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Close Up Photography
Guidance, please!
Jul 29, 2023 14:35:07   #
flyboy61 Loc: The Great American Desert
So far, I have just dipped my toe into macro photos...mostly close-up, due to equipment. I now have a "real" Macro lens, as well as a CANON 500 D close-up filter. Would a set of good extension tubes be a good addition to my equipment?
Sippyjug's postings are an inspiration for me. Not quite ready for the focus stacking thing yet, but would like to do some preserved insect photos. What are good sources for preserved bugs, butterflies, etc, and places to learn how to prepare them to pose?

Jul 29, 2023 15:50:42   #
Don, the 2nd son Loc: Crowded Florida
Sippyjug is very gracious and shares his vast knowledge with all who ask. You are in the really right place.

Jul 29, 2023 18:58:30   #
Curmudgeon Loc: SE Arizona
I think extension tubes are always a good investment. Not as versatile as bellows but much cheaper. Doc Shark uses extension tubes on a 300mm prime for some of his dragon fly shots. Stay away from cyanide kill jars, they are too dangerous for all but the most experienced collectors.

Don is right, Sippy Jug is the resident export. Send him a PM

Jul 29, 2023 19:47:17   #
jim quist Loc: Missouri
Extension tubes are great. Also get a reversing ring. This ring goes on where the filter normally goes and then it attaches to the camera. Your lens is backwards and the macro photos you will get will amaze you. You buy the one that is the filter size for your lens.
If I had this first I probably would not have bought my extension tubes or bellows or even a macro lens. A great deal for $13.00 to turn any lens into a macro lens.

Sep 21, 2023 16:56:20   #
flyboy61 Loc: The Great American Desert
Thank you!

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