill P wrote:
Nothing new on this forum.

Yet you still felt compelled to add nothing to the ever growing compilation of effectively more nothing.
Jun 30, 2019 03:36:49   #
Delderby wrote:
From powering up your camera until clicking the shutter.

It all depends on how many sleeves a left hands vest has directly after sunday's edition of Saturday school of lions commenced to complete a trip up memory alley while downing two pints of the finest bath tub Scotch tape dispenser with single sided dual glow apartment keys and dispenser.
Jun 30, 2019 02:18:29   #
rmorrison1116 wrote:
Nice combo. I also have an M50 and no M series lenses, just 2 adapters that allow me to use all my EF lenses on my M50.

One of the adapters, the Viltrox EF-EOS M2 is a 0.71x adapter that makes the images appear to be full frame. The other adapter is just a simple EF to EOS M adapter. The 0.71 adapter is really cool...
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