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DIY: Every P&S should have filter adaptor
Nov 4, 2012 19:39:40   #
dpullum Loc: Tampa Florida
I just got my Panasonic DMC ZS20 (Europe TZ-30) a week ago. While I can get along without RAW, tho it would be the frosting on the cake, unfortunately it is rare on a true P&S. The second most desired thing would be the ability to use filters; I like filters; I like lens protection as recommended by the public health – “protection is important.” So what do I do with this camera that will do everything even stop, to quote Superman, “stop a fast moving locomotive.”

Photo 1 is he “virgin” camera before I had my way with it! Now, before I get criticized, she wanted to be filtered, else why would she display a 37 mm diameter final extension? The photos numbers do not relate directly to the steps below:
1. Photograph and manipulate the photo to print a correct 37mm lens tube. This gives me a pattern of the lens opening area.
2. I chose to use a a 30-37 step-up ring to give surface area for adhering to the camera. Additionally, when cutting off the mail threads that would defile my new camera, the fact that it is a reduction ring adds to the stiffness of the ring. Simply cutting off 37mm threads from 37mm ring may egg shape it. When cutting off the treads with the drummel use a stack of 37 or 37 adapted to a larger ring etc. This saves the fingers so that you can use the camera after modifying it. Your using the drummel to trim out the lens opening area.
3. I used double sided photo mounting tape because it is non permanent and thin. Stick it to the ring first and then trim using a single sided blade or an Xacto knife. The no stick coating is removed and then gently pressed into the extended lens. Hold the last section of the extended lens so that the camera mechanism will not be stressed. If you use hot glue put it on the ring and heat the ring on aluminum foil in a small skillet. Use tongs to move the ring, note that most of the glue stays on the foil – good. The hot ring holds energy to keep the melted glue mobile for bonding. Makes for a neat job. I used two sided tape just in case I needed to take advantage of the warrantee.
4. To protect the attached 37mm adapter from the sides of my belt pack I took advantage of a cut down spice screw on lid. I used a little double sided to take up the excess diameter. I used the tape on all but the “focus assist light” side.
5. As an added touch the whole game can be capped off (pun intended) with … what else a cap from a toothpick container. The cap was tight so I notched it in 4 equally spaced side spots. Now it goes in and out positively but firmly,
6. Filters, 37mm, are on order via E-bay. Also step up rings to accommodate lenses from my old Kodak 4800, close up, 2X extender as if I needed it for the ZS20 which will do a special 40X with excellent quality.. but just in case it is there!
7. To make sure that I know all the fine trick that my new ZS20 will do I have a friend who is helping me with regular stills, but also the very versatile circus if tricks that the HDTV filming capability will do. Perhaps some of you know Graham Houghton
8. While this applies to my Panasonic P&S, it may apply to your P&S even those who pay $600 + so that they can have the big sensor and RAW provided by the Sony RX 100 with its paltry 3.3X optical magnification!! Really only 3.3? In the land of 10-20X mega zooms, humph!
9. I hope the photos give you some visual direction on adding a filter to your P&S. If you decide to use hot glue be sure not to string any across the lens. Remember only a very thing layer of the melted polymer is needed to achieve a good bond.
Panasonic DMC ZS20 (TZ30)
Panasonic DMC ZS20 (TZ30)...
Photo Flooded White To Make Pattern
Photo Flooded White To Make Pattern...
Pattern placed on Adapter
Pattern placed on Adapter...
Bottom side of Adapter, Threads Removed
Bottom side of Adapter, Threads Removed...
Tape Applied to Adapter
Tape Applied to Adapter...
Adapter on Camera
Adapter on Camera...
UV Filter In Place
UV Filter In Place...
Spice Lid Cut to Protect Filter Adapter
Spice Lid Cut to Protect Filter Adapter...
Protective Ring In Place - Magic Marker Will Blacken Edges
Protective Ring In Place - Magic Marker Will Black...
Cap for Filter Protective Ring and Source
Cap for Filter Protective Ring and Source...
Cap with Notches
Cap with Notches...
Finished Product
Finished Product...

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Nov 5, 2012 07:17:00   #
Add Loc: S.W.Florida
I dug down in my box of old camera stuff from 50 years ago and found an old slide on type holder,works just fine.

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Nov 5, 2012 08:14:58   #
dpullum Loc: Tampa Florida
Add wrote:
I dug down in my box of old camera stuff from 50 years ago and found an old slide on type holder,works just fine.

Sounds like an easy solution. Can you post a photo so people will know what to look for? :thumbup: Will that slide on work for cameras with extended lens as used on many hi-zoom cameras?

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Nov 5, 2012 09:01:24   #
Add Loc: S.W.Florida
Don't have a pic.It is a little aluminum thing that includes a "sort of" lens shade.Adjustable part that slides over lens so it can adjust to several cameras.Two part,comes apart so any filter can be inserted if correct size.I still have not been able to get pics out of Picasa to post on UH,hence no pic.

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Nov 5, 2012 10:18:34   #
Papa Joe Loc: Midwest U.S.
Good job, proving 'necessity is the mother of invention' to be so true. :)

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Mar 3, 2013 20:40:02   #
dpullum Loc: Tampa Florida
The ZS20 will take IR photos, much to my surprise. The one attached was with a 850nm ,,, 650 is too much light,,, 750 is good,,, 850 bit of a stretch ,,, 950 too far and so lots of grain.
ZS 20, IR PHOTO 850nm 1 sec exp. TOPAZ B&W-2 CONVERSION
ZS 20, IR PHOTO 850nm 1 sec exp.  TOPAZ B&W-2 CONV...

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Nov 27, 2013 16:38:44   #
I like the ability to use a polarizer or ND on point and shoots and I am using the excellent magnetic system from Photography & Cinema and it works perfectly with my panasonic there are 2 sizes available

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Nov 29, 2013 16:20:04   #
dpullum Loc: Tampa Florida
Thank you DPB for the web reference for alternative methods:

Looked it up and only negative I saw was price. Did I read the price wrong. As I saw the adapter rings use adhesive; right?

Certainly more convenient than grinding the back off of a stepup adapter. :thumbup:

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Dec 20, 2014 08:18:49   #
dpullum Loc: Tampa Florida
UPDATE 12/20/14
Indeed a shame that many small and bridge cameras do not come with threads; probably reasonable considering the abuse some would subject the lens extension mechanism to. Of course my DSLR lenses are equipped, but my 24/7 is not. My previous Panasonic ZS20 ** and my present Sony HX50v have no threads, they are flat with fragile shutter like metal leaves "protecting?" the lens at shut down.

Xume does not sell a 37mm, the size of he lens tube on many small cameras. I used a female half of a lens cap (caps EBay $5) hole drill cut to match the lens opening. This mod cap accepts the filter. The mod cap is coupled to the camera using magnetic card stock from Walmart craft section ($2/2 8x10 sheets) Orientation is important... cut in same direction for both the part attached to the camera and the filter... you will feel the orientation when correct.

**This approach is a refinement on my original approach for the ZS20 Discussion

My hat is off to salute Xume for a needed product. For the 24/7 camera owners, my mod-cap works fine.

Thank you for the link:

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