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Any Of You Older Members Remember Operating One Of These?
Feb 7, 2024 09:19:33   #
jederick Loc: Northern Utah
I do, and it was twice a day...morning and evening!



Feb 7, 2024 10:37:44   #
bsprague Loc: Lacey, WA, USA
The one I got to pump in my grandmother's cabin near Seattle had a vertical handle, not a crank. We pumped into a drum uphill a few feet. Water flowed from the drum down to the kitchen sink. Included were the wood stove, crank record player and kerosine lamps. It remained functional without any electricity until 1965 when it was overrun by vandals and expanding urban sprawl.

Feb 7, 2024 12:24:06   #
Wingpilot Loc: Wasilla. Ak
My grandparents in N. Minnesota had a hand pump with the vertical handle. The house was uphill from the pump, so water had to be pumped into a bucket and toted up to the house. In the early 60's they "modernized" and the pump was moved into the house, on the counter nest to the sink. Pretty modern, huh? For years their house was heated by the wood-fired stove in the kitchen until they finally decided to have an oil-fired heater installed in the living room.

Thanks for posting the shot of that unusual water pump.

Feb 7, 2024 13:18:30   #
Curmudgeon Loc: SE Arizona
Nope too old for me. We had an electric pump to pump water into a 300 gallon tank on top of the "Tank House". My grandfather and a couple of friends built the wooden tank on the roof after the structure was completed.

Feb 7, 2024 21:11:19   #
johnny1950 Loc: Palm Coast, Florida
I am a city boy but we went on vacation to my Aunt's place on Block Island Rhode Island. it was a pump with a lever action which is where we got our water. We also had an out house. Great memories.

Feb 8, 2024 09:07:26   #
jederick Loc: Northern Utah
Well, there were no correct answers. This is a "separator" used in dairy's to separate butter fat and cream from milk. The "slop" left over from this sepatation would be fed to the hogs. This particular model would be used in a small operation like a local farm and was not intended for large dairy operations.

Enjoyed the responses and thanks for stopping by!!

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