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Offsite Printing: "Boarder Warning"
Aug 16, 2021 09:06:35   #
I've been searching for an of site printing company willing to do some odd ball sizes. The issue here is I have to have my image printed under the poster sized prints category. This will allow me to have my prints at larger sizes assuming the image size/constraints will allow it. I've use 3 servers so far and all three of them have got it all wrong. According to their site, they are suppose to add a 1/4 (or less) white border around my prints this allows room for the framers to adjust the mat around the print instead of using the mat to crop the picture which one will lose part of the image in the process. I've located an online editor which allows me to add varying sized borders. Note the attached image (Crossed Pillars) shows I've added a small 1/4 border around the print. The printing service will automatically print this as part of the over all image adjusting the print size to the constraint with the white border.

So before you send/upload you image to be printed online/offsite service, make sure you add a white border or you'll end up losing part of your image during the mat process.

Aug 18, 2021 00:07:19   #
Paul Diamond Loc: Atlanta, GA, USA
Unfortunately, boarders are unwelcome people living in your house. Borders are the white space around a photo or artistic print.

If you have boarders, my sympathies. If it is a print border, the 'correct size' is in the eye of the beholder. Larger print sizes might look better with a larger border. Much depends upon the image and the frame you are using. Selection of the frame and border are part of the 'artistic expression' of the final image that will hang on a wall.

I've never seen a "rule" that applied to a border size based upon the frame or image that made any sense or could be applied as a "rule" for all images put into that frame! I'm open to learning. What is your "rule" or "guide" for the size of border, based upon the content of the image, the size of the image and the type of frame. Please share your thinking or guidelines. Does the color of wood or metal frame make a difference? People who put up 'shows' at museums and galleries around the world would certainly like to learn your special secrets.

Aug 18, 2021 06:30:26   #
Paul, I can sense your snide unwarted remarks about my typo which at the time could not be corrected. If you search the forums you will see that many others here have the same issue. If you/others understand the logistics of what I'm trying to say, then there was no need to make this snide comment about my typo. Furthermore, there's no rule to having a border around your work only that it is necessary that one have at least 1/4 white area around the print in other to better set the print for matting. other wise the dry mount may or may not adhere correctly and the print will peal away from the matting. The point of my comments is that I was offered a white border and didn't get one through the three printing services I used. therefore I added the white border myself to eliminate any confusing next time I'm ready to print. Then there's the issue with framing, as a personal preference, a white mat with a stark black frame is best suited for my Black and white images. if you allow for a 1'' or even a 2'' border around your print the framer can adjust the matting as to allow at least part of the white border to come through. this adds a bit of depth to the image as it looks as if it's been double matted.

As a side note, I've added the white border as I suggested above and still one printing company got it wrong, They ended up actually cutting away my white border.. here's what's happening. Because of the oddball size, they printed my print on a standard print sized luster paper, then once the image has bene printed it's sent to a cutter down the line. If this cutter is not aware this image is suppose to have a white border, he/she will simply cut off the excess white area around the image. Clearly lazy robotic people running this show without any style or perfection or attention to details.

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