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Wedding Photography
Anything scheduled for the upcoming months?
Apr 26, 2021 21:20:13   #
Tim Stapp Loc: Mid Mitten
I only have one, scheduled for May 8th. I'm a bit rusty after the mandatory year off. I'm going to the rehearsal (as is usual) just to re introduce myself to my equipment.

Apr 27, 2021 15:52:13   #
E.L.. Shapiro Loc: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Tim Stapp wrote:
I only have one, scheduled for May 8th. I'm a bit rusty after the mandatory year off. I'm going to the rehearsal (as is usual) just to re-introduce myself to my equipment.

With all the lockdowns, restrictions and the lag and inconsistencies in vaccination rollouts in Canada, nobody is making long-term wedding and other social event plans as yet. I have done a few very small private affairs but nothing substantial. Not much anyone can do with masks and all the protocols. A few inquires for next Fall have come in but the plans are still tentative.

It a good thing that my mainstay is commercial work, which hasn't slowed significantly. down in the industries I serve.

Weddings for me are a matter of muscle memory so I am keeping in shape by trudging around with heavy gear at excavation and construction sites and big noise factories. I'll be happy when I can make romantic images of pretty brides, rather than trying to glamorize front loaders, cranes, giant shovels, big brawny construction workers, and big-ugly trucks!

May 6, 2021 19:54:51   #
crazydaddio Loc: Toronto Ontario Canada
5 planned, 1 executed so far (Traditional and Nigerian in back to back days). All have big plans and backup plans for 25max in case lockdowns. 2 / 5 are push outs from last year.

May 12, 2021 21:37:39   #
Tim Stapp Loc: Mid Mitten
The wedding went off as planned. Outdoor ceremony on a pretty, cloudless day. Bride=white gown. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Groom=Black tuxedos/white shirts. Groom (black tuxedo - in shade) Bride (white dress - half shade with a very harsh shadow from her eye to her ear.) It is what it is. I warned them.

Reception hall: Very dark. Very few windows. After the sun set, the camera had difficulties with focus. Had to turn on focus assist (hate that).

But, at the point of the "Father/Daughter Dance" (that tears me up each and every time) and the lower back ache appears I remember why I love shooting weddings. It's only one of two times that extended families gather. This time it's joyous. The other, it's sorrow.

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