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Jun 11, 2019 23:32:21   #
It can be so much fun to play around -- the minutes (hours) just melt away.

Jun 11, 2019 19:54:44   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
Which filter or filters? Something in analog efex or is this one of the newest filters DxO has added? What aspects of the edits appeal to you the most? The toning? Or do you like the scratches and texture-looking areas, as well? There may be ways to go about achieving the look you like, but with less "damage" to her eyes and skin.

If you aren't able to use PS layers, try the Nik control points when you're in the plug-in. They are quite powerful. Here is one short article by DxO, but check out the older videos and tutorials also:

Which filter or filters? Something in analog efex ... (show quote)

I particularly liked how the preset got the feel of the street background, and then I wanted to be sure the subject was integrated tonally into the environment. I thought the scratches & texture helped accomplish that, probably because it revealed the "damage", although I did try to reduce that to a certain extent in the second go around.

Great thought about control points. I typically do use them a lot, but not so much with analog efex. I don't know why I didn't even try with this shot.

At this point, I don't go into PS much at all. I'm trying to learn as much as I can with LightRoom and NIK.
Jun 11, 2019 19:39:03   #
artBob wrote:
I liked what you did, the "feel," so much, I challenged myself to get the eyes to work. This worked for me:
Desaturate the blues in the left eye.
Color pick a light skin tone from around her right eye
Darken it (experimentation in next step)
Paint it, using "Overlay" in the desaturated parts of the left eye
Darken the irises of both eyes to taste.

Powerful shot for me.

Thanks so much, artBob. You're asking me to raise my game considerably, so I'm going to need to stretch. But that's precisely why I wanted to ask you all for advice.

Did you take these steps and, if so, would you mind sharing the outcome?
Jun 11, 2019 19:35:56   #
joehel2 wrote:
I would love to see the photo before you put it through NIK. The left eye looks like it was replaced in your second photo.

Here's the ur-shot SOOC. Before running it into NIK, I did a number of things in LightRoom, including shadow/highlight adjustment, white & black clipping, luminance smoothing and a shift in upright perspective.

In NIK, I used Analog Efex 2, starting with the "wet plate 3" recipe, and then a whole lot of jiggering around with bokeh, film type etc.

Thanks for asking.

Jun 11, 2019 04:04:53   #
Greatly appreciate all the input. Really good suggestions. I've given it another try.

Jun 10, 2019 21:19:21   #
I'm messing around with the new NIK collection 2 plugged in from Lightroom. As is often the case, I wonder if I've gone too far with the eyes.

Jun 10, 2019 00:10:03   #
carlysue wrote:

Wondering what you all thought and if you would, post your work and let me know what you did. Thanks!

Sorry to hear about your father, but glad he's out of the hospital and hope he keeps improving.

I had a little different response to your experiment. I had a sense that you'd taken a bag of color and dumped it on the ground, with some of it congealing into marbles while some of it was still "runny". So I boosted the colors a little bit and played with contrast and saturation, coming up with a somewhat more overstated version of your #3.

Jun 9, 2019 00:53:32   #
I've been lurking in this group a little while and have enjoyed what you all have been up to. So I decided it was time I took a flier.

May 9, 2019 18:11:51   #
jlg1000 wrote:
Photoshop has become such an amazing and extremely powerful piece of software...

This little nugget was buried in the OP. Couldn't agree more.

For this amazing and extremely powerful piece of software, I pay $10 a month, and I get Lightroom, which is equally amazing if not quite as powerful, to boot.

For that, I count myself lucky. And I thank Adobe sincerely for its development and maintenance.
May 5, 2019 19:31:47   #
Automatic exposure bracketing is just a feature that most cameras offer, along with dozens of other features. It's not a test of skill or manliness. Use it if it helps you, ignore it if it doesn't. Of course, you can just bracket the old fashioned way by adjusting parameters between shots. I don't personally use it much anymore, but when I was getting started, I found it quite helpful as a learning device. It was instructive to scrutinize carefully the three images to illustrate the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes.

Almost everyone has been talking about exposure bracketing; but focus bracketing can be a very useful technique as well, especially when using very shallow depth of field, or focusing on objects that are extremely close. Sometimes, I like to intentionally focus not on the subject but slightly behind it, then I slowly turn the focusing ring on my lens as I take several images in a row.
Apr 29, 2019 00:52:25   #
Chris T wrote:
Oh, dear - I left out the word - "my" … so - big deal, Bill …

So you meant to say "all MY Nikons are made in Thailand -- didn't you know?" Is that right?

If so, how would anyone else know where YOUR Nikons were made?

Also, I've read that Sony SLT's are made in Japan. Not so?
Apr 11, 2019 21:55:11   #
ediesaul wrote:
I took it from a bus. I can do something with the reflections.

I'm not sure why sometimes the Equalizer Filter works better than at other times.

Did you select a particular area of the image to be equalized? If so, did you specify that you wanted to equalize the selected area only to evenly distribute only the selection’s pixels? Or did you choose to
"Equalize Entire Image Based On Selected Area" to evenly distribute all image pixels based on those in the selection? These choices would result in differences in the finished product and might explain why you're happier with some outcomes rather than others.
Apr 3, 2019 21:51:58   #
BebuLamar wrote:
New to this site yes. But new to DSLR vs MiLC I doubt that and that is why I asked.

Why do you doubt that? Do you know something about the OP that the rest of us don't? Why would the OP ask if (s)he already knew?

Not everyone in the world knows about the fascinating topic of DSLR vs MILC. In fact, my guess is that the average person on the street wouldn't know what DSLR or MILC meant, and wouldn't care even if you tried to explain it to them.
Mar 11, 2019 22:24:18   #
burkphoto wrote:
Get a Lumix G85 instead.

Why do you say that? Is it for the dual IS?
Jan 30, 2019 18:50:17   #
I would echo the recommendation for the Panasonic ZS100. It's got a decent zoom lens (10X Leica), in-body stabilization (really nice to cut down on hand shake), a touch LCD, and Amazon has it discounted down to $547 -- great value.
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